Top Ranking Stats for Multilingual Websites: Insights for Success

Top ranking stats for multilingual websites: Insights for success with ConveyThis, leveraging data to enhance your international strategy.
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It is a personal decision if you want to go global by expanding the reach of your to audience around the world. Many had thought over it but assumed it can be very challenging. It is very true that going global can be challenging this is because you will need a website that is not only translated but properly localized. Also managing multilingual website needs dedication and concentration.

Like it was mentioned, you may think that going global is not possible but switching from local to global is something you can very much achieve. The fact remains that all you need is the right tool and implement to handle the project.

That is the reason that we have gathered many different statistics for global languages, customer choice statistics for website with multiple languages, and data that support the growth of business through website localization. These stats and trends will help you to focus more on how you can go global and thereby gain more international audience for your brand.

The statistics are quite encouraging. For example, Statista, when comparing e-commerce businesses that have multilingual websites in Italian market mentioned that half of the e-commerce businesses (i.e. 50%) of these businesses have a multilingual website. Also, another spectacular one is that statistics shows that the translation solution, ConveyThis, is the most translated plugin for WordPress. This is observable in the image below:

Multilingual website

Now let us delve more into most recent statistics of foreign languages.

Recent Top Languages Statistics

It is obvious that most of the users of the internet use and speak English, but be well aware that English is not the only business language that is popular today. This is to say that one have to be conscious of using not only English language but other popular domineering languages when trying to go global. Now, let us see some of the language statistics in the world. These statistics we are about to delve into indicate world most spoken languages, languages that dominate each of the different e-commerce platforms and website localization language statistics.

  • According to Statista, there are about 1.27 billion speakers of English language in the world in 2019. This made English the most spoken language in 2019. Others that follow in the hierarchy are Chinese (Mandarin) with speakers of around 1.12 billion, Hindi with 637 million speakers, and Spanish with some 538 speakers while others follow.
  • In November 2020, the WebFlow University (the online university that helps young web master to get the most out of their online selling experience) accepts new partner with ConveyThis for translation of website into multiple languages.
  • ConveyThis upgraded its language translation plugin powered by ConveyThis and the amount of indexed pages from ~200 to over ~4,000.
  • Just in 2020, ConveyThis has been used in translating not just millions but billions of contents for pages of multilingual websites.
  • While English is used for about 60% of the website on the internet, yet majority of the users of the internet users are not speakers of the language.
  • Users of ConveyThis platform for translation solution have overtime increased by using the platform for either WordPress, Shopify, or any other types of websites and stores.
  • Customers who subscribe to ConveyThis as their translation solution have now made their website available in more than one language. The numbers of such customers are ever increasing.

Note: that is you website is only available in a singular language, you will not be able to have the benefits that accompany multilingual websites and you will not have the opportunity to relate with and sell to foreign audience. It is interesting to know that you don’t have to overly stress yourself before you can own a multilingual website as multilingual website solution like ConveyThis will help you handle any form of translation of websites including translating online stores and ecommerce platforms such as Wix, Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce etc.

Statistics of customers’ choices for website localization

More and more statistics have shown that it is necessary to have a multilingual website as multilingual websites will help you to attract international audience or audience from places that are far from your locality. Also, statistics have shown that visitors of websites as well as customers of business websites prefer to use a website that is multiple language based because they are more inclined to engage with a website that ‘speaks’ the language of their heart.

Now, let us highlight some of the consumers’ statistics as regards website translation and localization:

  • CSA Research, in one of its survey mentioned that over half i.e. about 60% of online shoppers will hardly buy or will not even buy from website that are English language based. This survey was done by sampling some 3000 online shoppers form some different ten (10) countries around the world.
  • Some 73% of online shoppers will rather buy or patronise a product or service from a website that have information in their language to buying from websites without information in their own languages. This stat is a product of research work done by Harvard Business Reviews in one of their articles.
  • Another CSA Research have it that 52.6% of some 2430 online shoppers and consumers from some eight (8) different countries that see their ability to receive product’s information in their own language is far more important than knowing the price of such product or service.
  • The analytical report on User language preferences online highlighted that of ten (10) users of the internet, nine (9) agreed that they choose to visit a website in their language if the option is readily available.
  • Also, that same analytical report on User language preferences online noted that of the 100% respondents that were sampled, 42% of them said they will never purchase products or patronise services in languages other than theirs.
  • One other survey by CSA Research shows that a little above 72% of online consumers spent the majority or all of their time on websites when the website is in their own language.

Remember that the only way you can attract international audience and expand your customer base is by having a multilingual website. That is why you should not hesitate to get it done as soon as possible.

Possible results from having multilingual website and from proper localization of your website

When you have a multilingual website that is well localized, you can boost of positive results. These results are not just mere hearsay. They are things you will start experiencing once you handle your multilingual process very well. For example, a client that uses ConveyThis translation solution for a website can get an increased traffic and sales by more than 25%. Another that follow suit could have more percentages i.e. the client can come to experience over 40 % increase in search traffic because of translating his website into multiple languages.

Same with conversion rate. If you have a multilingual website that is properly localized you can up to x5 or more increase in conversion rate and thereby have a boost in numbers of visitors of your websites after using ConveyThis as the platform for your translation solution. This will also make you witness a skyrocketing sales at the international level.

All these results are not mere assumptions. They are what some of our clients have testified to. Note that when you transform your website from a single language website to a multiple language website, you can have over 20% increase in whatever you are initially targeting for a single language website. The sales of some websites have gone as high as over 70% increase in sales than what they previously have before translation and localization.

Interestingly, in this article we have discussed top stats for multilingual website and website localization trends in 2021. The reason for these stats and trends is that they will help you to place more attention to how you can go global and thereby gain more international audience for your business. This article is letting you to have it clear at heart that you need multilingual website to go international. You cannot expect multilingual websites and single language website to give same performance when it comes to results. Never, that is not possible. The results from having a multiple language website is far greater and far better than that of single language.

Another thing these stats shows is that when or if you subscribe to the use of ConveyThis translation solution for the translation and localization of your website you can experience massive growth for your website as well as for your website because you will have an increased sale, increase traffic, high conversion rate, more engagement, and your website will be optimized for SEO. This is evident from the stats coming out from our customers.

Therefore, if you are yet to add multiple languages to your website or you are planning to add more languages to your website, try as much as possible to make your website best by using ConveyThis.

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