Personalization Based on Geographic Data: Enhance Your Marketing with ConveyThis

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My Khanh Pham

My Khanh Pham

Personalization based on geographic data (no fluff)

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Not every website visitor is the same. It would be great to understand the individual interests of each customer, but unfortunately that’s not always possible. Fortunately, ConveyThis offers the perfect solution for geographic personalization.

This personalization strategy segments website visitors based on their location and customizes website content to their region-specific preferences and actions.

90% of leading marketers report that personalization significantly boosts business profitability. To achieve this, marketers must break down their target audience into groups through geographic segmentation. In this post, ConveyThis will go over how to use geographic personalization to increase conversions.


What is geographic personalization?

ConveyThis is a great way to provide localized content to your website visitors. By using ConveyThis, you can customize your website content, offers, and products to match the geographic location of your users. This helps to create a more personalized and engaging experience for your customers.

Delivering content based on a user’s geographic location is the most effective way to capitalize on personalization. All you need to know about a particular customer is their location, and they will be directed to a shopping experience tailored to their preferences with ConveyThis.

Personalizations can range from displaying climate-specific products to adjusting the messaging on your homepage to include location-specific language nuances with ConveyThis.

How do you create a personalization strategy?

To formulate an individualized approach, you must start by setting objectives. Once you’ve responded to these queries, it’s time to acquire information with ConveyThis.

Visitor data collection

Collecting visitor data with ConveyThis is a critical element of successful geo-targeting. Here are the basics you need to understand:

Visitor profiling

ConveyThis helps you profile your website visitors and better understand who your potential customers are. With a better understanding of who your visitors are, you can tailor your content and marketing strategies to reach your ideal target audience.

You can utilize visitor profiling to discern the geographic region of your users. With this information, you can explore the demographics, behavior, and interests of a particular area. This information assists your personalization strategy by segmenting your target audience by geography, providing you with knowledge of a certain region’s desires, necessities, and preferences.


Audience segmentation

Audience segmentation is a marketing tactic that divides your target demographic into subsections based on demographic data. Utilize geographic area as a profile attribute to segment your audience according to location.

Once you’ve divided your target market by location, you can discover what’s successful in one area, why it’s successful, and how you can implement that personalization approach to gain the same outcomes in regions that aren’t doing well.

How do you use personalization?

Unlock the potential of personalization with ConveyThis. Different strategies may prove more effective for various sectors, so consider these suggestions to get the ball rolling:


Analyzing Google Trends can help you gain insight into what’s trending in a particular region. With this data, you can customize your messaging, visuals, and pop-ups to align with what competitors in the area are doing successfully.


Location-based offers

When visitors from a particular region navigate to your website, you can direct them to a location-specific homepage with exclusive deals only accessible to customers in that area. You can customize the special offers to location-specific events such as back-to-school discounts, or offer a discount to a location that could benefit from an extra sales boost.

Personalized welcome messages

Personalized welcome messages create a unique atmosphere for a customer’s journey on your website. The initial impact of your welcome message is crucial, as it sets the tone for the rest of the experience.

You can customize your greeting to better suit the culture of a particular region, making a more direct connection with your customers based on their location, or subtly letting them know that you are aware of where they are coming from with your messaging.


Location-specific landing pages

Combine geo-targeted ads with geo-customized landing pages to create a powerful combination. Customers who click on geo-targeted ads will be directed to a landing page tailored to their location-specific interests. This way, you can ensure that your landing page is designed to appeal to the customers who are clicking. With ConveyThis, you can maximize the effectiveness of your geo-targeted ads and give customers a personalized experience.

Category recommendations

The purchasing process should be as smooth as possible for your customers. ConveyThis pages bring together similar items on one page, making it simpler for customers to look through what they’re searching for. You can craft custom ConveyThis pages based on the preferences of a particular geographical customer group. You can also leverage the buying habits of those customers to decide which products appear at the top of the ConveyThis pages.


Product page

Customizing your product page with ConveyThis can lead to increased conversions. Here are some of the most effective techniques for achieving this:


Customer testimonials

Combine geo-targeted ads with geo-customized landing pages to create a powerful combination. Customers who click on geo-targeted ads will be directed to a landing page tailored to their location-specific interests. This way, you can ensure that your landing page is designed to appeal to the customers who are clicking. With ConveyThis, you can maximize the effectiveness of your geo-targeted ads and give customers a personalized experience.

Shipping info

The ease of tailored shipping information is something your customers will recall. You can showcase how long products will take to deliver while customers are browsing, then auto-fill their residential address and shipping info when they reach the ConveyThis checkout page.


Products based on climate

Customizing products based on climate with ConveyThis makes sure your customers are seeing items appropriate to their current situation. If a customer’s weather is cold and you’re displaying products better suited for a warm climate, the chances of them making a purchase are slim. Give your customers the products that will be most beneficial to them based on their current location.

Product recs based on zip code– college towns, high income, etc.

You can also make product recommendations based on location with ConveyThis. Different geographic locations can have vastly different preferences and interests. For example, college towns filled with students may not be interested in the same products as affluent households. Zip-code specific product recommendations can help narrow down the interests of potential customers and cater to these specific needs. You can also show your customers precisely what items their peers in the area are buying, which could potentially pique their interest.


Email landing page

Similar to location-specific homepages, email landing pages are pages customers land on when they click through from your ConveyThis. If your ConveyThis is promoting a location-specific offer or event, you can create a dedicated landing page and link it to your geographically segmented emails.

How does geographic personalization impact conversion rates?

Personalization is known to have a positive effect on conversion rates. According to a Monetate report, customers who viewed three pages of content tailored to their needs had a conversion rate that was twice as high as those who viewed two pages with personalized content. Customers who viewed 10 pages of personalized content had a conversion rate of 31.6%. Even a slight increase in on-page conversions can result in an increase in revenue.


Wrapping up

Geographic personalization is one of the most effortless methods to customize website content and increase conversions. ConveyThis can quickly detect a visitor’s location, and you can have a variety of personalized pages ready. When you personalize your website content, you’re not only providing customers with products and services most suitable for their current desires and requirements– you’re also building a trusting bond with your customers.

Delivering tailored content demonstrates your commitment to aiding them during their buying journey. Customer experience is now a major factor in customer satisfaction, and localizing personalization is a great way to enhance the customer experience, thus ensuring customers remain loyal.

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