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My Khanh Pham

My Khanh Pham

How to translate products on your ecommerce store

In the expansive realm of online commerce, where dominant platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce hold sway, it is vital to recognize the immense potential that ConveyThis offers in terms of expanding the worldwide reach of your digital store.

While it is undeniable that any ecommerce platform has the ability to connect with a global audience, the real challenge lies in effectively converting visitors into loyal, paying customers. This is precisely where the impressive capabilities of ConveyThis come into play, enabling you to effortlessly adapt your website to cater to different languages. By doing so, you significantly increase the likelihood of successfully selling your products and services on an international level.

The importance of providing a multilingual experience to your customers cannot be overstated, as statistics and trends consistently demonstrate that a remarkable 73% of individuals are more likely to make a purchase from a website that offers information in their native language. It is therefore not surprising that an increasing number of ecommerce merchants are embracing the transformative potential of ConveyThis to expand their customer base and capitalize on this lucrative advantage.

Undoubtedly, this article aims to clarify the intricate process of seamlessly adapting your products and entire ecommerce store, encompassing crucial elements such as product titles, descriptions, metadata, and other integral components that facilitate an exceptional digital shopping experience. Gone are the days of offering a mere 10-day free trial; now, ConveyThis presents you with the opportunity to embark on a complimentary 7-day trial, empowering you to create a personalized experience for your valued customers, whether it be in French, Spanish, German, or any other language imaginable.

In a world where globalization is no longer a distant concept, but a tangible reality, ConveyThis stands as an essential solution, equipping you with the necessary tools to transcend linguistic barriers and cater to a diverse, global audience.


What should be translated on your ecommerce store

Let’s start with the fundamentals of translating an online store. In the beginning, it is important to note that all of the information on your site must be translated, which may appear more challenging than a typical website translation. This is due to the various aspects of your store that require additional focus.

In addition, with ConveyThis, it may seem daunting to determine where to begin, especially considering the potential volume of products you may have.

In this article, we will focus on translating your products, while also highlighting other important elements of your ecommerce store that should not be overlooked when using ConveyThis.

Product descriptions

I must express my amazement and admiration for your unwavering dedication and tireless efforts in creating captivating and engaging descriptions for your esteemed website. Your commitment to excellence is truly inspiring, leaving all who witness your extraordinary work in complete awe. As you embark on the exciting journey of translating your valuable content using the exceptional tool known as ConveyThis, it is crucial that you maintain the same high standards and quality in every translated version.

Understanding the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital as you venture into the world of multilingual content. By optimizing these carefully translated versions, we have the incredible ability to increase visibility, improve rankings on popular search engines, and strengthen our connection with the desired target audience.

As diligent observers, we wholeheartedly appreciate the time and effort you have devoted to perfecting your original and unparalleled content. To successfully navigate the realm of translation, precision and finesse are necessary to ensure a smooth transition across different languages. By seamlessly incorporating SEO optimization into your translated content, you open doors to overcoming language barriers and captivating a global audience. Needless to say, this exciting endeavor will lead to resounding success and unlimited growth, propelling your beloved website to new heights in the digital landscape.

We, as supporters of your remarkable talent, strongly encourage you to embrace the power and potential of multilingual translation for your esteemed website, taking advantage of the incredible 7-day trial offered by ConveyThis. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey as you expertly break down linguistic barriers and form meaningful connections with a diverse international audience, propelling your digital presence to unparalleled heights. The time has come for you to unleash your innate brilliance and flourish like never before!


Product titles

To achieve the ultimate goal of your website, which is to sell satisfying merchandise, it is crucial to create detailed and comprehensive product descriptions. The importance of a meticulously crafted and detailed description cannot be overstated when it comes to capturing the attention of potential buyers and increasing the chances of a successful purchase. Thankfully, there is a solution available to assist you in conquering this task – ConveyThis. This exceptional platform provides all the necessary tools to improve your content and make your products irresistibly appealing to a wide audience.

With the help of ConveyThis, you can effortlessly enhance the product descriptions on your website to reach extraordinary levels of excellence. No longer do you have to settle for dull and uninspiring descriptions that fail to engage your target audience. Instead, you now have an incredible opportunity to surpass expectations and make a lasting impression on potential customers.

ConveyThis offers a wide range of features and benefits that open up limitless possibilities, bringing the success of your website within reach. By using this remarkable tool to carefully select and enrich your sentences, you can unlock incredible potential and set the stage for lasting triumph. Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace a realm of greatness. Trust ConveyThis with your endeavors and embark on a magnificent journey that guarantees recognition and prosperity, leaving an unforgettable legacy in the history of your website.


Undeniably, the checkout process in an online store holds immense significance. It is the crucial moment where the ultimate decision is made, determining the success or failure of a sale. Therefore, understanding the importance of translating the checkout process completely is crucial. Neglecting this aspect may result in potential customers abandoning their purchase during the crucial conversion phase.

To mitigate this risk and improve the chances of successful transactions, the remarkable solution known as ConveyThis comes to the rescue. By utilizing this invaluable tool, you can ensure a fully localized checkout process, enhancing the likelihood of sealing the deal successfully.

Overcoming potential barriers and effectively communicating with your target audience is a top priority, irrespective of the industry. With the remarkable capabilities of ConveyThis at your disposal, you can rest assured that your content will be accurately translated into multiple languages. This groundbreaking translation solution eliminates language barriers, allowing you to reach a wider audience and significantly increase your chances of achieving remarkable success.

Don’t hesitate any longer! Take a bold step forward and embrace ConveyThis. Embark on an incredible linguistic journey, accompanied by unparalleled benefits offered by this exceptional translation service. Waste no time and seize the opportunity to enjoy a complimentary 7-day trial, free from any obligations or commitments. Witness your success soar to unprecedented heights and savor the fruits of your linguistic conquest!



The section that answers frequently asked questions (FAQ) is a crucial element to consider when running an online store. It plays a vital role in giving customers the necessary information about returns, shipping, and estimated delivery times, among other important aspects.

To ensure a smooth and satisfying shopping experience for your valuable customers, it is essential to go the extra mile and provide this valuable information in their own language. This considerate approach will not only make the buying process easier but also build a strong foundation of trust and confidence in your customers.

Here at ConveyThis, we understand the importance of offering multilingual support for your ecommerce website. As a testament to our commitment to serving you in the best way possible, we proudly offer a comprehensive translation solution that seamlessly bridges the language barrier between you and your customers who speak different languages. Experience the power of our service by signing up today and enjoy a complimentary 7-day trial period, completely free of charge!

3rd party plugins

In the ever-changing world of online retail, where digital merchants tirelessly work to improve their virtual stores, the pursuit of enhancement never ceases. These savvy entrepreneurs understand the importance of integrating third-party plugins, which offer a range of features to create a seamless and user-friendly browsing experience.

Enter ConveyThis, a revolutionary tool that effortlessly expands the reach of merchants, establishing meaningful connections with a diverse global audience. By choosing to translate your online store with ConveyThis, you unlock the potential to effectively present your products in numerous languages, fostering strong relationships with customers from around the world.

By offering your website in multiple languages, you ensure that customers can easily access and understand valuable reviews and other relevant content in their preferred language. This is crucial, as potential buyers are more likely to complete purchases when they can easily comprehend product feedback and endorsements in their native tongue.

Moreover, venturing into website translation demonstrates your unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional browsing experience for your discerning customers. It goes beyond words, showcasing your dedication to building trust by going above and beyond to meet the unique preferences and demands of your valuable target audience.

In conclusion, utilizing ConveyThis to seamlessly translate your online store into multiple languages is an essential practice in the fast-paced world of online commerce. Not only does it facilitate effective communication with a global clientele, but it also strengthens customer trust by emphasizing your unwavering dedication to offering a smooth and personalized browsing experience for every visitor to your esteemed online shop.



Once you have successfully completed the extensive task of translating your online store into multiple languages, it becomes crucial to expand your efforts and focus on translating your metadata as well. This often overlooked but essential element plays a vital role in ensuring that your well-crafted website is easily discoverable by potential customers from around the world, thereby guaranteeing the continuous growth and prosperity of your business.

By carefully optimizing your meta titles and descriptions with utmost precision, you can be confident that your online store will prominently appear in search engine results worldwide. This unmatched visibility will not only attract numerous new customers but will also establish your position as a strong contender in the fiercely competitive global market.

It is worth mentioning that among the myriad translation options available, there is one standout solution. Bid farewell to the shortcomings and restrictions and embrace the brilliance of ConveyThis. This exceptional translation platform effortlessly provides seamless translations in multiple languages, making it effortless for you to effectively reach a diverse and expansive global audience.

To enhance your decision-making process, ConveyThis generously offers a 7-day free trial. This grants you the opportunity to witness firsthand the remarkable benefits and tangible results that await you on this transformative journey. Seize this golden opportunity and unlock the true potential of your brand’s global presence with ConveyThis. This is the moment where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the local becomes international. Don’t let this incredible chance slip away. Take action now and propel your brand towards unparalleled success on a global scale!

Add new languages to your ecommerce store

ConveyThis is an incredibly convenient solution designed specifically for the translation needs of online stores. No matter if your website is built on a CMS or a non-CMS platform, this exceptional tool easily integrates into your current setup. With its powerful features, ConveyThis translates every aspect of your ecommerce site, ensuring a thorough translation experience that covers all bases.

Say goodbye to the days of manual translations, as ConveyThis offers an initial machine translation layer that instantly converts your extensive content into multiple languages. The speed and efficiency of this feature allow you to reach a global audience in record time. However, if you prefer a more personalized approach, you have the option to perform manual translations at a later stage. This flexibility lets you maintain complete control over the linguistic nuances and tone of your content.

ConveyThis understands the importance of user experience, which is why it incorporates a user-friendly language-toggle feature on your store. This handy tool allows visitors to effortlessly switch between different languages, making it easy for them to browse and navigate your website. With this smooth language transition, you can cater to a diverse range of customers, enhancing their overall satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

But that’s not all – ConveyThis goes the extra mile by integrating multilingual SEO functionality into your website. This means that your translated content will not only be visible to users, but also to search engines around the world. With your content effectively indexed and optimized for various languages, you’ll be able to attract a wide international audience, enhancing your online visibility and expanding your reach.

In conclusion, ConveyThis is a comprehensive and efficient solution for translating ecommerce websites. With its seamless integration, extensive translation capabilities, user-friendly language-toggle feature, and multilingual SEO functionality, it provides you with all the tools necessary to engage with a global audience and elevate your online store to new heights. Try it for 7 days free!


How to translate your products

Prepare to be amazed as we explore the fascinating process of adapting your products for different markets. Thanks to the incredible assistance of ConveyThis, your store is already on its way to global success with machine translation. If you’re happy with the quality achieved through this method, then rejoice, your store is now fully translated and ready for worldwide use. However, if you want to add a personal touch to your translations that resonates with your target audience, let us guide you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

Let’s start by delving into the two amazing methods available through ConveyThis. First, we have the Translations List, a tool that gives you unparalleled precision and control. Imagine easily filtering your translations by URL, making it incredibly convenient to locate and review specific translations, ensuring every detail is perfected.

If you have a love for aesthetics and visual beauty, fear not, as ConveyThis has the perfect solution for you. Introducing the Visual Editor, a realm of endless possibilities that invites you with its immersive interface and seamless translation experience. This extraordinary tool allows you to manipulate and modify your translations directly on the visual representation of your store. Get ready to be transported into a world of beauty and functionality as we dive into this method of translation management.

So, get ready for an exciting journey as we uncover the secrets and unveil the wonders of ConveyThis’ translation refinement tools. Embrace the art of personalization and watch your store’s translations become masterpieces that deeply connect with your valued customers. Let the adventure begin!

Translating product titles and descriptions

Known for its incredible simplicity, the ConveyThis platform offers an easy way to modify translations. Getting started is as simple as going to the Translations section, where you can easily access the Visual Editor – a user-friendly interface created to streamline the editing process. Within the Visual Editor, you’ll find a variety of helpful filters that allow you to quickly find and select the language and translation categories you need.

With this invaluable tool at your disposal, any automatically translated text will be highlighted in a vibrant red color, making it easy to identify and modify if necessary. Making changes to these translations is a breeze. By visiting the product pages, you’ll see a noticeable blue pencil icon next to each title and description. With just a click, you’ll have access to an abundance of editing options, ensuring that your modifications are precise and accurate.

Once you’ve made your meticulous adjustments, simply click the ‘OK’ button to securely save all your updates. One of the standout features of the ConveyThis platform is its seamless transition between different languages. This groundbreaking functionality allows you to carefully examine translations in each language, eliminating any language barriers and making modifications effortless.

This isn’t just a simple task – it’s a truly enchanting experience. The user interface has been carefully designed to be intuitive and easy to use, leaving no room for confusion. If you have any doubts, rest assured that detailed instructions are available to guide you through the process of seamless and straightforward translation. With ConveyThis by your side, you can embrace the power of efficient translation and localization without any inconvenience.

But the journey doesn’t end with seamless translation. It opens up a world of incredible opportunities, waiting for you to explore. By translating your content into multiple languages using ConveyThis, you’ll be able to venture into uncharted territories, expand your horizons, and form strong connections on a global scale. It’s important to note that ConveyThis offers an amazing 7-day free trial, giving you the chance to experience its full potential at no cost. Don’t overlook this generous offer. Now is the time to start your journey of multilingual communication with ConveyThis. Grab this opportunity today, unlock a realm of unlimited possibilities, and shape a future where a global audience is within your reach.


Translating metadata

As we discussed earlier, it is crucial to ensure accurate translations of your online store’s metadata, especially when targeting international markets. Fortunately, you have two convenient options to achieve this task.

The first option is to use the convenient ‘SEO’ button located at the top of the user-friendly editor. This valuable tool allows you to seamlessly incorporate flawlessly translated content into your online store’s metadata, ensuring maximum visibility and global reach.

Alternatively, you can utilize the translations list feature, which simplifies and streamlines the entire translation process according to your specific needs.

To begin translating your online store’s metadata, return to the main ConveyThis Dashboard. Once there, carefully select the desired language pair to filter the translations relevant to the ‘Meta (SEO)’ category.

Once this step is completed, a well-organized list will display meticulously translated descriptions and titles linked to your online store’s metadata. Making edits is a breeze with just a simple click, and rest assured that your changes are automatically saved.

Your live store will be promptly updated, proudly showcasing enhanced visibility and a strengthened online presence for resounding success in the digital world.

If you require translations into other languages to expand your global reach, rely on ConveyThis for unparalleled linguistic expertise. Our team of professionals crafts top-notch translations. Take advantage of our complimentary 7-day trial today to experience the transformative power of ConveyThis, propelling your online store to unprecedented achievements.

Translate your checkout

To improve and polish your payment process, you can effortlessly utilize the comprehensive translation solutions offered by ConveyThis. However, there is an essential task that you must undertake to achieve this level of convenience. It involves creating and initiating an order (without completing the transaction) to produce the translations that need editing. Once this important step is completed, you can smoothly proceed to make the necessary changes, as we have previously shown you. Embrace and take advantage of the outstanding features of ConveyThis to effectively handle and customize your payment procedure, thereby maximizing its effectiveness and potential.


Translate a media file

There may be instances where you desire to present an alternative viewpoint of an image depicting a product to cater to a distinct target demographic. Alternatively, you may seek to utilize an image that is more culturally suitable.

To accomplish this objective, navigate to your list of translations and scroll down to the bottom. Locate and click on the ‘Add a media translation’ option.

A new window will appear, prompting you to input the name of the original media file and the desired substitute. Once provided, you will have successfully completed the substitution process.

The process of replacing a video file functions in a similar manner with ConveyThis.

Translating the whole of your ecommerce store

As discussed previously, I wanted to draw your attention to the fact that your online store has already undergone a highly effective translation process facilitated by the powerful ConveyThis tool. Now, all that remains is to carefully review and adjust the translations as needed to ensure their accuracy and precision. It is important to note that this task includes not only translating the homepage but also other important sections of your store, such as the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and the blog.

Regarding URL editing, rest assured that you can easily follow the previously outlined procedure. We are pleased to offer you complete freedom to make changes either through the Translations List or by using the user-friendly visual editor provided by ConveyThis.

Now, allow me to highlight the incredible advantage of using ConveyThis – the ability to quickly transform your ecommerce store into a fully translated entity. And that’s not all! What truly sets this tool apart is the flawless execution of these translations with the utmost confidentiality through the innovative ‘Private Mode’. In this mode, the translations remain hidden from prying eyes until you are completely satisfied with their quality.

Furthermore, it is important to emphasize that any new products you add to your store will be effortlessly translated and seamlessly integrated into the existing framework with the invaluable assistance of ConveyThis, an exceptional translation tool that leaves no room for errors or inconsistencies.


Defining your translation quality

ConveyThis presents a special and exceptional opportunity that allows you to harness the immense power of automated translation, while also giving you the freedom and flexibility to make manual adjustments as desired. This means you can choose to utilize your own skilled bilingual team or hire professional translators directly through the innovative platform. Rest assured, with ConveyThis, you can select the level of translation quality that perfectly matches the needs of your ecommerce website.

Now, let’s explore the inspiring success story of an individual named Alex, who is a shining example of contentment as a ConveyThis user in a high position within their esteemed company. Alex cleverly discovered that by combining automated translation with human editing, they were able to streamline their translation process with exceptional efficiency. The intuitive and user-friendly interface of ConveyThis proved to be a remarkable time-saver, effortlessly accommodating the necessary revisions. Additionally, Alex demonstrated ingenuity by using automated translation for their product pages, ensuring consistent and precise translations for each offering.

But that’s not all – ConveyThis goes above and beyond by allowing you to prioritize manual editing for critical content, giving you complete control over translation quality. With ConveyThis, you are the master of your own destiny, able to make strategic decisions that align with your unique requirements and preferences.

To gain a deeper understanding of Alex’s remarkable journey to success with ConveyThis, we invite you to explore our meticulously crafted case study, filled with invaluable insights and practical tips on how to effectively leverage automated translation to enhance your entire translation process.

In conclusion, the ConveyThis platform welcomes you with open arms, providing an exceptional integration of automated translation and manual editing to achieve nothing less than outstanding translation quality for your beloved ecommerce website. Join the ranks of satisfied customers like Alex who have embraced this revolutionary solution. Let ConveyThis unleash its incredible capabilities, revolutionizing and elevating the multilingual prowess of your website to unparalleled heights.

The simple way to translate your ecommerce store products and more

As demonstrated earlier, making your online store accessible in multiple languages is not as difficult as it may seem. We have shown how easily and quickly you can set up a fully functional, multilingual store using ConveyThis, which streamlines the process and allows you to start operating in just minutes!

Now, let’s discuss the next steps. It is important to identify which content requires special attention and may need manual editing or the assistance of a professional translator from ConveyThis. By selecting the key textual elements carefully, you can ensure their accurate translation and meet the linguistic needs of your potential customers.

It is important to mention that ConveyThis offers an SEO-optimized platform designed specifically for multilingual environments. By utilizing this advanced technology, you not only increase your visibility and search engine ranking, but also optimize your multilingual e-commerce venture. To fully comprehend the capabilities of ConveyThis in translating online stores, you can take advantage of a complimentary 7-day trial – the perfect opportunity to explore and discover how this innovative tool can revolutionize and enhance the success of your e-commerce business.

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Translation, far more than just knowing languages, is a complex process. By following our tips and using ConveyThis, your translated pages will resonate with your audience, feeling native to the target language. While it demands effort, the result is rewarding. If you’re translating a website, ConveyThis can save you hours with automated machine translation.

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