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What other plugins wish they could do!

The ConveyThis API integrates into your website with no coding required and provides extra-quick translation with amazing accuracy.

The plugin is multi-platform, cross-browser, and fully compatible with other themes and plugins.

We have a range of plans to cater to any website size, including a totally free tier for small blogs and websites.

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The Evolution of the Language Switcher

ConveyThis is an independent, browser-based translation plugin that works the same across all browsers and platforms. Once you have the language switcher installed, it's easy to get from your current website to a world-accessible version.

This is a game changer that proves you are multilingual and ready to grow.

Example functionality.


SEO Optimized for Multilanguage

ConveyThis follows Google's best practices and creates an SEO-friendly foreign-language version of all your site's content. Each one of your pages will be properly indexed.


Explore the Translation Interface

You will be able to review and manage all your translated content through a simple interface. Do you want to delegate your translations to someone? No problem, grant access to some of your coworkers or employees. If you need the help of a professional translator, they're only a click away.

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