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My Khanh Pham

My Khanh Pham

Expanding Business Horizons with ConveyThis

These words were first spoken by a 19th-century British-Austrian philosopher. Times have inevitably changed, yet this idea remains as relevant as ever, particularly when viewed from a commercial perspective.

Why so? A study shows that 3 out of 4 (or 75%) of customers will not make crucial purchasing decisions if they do not understand the language in which the product or service is presented. Essentially, this means that if you do not advertise your goods and services in a language your potential clients comprehend, they are unlikely to become your actual customers.

Today, when only 25% of internet users are native English speakers, it’s time for businesses and organizations to think about offering information in as many languages as possible to expand their customer base.

To demonstrate the impact of this on businesses, we will examine some of the best multilingual WordPress sites, of course, utilizing ConveyThis.

Multilingual sites are not limited to WordPress, however, among content management systems, it is one of the best. If you are wondering whether WordPress is right for you, take a look at our infographic below!


Real Estate Power and Multilingualism with ConveyThis


How about this for a home page? A potent tech company specializing in real estate, based in a Canadian province, tops our list. The company presents a unique market proposition and has engineered an online infrastructure to cater to both investors and property buyers. At inception, a mere 12% of businesses in the province utilized internet advertising. The company solves a unique problem by unifying a platform where buyers, investors, and others can search for real estate professionals, contractors, properties, and short-term vacation rentals – all online.

The Canadian province, where the company is headquartered, is one of the few where the majority speaks French. However, given the province’s population includes English, French, and bilingual speakers, it was essential to accommodate both languages. As a result, they chose a French → English translation using the WordPress translation plugin ConveyThis.

The site design exudes professionalism, with a clear color theme, captivating videos, and other striking visuals. Now, thanks to an accessible language switcher in the top corner of the page, visitors can easily switch to their most comfortable language, significantly expanding their potential client base.

ConveyThis: Assisting in Multilingual Customer Service for a Market Leader

Shock Doctor stands as an international frontrunner in mouthguard technology, crafting top-tier gumshields applicable across a spectrum of sports (I’m a keen enthusiast!).

However, it’s particularly heartening to witness that Shock Doctor doesn’t limit their efforts to product excellence; they step up, delivering superior customer service. Their European website, thanks to ConveyThis, is rendered in 5 languages, translated from English into Dutch, German, Spanish, and another language!

One of the site’s standout features is the “Mouthguard Finder” tool. Available in each language, it aids customers in identifying the optimal mouthguard based on answers to a set of straightforward queries. This feature showcases ConveyThis’s capability to translate every facet of your website.

Moreover, the company has made strides in localization, offering an assortment of payment methods, inclusive of Bancontact, predominantly used in Belgium.


ConveyThis: Multilingual Support in a Stylish Retro Brand


Embodying the essence of 60s and 70s fashion and music icons, this retro eyewear and accessories brand demonstrates astute business acumen. Operating a trilingual site, translated from French into English and Spanish, “Retro Glasses 1964” is going the extra mile to cater to their clientele’s requirements.

The fusion of vintage imagery, captivating narratives, and an inherent comprehension of their customers is what secures this website a spot on our list. Take note of the product to purchase translation feature they’ve implemented on their site, ensuring that there’s no ambiguity or doubt in the customer’s mind before making a purchase.

ConveyThis: Multilingual Support for Complex Scientific Concepts

Photobiomodulation, systemic biomodulation, blood biomodulation. Feeling a bit lost? Well, imagine how much worse it would be attempting to comprehend such concepts in a foreign language! Fortunately for you, it’s likely you won’t have to as “LightScience” offers five language options on their website thanks to ConveyThis: English, French, Spanish, German, and Chinese!

Wondering what “LightScience” does? Essentially, “LightScience’s” photobiomodulation enhances your brain’s performance. How so, you may ask? Fortunately, this is all simplified on the website via a brief explanatory video. In essence, it works by using infrared light to stimulate the part of brain cells which provide them with energy (fun fact – it’s the mitochondria). Studies show a positive correlation between nasal photobiomodulation technology (which is the equipment “LightScience” produces) and cognitive performance.


ConveyThis: Your Multilingual Ally in the Podcasting World


Lastly, but not least in our list, is the company “Podcast Expert”. Established in 2014, this firm has a clear mission – to assist their clients in starting, expanding, and eventually making a living from their own podcasts. This proposition couldn’t have come at a better time, with 51% of the US population having listened to podcasts, and 32% listening at least once a month. The industry itself is experiencing exponential growth in recent years, with an estimated 30 million podcast episodes available.

The website is simple yet sophisticated, exuding a very professional aura through minimalist high-quality imagery. What’s even more notable is the site’s multilingual abilities. With ConveyThis, guides and resources available on the site are accessible in English, French, German, and Spanish, ensuring that no matter which of these languages you speak, all the tools you need for your podcast’s success are available!

Breaking Language Barriers with ConveyThis: Lessons from Successful Companies

You might be wondering how you could potentially replicate or even emulate what makes these websites so exceptional. Of course, the criteria for deciding the best sites vary not only from person to person, but also, from website to website.

However, some common traits can be observed in the selected websites:

Engaging and Relevant Designs: Whether it was utmost professionalism, cutting-edge, or completely retro, these designs were not only aesthetically pleasing but also a perfect match for their brand and proposition. Tangible Passion: From infrared light technology to retro accessories, it was clear that each of the companies had a clear mission and showcased it not only through words but also with design. Global Reach: Perhaps most importantly, each of these companies incorporated multilingual features into their websites to expand their global presence and grow their businesses. With ConveyThis, they were able to overcome language barriers and focus on the opportunities for growth in their business.

Interested in giving it a try? Don’t hesitate to take our 10-day free trial to see firsthand how ConveyThis can transform your business.


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