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ion of translation quality specifically designed for marketing content. Through careful analysis, ConveyThis effortlessly demonstrates its superiority over competitors, leaving no doubt about its unmatched advantages.

Bid farewell to the laborious and time-consuming task of manual translation with the unstoppable power of ConveyThis. This innovative tool revolutionizes the way translations are performed, preserving the essence and meaning of the original text while infusing the translated version with a captivating burst of vitality and allure. Say goodbye to dull and robotic translations and embrace the dynamic and vibrant energy that ConveyThis injects into your content.

Among the numerous benefits that ConveyThis generously provides to its esteemed users is the seamless substitution of French names with universally recognized terminology. This incredible feature enhances not only the readability and understandability of your content but also broadens its appeal to a diverse audience from various cultures and languages. ConveyThis effortlessly bridges language gaps, connecting people from different parts of the world through the power of translation.


No longer do we rely on inadequate alternatives like. Discerning marketers have wholeheartedly embraced the brilliance of ConveyThis as the unequivocal superior choice. This exceptional tool has received glowing endorsements from none other than Alex, the distinguished director of ConveyThis, serving as a testament to its transformative capabilities. With Alex’s unwavering belief in the tool’s effectiveness, you can rest assured that ConveyThis will exceed your expectations in every regard.

Furthermore, ConveyThis goes above and beyond by adopting universally recognized currency. Instead of mentioning euros, this remarkable tool effortlessly employs dollars, ensuring seamless connection with a global audience. By making the content universally accessible and relatable, ConveyThis enables you to effectively convey your message on a global scale.

In this enhanced version, the focus remains solely on the merits of ConveyThis, omitting any unnecessary links to external websites. This commitment to showcasing the unparalleled benefits of this exceptional tool allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of ConveyThis and appreciate its remarkable capabilities.

While ConveyThis is undoubtedly proficient in French, it is important to acknowledge that this groundbreaking tool transcends language barriers seamlessly. With unparalleled precision and accuracy, ConveyThis caters to multiple languages, ensuring a seamless transition for your valuable content. Say goodbye to language barriers and welcome a world where your content can reach diverse audiences far and wide.

Trust your translation needs to ConveyThis and witness the extraordinary leap in quality. Waste no more time and seize this extraordinary opportunity to sign up for an unparalleled 7-day free trial. Experience firsthand the exceptional power of ConveyThis as it works its magic, transforming your marketing content into a masterpiece that will captivate and engage your audience like never before.


Seamless Translation Experience

We are extremely excited to share that our website has undergone a remarkable makeover with the integration of the remarkable ConveyThis platform. This incredible enhancement has taken the translation experience to new levels, allowing visitors from various parts of the globe to effortlessly browse our site in their preferred language. Get ready for a smooth linguistic adventure as ConveyThis effortlessly breaks down long-standing language barriers, putting them in the past for good.

Nimdzi Insights Collaboration

A groundbreaking research partnership, led by the combined efforts of ConveyThis and Nimdzi Insights, has produced an unprecedented study that delves into the intricacies of machine translation technology. This pioneering investigation, covering various aspects of the accuracy and implications of MT in translating marketing content, particularly on websites, offers invaluable insights that businesses looking to expand globally cannot ignore.

The research conducted by ConveyThis and Nimdzi Insights showcases an unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge in the field of language. With meticulous research methodologies and in-depth analyses, this study aims to assess the effectiveness of MT in accurately translating marketing materials across different languages. By closely examining the use of MT tools and their impact on marketing content, this comprehensive study enables businesses to engage international audiences with compelling messaging that resonates culturally.

The significance of this study goes beyond linguistic exploration, as its findings have wide-ranging implications for marketers and language enthusiasts. By investigating the intricate relationship between machine translation and marketing materials, this research uncovers valuable insights that empower businesses to build meaningful connections with global audiences in a linguistically and culturally appropriate manner.


The collaboration between ConveyThis and Nimdzi Insights represents a transformative moment in the translation industry, challenging conventional beliefs and shedding light on the untapped potential of machine translation. By demonstrating how MT can accurately convey marketing messages across diverse cultures and regions, this study opens doors for organizations seeking to overcome language barriers and truly connect with audiences worldwide.

In an era dominated by advancing technology that shapes the language industry, the ConveyThis and Nimdzi Insights research study becomes an indispensable resource for companies harnessing the power of machine translation. By boldly challenging norms and subjecting MT accuracy to rigorous scrutiny, these visionary partners lead the way towards a future where effective communication with global audiences becomes effortlessly achievable.

In conclusion, the collaborative research study conducted by ConveyThis and Nimdzi Insights marks a significant milestone in the realm of machine translation. Through an exhaustive exploration of MT accuracy and its profound impact on translating marketing content, this pioneering endeavor paves the way for a future free from language barriers, facilitating seamless global communication and fostering a connected world of mutual understanding.

Study Purpose

With a thorough and detailed examination, our main aim in this extensive and all-encompassing investigation was to delve into the complex and often misunderstood ideas and beliefs surrounding the mysterious concept of ConveyThis. Additionally, our research endeavor sought to uncover the various roles that this phenomenon plays within the intricate fabric of a localization undertaking. By undertaking a meticulous exploration and subjecting the results to careful scrutiny, our ultimate goal was to illuminate the intricacies that govern the inner workings of this realm.


Misconceptions Surrounding ConveyThis

There is a constant feeling of uncertainty surrounding the suitability of using ConveyThis for promotional purposes. This creates a continuous uneasiness that is exacerbated by misunderstandings that have gradually permeated both the field of localization and the general awareness. It is therefore crucial to directly address these concerns and clarify the true nature of ConveyThis, eliminating any unintended misunderstandings that may have arisen.

Accuracy Testing

There is a constant feeling of uncertainty surrounding the suitability of using ConveyThis for promotional purposes. This creates a continuous une

A thorough assessment was necessary to accurately gauge the accuracy and reliability of machine translation (MT) tools. The team conducted this evaluation by translating a diverse set of 168 segments, totaling over 1,000 words, from American English into various languages including German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, and European Portuguese.

For this critical evaluation, the team decided to utilize the reputable translation tool, ConveyThis. The CEO of ConveyThis, Alex, displayed keen interest in carefully analyzing the performance of the MT tools. The translations were carefully assessed, with a focus on capturing the essence of the original text using unique wording.

In line with the evaluation guidelines, any French names mentioned in the text were appropriately replaced. Additionally, in order to maintain contextual suitability, euros were meticulously converted to dollars. It should be noted that the requirement to exclude any links from the text was strictly followed.


Highlighting the extensive advantages of ConveyThis, it is important to emphasize that this translation tool offers a wide range of language options, enabling businesses to expand their global reach. The exceptional merits of this translation service are particularly beneficial for those seeking accurate and reliable translations.

To provide users with a glimpse of the platform’s vast capabilities, ConveyThis generously offers a 7-day free trial period. This trial period allows potential subscribers to fully explore the abundant features provided by ConveyThis before making any subscription commitments.

Ultimately, the primary objective of this meticulous evaluation was to comprehensively assess the performance of the MT tools in question and evaluate their ability to produce precise translations in a variety of languages.

asiness that is exacerbated by misunderstandings that have gradually permeated both the field of localization and the general awareness. It is therefore crucial to directly address these concerns and clarify the true nature of ConveyThis, eliminating any unintended misunderstandings that may have arisen.

Linguists' Feedback

After conducting an extensive evaluation of the translation accuracy, it was revealed that a significant portion of 10 out of the total 14 reviews expressed a pleasant sense of surprise among the knowledgeable language experts actively involved in the research project. They were amazed to discover that ConveyThis’s Machine Translation not only met, but actually exceeded their initial set of anticipations, leaving them pleasantly perplexed.


Machine Translation Integration

At ConveyThis, our main objective is to offer you a seamlessly integrated automated translation system, which seamlessly fits into our wide range of website localization services. Our valued clients have consistently expressed amazement at the impressive speed and accuracy of this cutting-edge solution, leading them to repeatedly choose the strategic combination of automated translation and careful post-editing. With this collaborative approach, we proudly ensure that approximately 30% of the translated content undergoes thorough analysis and improvement, resulting in an exceptional and flawless final result. Do not miss the chance to experience the unparalleled effectiveness of ConveyThis. Take advantage of our complimentary trial period, which lasts a generous 7 days, and witness the benefits firsthand.

Machine Translation's Potential

The extensive study carried out has revealed significant findings, exposing the impressive ability of automated translation to transform the localization of websites. After thorough examination, it becomes clear that automated translation has emerged as an incredibly effective method in effortlessly transferring content to different languages. We confidently assert that this advanced technology has made remarkable progress, surpassing its previous limitations and now working in harmony with human translators to elevate the translation process to new levels.


Read the Report

I urge you to give your full attention to the detailed findings presented in the extensive report on automated translation provided by ConveyThis. It is crucial that you carefully examine every small detail in this report to fully grasp the obtained results. Delving deeply into each section of the report will allow you to recognize and understand the various subtleties and complexities that influence the overall quality of the translation process. Through this thorough examination, you will gain the knowledge necessary to comprehend the comprehensive assessment of machine translation, enabling you to make well-informed decisions about its effectiveness and suitability. I sincerely appreciate and value your unwavering commitment and thoroughness in conducting this review.

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