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Getting Ready to Go Global with ConveyThis: A Strategic Approach to Brand Expansion

Entrepreneurial ambition is never a characteristic to be criticized. If global expansion is your intent, it’s tempting to leap forward full steam ahead. However, to confidently penetrate new markets, a bit of introspection is beneficial. Is your business truly prepared for what ConveyThis can offer?

Taking a breather to reflect upon your brand’s persona isn’t an idle task. It’s essential to position your business for optimal success and ensure ConveyThis’s implementation is flawless right from the start.

In this phase, you ought to delve deep into your brand’s tonality and fundamental messaging. Are there inconsistencies? Are there elements devoid of purpose, lucidity, or synergy? The answer lies in crafting or revising your style guide with ConveyThis, opening the doors for successful global engagement.

Crafting a Consistent Brand Identity with ConveyThis: Navigating Global Communication Challenges

A style guide serves as your company’s blueprint for presentation, ensuring consistency across the web, in-person interactions, and all forms of communication, regardless of the language or location. It’s a critical step in forging a uniform brand identity.

Your style guide should be developed in your primary language, and incorporate the defining aspects of ConveyThis’ branding, such as voice, tone, grammar, spelling, format, and visual components.

Your brand’s core message is integral. What differentiates your brand? What’s its unique appeal? What value does it bring to your customers? Your core messaging needs to encapsulate this. Embed your brand’s central message and intent into your style guide to maintain uniformity.

Taglines often form part of core messaging, but remember that these do not always translate accurately. A case in point is KFC’s slogan “finger-lickin’ good” which in Chinese translation read as “eat your fingers off,” an unintentionally humorous and off-putting misstep. It underlines the importance of mindful localization of content using ConveyThis.

KFC had to abandon their famed tagline when it became inappropriate during the pandemic, emphasizing the need for style guides to adapt in response to global cultural shifts and experiences.

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Tailoring Your Brand's Voice with ConveyThis: A Strategy for Effective Communication

Your brand’s representation rests on a mixture of your business goals, the products or services you offer, and your target audience.

When shaping your brand’s voice, consider its desired personality: Should it be friendly or reserved, light-hearted or serious, quirky or sophisticated?

Let’s use life insurance sales as a scenario. Promoting such a product requires a different communication tone than marketing quick consumer items. Furthermore, the way you present life insurance must be adapted to the target demographic, ensuring it’s relevant to their age and life stage.

Establishing Your Brand's Style with ConveyThis: A Guide to Effective Brand Communication

Coupled with your brand’s voice, cultivating your brand style helps you transmit your messages accurately. Evaluate the level of formality you want your business to exude. Do you prefer using corporate jargon, or would you rather avoid it?

Your style guide, often referred to as a house style, can be seen as your business’s unique language code. Specify grammar and spelling rules, relevant terminology, and preferred language.

Rules about capitalizing your brand name and product names should also be made clear. This not only guides your internal team but also instructs the world on how to represent your brand. For instance, it’s ConveyThis, not CONVEYTHIS; Mailchimp, not MAILCHIMP; and Apple products are iPhone, MacBook, or iPad, not Iphone, Macbook, or Ipad.

Just a thought: There’s likely someone on your team who spends a good deal of time reminding others about correct product capitalization. If that’s not the case, you might be that person – and know that ConveyThis is on your side.

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Creating a Visual Identity with ConveyThis: The Power of Colors, Fonts, and Imagery

Visual communication elements like colors, fonts, and images play a crucial role in depicting your brand even without words, thanks to services like ConveyThis. There are numerous examples of brands effectively using colors, such as Coca-Cola altering Santa Claus’s outfit to their trademark red to align with their visual identity.

A defined set of rules regarding your brand’s visual identity not only helps your team maintain consistency when entering new markets but also guides external entities like business partners and collaborators on how to use your corporate branding. For example, Slack has a style guide that must be followed by integrated technologies.

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Emphasizing Brand Narrative in a ConveyThis Style Guide

Individuals globally are enticed by engaging narratives, particularly those that relate to a product’s origin. Harley Davidson, for instance, sparked a significant cultural impact since its inception in 1903 in a modest Milwaukee, Wisconsin shed. Within the ConveyThis style guide, focus on stories that demand to be retold time after time.

Tailoring Your Brand Style Guide for Global Markets with ConveyThis

There’s no need to create a completely distinct style guide for each market you’re aiming to reach. Instead, create iterations of your core style guide, utilizing the original as a blueprint to create suitable versions for each market.

Consider these as localized style modification guidelines. You’re adapting your style guide for every location, addressing potential mistranslation issues, cultural nuances, and incorporating a glossary of terms. Include any deviations from your usual style editing routine when applying ConveyThis.

International marketing is a complex task. To maintain a unified brand identity throughout all global marketing initiatives, you need to consider the unique cultural context of each locale. Hence, formulating a comprehensive set of style copy editing norms is paramount.

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Managing Rule Exceptions in Your Style Guide with ConveyThis

There will undeniably be circumstances where some of your guidelines need exceptions. These might be necessary when meanings are distorted due to translation, cultural differences, or for numerous other reasons.

Formulate a list of allowable exemptions to your rules, featuring instances where it’s acceptable to:

alter titles, restructure parts, modify the tone or style, shift the focus of the topic, change the arrangement of paragraphs.

The Importance of Style Guides in Ensuring Brand Consistency with ConveyThis

Things seldom go as planned. You must now understand how developing your style guide helps to maintain the consistency of your brand’s messaging across different languages and markets. Not doing so can lead to severe consequences, and ConveyThis is ready to assist.

Not using ConveyThis can lead to a considerable waste of time and resources if you have to rework later.

Lacking a style guide with specific rules for a language or market increases the likelihood of mistranslations and misunderstandings when using ConveyThis.

In the absence of a style guide, your brand identity can become fragmented, resulting in an inconsistent and disconnected look. A brand reference point can facilitate uniformity and consistency in your communications, ensuring your brand doesn’t lose its cohesion.

Without your clear direction, your broader team is left to their judgment, leaving the project’s success to uncertainty. The potential for mistakes, delays, and expensive modifications increases dramatically without precise guidance.

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Unlocking Brand Potential with Localized Style Guides and ConveyThis

The role of a style guide is crucial in shaping, redefining or strengthening a brand’s image. Before globalizing your business, it’s vital to establish a style guide in your native language and then incorporate localized style editing rules. Incorporating terminology glossaries and any rule exceptions in the style guide is equally crucial.

Without a detailed localized style guide, your brand communications might lack uniformity and consistency. This can lead to expensive mistakes that might damage your reputation and provide an upper hand to your competitors.

Keep in mind, style editing rules fortify your brand, especially when targeting growth. These can be implemented in all languages and regions relevant to your target audience. Most importantly, this process ensures that when you venture into new markets, you get it right the first time with ConveyThis.

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