Comparing Website Translation Tools: ConveyThis and Others

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Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo
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Introducing ConveyThis – Effortless AI Website Translation

ConveyThis uses a flexible two-layer system to translate websites rapidly while still allowing for full quality control and customization.

First, ConveyThis uses state-of-the-art machine translation to provide an initial translation of your entire website into over 100 languages. Leading AI engines like DeepL, Google, and Yandex are leveraged to ensure maximum accuracy.

You can pick specific URLs to exclude from translation or add terminology to a glossary you want translated in a particular way.

Next, your team can review, edit, and refine the translations. All translations are conveniently accessible in the centralized ConveyThis dashboard to enable collaboration. You can also optionally order professional human translation services directly through ConveyThis.

This automated translation process instantly publishes translated versions of your site under language-specific subdomains or subdirectories. This optimizes multilingual SEO by indicating localized sites to search engines.

ConveyThis combines the scale and convenience of AI-powered translation with full human oversight for quality and nuance.

Key Benefits of the ConveyThis Website Translation Approach:

  • Entire website translated extremely quickly
  • Initial high accuracy from advanced AI engines
  • Support for translating into over 100 languages
  • Automatic setup of subdirectories or subdomains per language
  • Full control retained to customize and adapt translations
  • Centralized translation management portal for collaboration
  • Built-in multilingual SEO optimization features

For companies, blogs, online stores, and other websites needing fast, scalable translation with the ability to refine output, ConveyThis is an ideal solution.

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Lokalise – Translation and Localization for Digital Products

Lokalise focuses on assisting app developers, designers, project managers, and other technical roles with large-scale translation and localization projects for mobile apps, web apps, software, games, and other digital products.

Some of Lokalise’s key capabilities:

  • Tight integrations with design tools like Figma, Sketch, and Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Collaborative web-based editor to assign and manage translation tasks
  • Workflows to coordinate designers, developers, PMs, and translators
  • Limited built-in machine translation with no ability to customize output

With its specialized toolset tailored for digital projects, Lokalise is best suited for major localization initiatives involving tight collaboration across cross-functional product development teams. For quickly translating marketing websites, blogs, and online stores, it is overkill.

Smartling – Cloud Translation Management Platform

Smartling is a cloud-based translation management platform designed to help professional translation agencies and internal localization teams efficiently collaborate at scale.

With Smartling, users can:

  • Instantly order human and machine translation services on demand
  • Define company-specific workflows to automate translation processes
  • Designate in-house project managers to coordinate among translators
  • Strictly control CMS access and keep translation centralized on Smartling’s cloud platform

Smartling shines for facilitating large, complex translation projects potentially involving many human translators across different vendors. It provides advanced project management capabilities but may be excessive for basic website translation needs.

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ConveyThis – AI Website Translation Made Simple

Rather than complex project management, ConveyThis focuses solely on enabling users to quickly and accurately translate website content directly on their live published site using state-of-the-art AI translation engines.

Additional ConveyThis capabilities:

  • Entire website translated instantly with exceptionally high accuracy
  • Easy review and editing of all translations via centralized dashboard
  • Ability to order additional professional human translation if desired
  • Automatic implementation of multilingual SEO best practices
  • No changes required to existing site CMS or infrastructure

ConveyThis removes the immense friction and complexity traditionally associated with website translation, making it accessible for companies of all sizes to unlock global growth opportunities. Sign up for a free 10-day trial today.

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Conduct Extensive Local Market Research

Dedicate time to thoroughly research what content formats, styles, tones, topics and imagery best resonate in each target market based on qualitative consumer insights.

When first conceptualizing content and creative ideas, proactively factor in localization considerations right from the start rather than as an afterthought. Evaluate whether concepts can holistically translate well across different cultural contexts.

Be cautious of heavy usage of idioms, slang, historical references, or humor that may not effectively localize or translate well. Where appropriate, replace with easy-to-grasp examples and statistics tailored specifically to resonate in each market.

Incorporate Representative Local Imagery

Visually depict people, environments, situations, activities, and concepts that local target audiences can closely relate to based on their everyday lived experiences. Avoid falling back on generic conceptual stock photos of contrived “global” business scenarios that may seem detached from reality.

Respect local cultural norms, generational quirks, and preferences in how language is used. Be willing to strategically adjust tone, level of formality, vocabulary selection, use of humor or expressions, etc. where needed to maximize resonance with your audience.

Even with excellent machine translation capabilities, have bilingual subject matter experts from each target locale thoroughly review and perfect marketing content. This polishes nuanced phrasing in a culturally appropriate, locally authentic way.

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Reflect Local Content Structures and Preferences

Adhere to accepted regional conventions and preferences for content structure, format, density, embellishment, and more based on what local readers expect. Adapt the form of your content to match their tastes.

Closely track engagement and conversion metrics for each localized content asset by target market. Be relentless about optimizing content based on data-driven insights into what resonates most strongly with each unique audience.

The ConveyThis translation platform equips users with all the tools needed to seamlessly adapt content and assets for international audiences. Sign up free today to unlock global reach and engagement.

Reflect Localization in Website Design

Adapt visual design, layouts, color schemes, iconography, imagery, and UX flows based on local aesthetic preferences for optimal resonance and engagement in each market.

Provide options to display addresses, contact info, dates, times, currencies, units of measurement, and other details in localized formats familiar to users.

Highlight competitive advantages and differentiating value propositions compared to entrenched incumbents in your new markets. Lead with exclusive features or capabilities.

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Maintain Brand Authenticity

While localizing messaging, retain core brand identity and equity. Don’t completely reinvent branding and personality in each market. Consistency and authenticity have universal appeal.

Streamline IA with clear intuitive navigation. Reduce steps for key tasks. Improve page load speeds and responsiveness, especially on mobile. Friction hurts conversions.

Stay on top of local current events, culture, trends, holidays, and topics of interest to integrate contextually relevant details into content across regions.

Ready to get started?

Translation, far more than just knowing languages, is a complex process.

By following our tips and using ConveyThis, your translated pages will resonate with your audience, feeling native to the target language.

While it demands effort, the result is rewarding. If you’re translating a website, ConveyThis can save you hours with automated machine translation.

Try ConveyThis free for 7 days!

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