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Communicating the Value of Website Localization

In our increasingly global digital landscape, localizing online experiences is essential for engaging international audiences. However, for those unfamiliar with translation and localization, grasping the importance of adapting websites for different languages and cultures can be challenging.

This comprehensive guide provides strategies and talking points for clearly articulating the business impact of website localization to skeptical or unaware audiences. Read on to learn techniques for persuasively explaining these concepts to management, colleagues, clients and partners.

Defining Website Localization and Translation

Before diving into specifics, it helps to level-set on some key terminology:

Localization – The process of adapting a website to resonate with the language, culture and preferences of a target international market. Goes beyond simple translation.

Translation – Converting text content from one language to another through human or automated means. A component of localization.

Transcreation – Creative rewriting of messaging to adapt for local culture vs direct translation.

Website localization utilizes translation, transcreation, cultural adaptation and technical optimization to create experiences tailored for international users. The ultimate goal is conveying brand meaningfully across geographies.

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The Business Case for Localization

Securing buy-in for website localization requires articulating concrete benefits. Tailor messaging to what resonates most with your audience. Potential advantages include:

  • Increased international website traffic and engagement
  • Higher overseas conversion rates and sales
  • Expanded brand awareness and preference abroad
  • Future-proofing business for the multilingual web
  • Unlocking access to lucrative foreign markets
  • Positive global brand perception from embracing diversity

For data-driven leaders, provide statistics on the size of non-English internet audiences, their higher engagement with localized sites, and the percentage preferring to purchase in their native language. Localization is a strategic growth driver.

Addressing Potential Misconceptions

Those unfamiliar with the field may have certain misconceptions that must be overcome:

Localization is only about translation – In reality, high-quality localization involves much more than converting text between languages. Visual assets, cultural nuances, technical optimization and more must be adapted holistically.

Our product suits all cultures – Actually, successful localization often requires tweaking product design, features and messaging to align with international preferences. Don’t assume universal appeal.

English is sufficient – While many international users know some English, marketing to them exclusively in English limits appeal. Showing respect through their native tongue makes a difference.

Quality translation is easy – Professional human translation requires expertise to handle complex language nuances, terminology and tone. Automated translation also has limitations. Proper localization is an art and science.

Highlight the sophisticated, multidisciplinary nature of localization. When executed well, it drives disproportionate overseas growth through creating genuine cultural connections.

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Calculating the Costs of Localization

Budget-conscious audiences may be wary of localization costs. While investment is required, highlight that:

  • Localization expense is minor relative to the addressable market opportunity
  • Returns often greatly outweigh initial outlays
  • Technology and automation help reduce human translation costs
  • Phased rollouts allow control over spend and risk

For web localization, hybrid machine + human translation balances cost, speed and quality. Tools like ConveyThis blend automation with on-demand human expertise.

Compared to outdated fully manual processes, modern solutions make localization achievable at previously unimaginable price points. Position it as an investment, not merely an expense.

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Addressing Technical Complexity Concerns

Some may worry executing localization is technically daunting. However, emphasize how modern solutions simplify the process:

  • Integrate directly with CMS platforms like WordPress or Shopify
  • Automatically detect and translate site text rapidly through automation
  • Maintain translation memory and glossaries for consistent terminology
  • Enable collaboration across internal and external stakeholders
  • Handle critical technical aspects like SEO metadata and hreflang tags
  • Allow previewing translated pages before going live
  • Provide intuitive dashboards requiring no coding expertise

With the right platform, launching a localized site can be fast and low-friction even for non-technical teams. The heavy lifting is handled behind the scenes.

Defining an Action Plan and Next Steps

Assuage concerns by providing a clear roadmap for pragmatic next steps:

  • Start with a free trial to demonstrate capabilities firsthand
  • Focus initial translation on highest-value pages and languages based on opportunity/data
  • Measure localization impact through defined KPIs like international traffic
  • Outline future expansion plans adapting to demonstrated demand
  • Highlight available customer service and technical support

With a targeted game plan in place for immediate action, decision-makers can confidently greenlight localizing the website, then expand from there based on proven results.

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Highlighting What Success Looks Like

Bring the benefits to life by showcasing examples of household name brands succeeding through localization:

  • An American software giant saw registrations increase over 200% after localizing for key Asian markets.
  • A top German automaker accelerated access to Latin American buyers by translating listings on their Brazilian ecommerce site.
  • A British fashion retailer increased Italian website traffic 96% within 6 months after launching a localized Italian experience.
  • A Canadian e-learning platform expanded their Spanish student base dramatically by translating their site and marketing content.

Cite relevant case studies and data points from peers in their industry also pursuing global opportunities through localization. Real-world examples make benefits feel tangible.

Localization Enables Digital Growth in a Multilingual World

For global organizations, expanding beyond domestic borders is a must to access new customers and drive growth. Localization powers captivating digital experiences that transcend language and culture. With the right localization solution partner, efficiently engaging international audiences online is now turnkey.

While initial education on concepts, data and best practices is required, most audiences quickly appreciate localization’s compelling value proposition when properly framed. Especially given rapid ecommerce and digital adoption worldwide, the internet’s future is undoubtedly multilingual.

Through thoughtful messaging tailored to each audience, conveying the power of localization becomes achievable. Progress begins with first illuminating the possibilities, then painting a clear path forward. Embrace localization, and unlock new online opportunities everywhere.

Let me know if you would like me to expand or modify this guide on communicating the benefits of website localization in any way. I’m happy to provide additional details, talking points, or perspectives as needed.

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