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Simplifying Multilingual Client Projects with ConveyThis

When it comes to adapting content for different audiences, one of the major challenges marketers face is localization. Adding multiple languages to a corporate website has become increasingly common. However, web agencies often struggle to keep up with these demands, especially when it comes to website translation. In this article, we will explore how ConveyThis, a powerful translation solution, can simplify the process and ensure smooth multilingual client projects.

In today’s globalized world, adapting content for diverse audiences is essential for successful marketing campaigns. Localization, the process of tailoring content to specific regions or languages, poses a significant challenge for marketers. As corporate websites strive to reach a broader audience, the demand for multilingual support continues to rise. However, web agencies frequently encounter difficulties in effectively translating websites to meet these demands. In this article, we will delve into the capabilities of ConveyThis, an innovative translation solution, and discover how it simplifies the localization process, facilitating seamless multilingual client projects.

With ConveyThis, web agencies can overcome the hurdles associated with website translation and achieve efficient localization. By harnessing the power of ConveyThis, marketers can ensure their content resonates with audiences across different languages and cultures, ultimately boosting engagement and driving conversions.

One of the key advantages of ConveyThis is its comprehensive language support. The solution covers a vast array of languages, spanning continents and regions worldwide. Whether your target market is in Europe, Asia, the Americas, or elsewhere, ConveyThis has you covered. This broad language coverage enables web agencies to cater to diverse audiences and expand their client’s reach on a global scale.

Furthermore, ConveyThis offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the translation process. Web agencies can easily navigate the platform, ensuring a smooth workflow and efficient collaboration with clients. The intuitive design of ConveyThis empowers marketers to effortlessly manage translations, saving time and effort while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Why Choose ConveyThis for Your Client Project?

Website translation doesn’t have to be complicated or hinder your client’s project progress. ConveyThis offers several key advantages that make it an excellent choice for your multilingual client projects.

One of the main advantages of choosing ConveyThis for your client project is its exceptional accuracy in translation. ConveyThis utilizes advanced language algorithms and sophisticated translation technology to ensure that the translated content is precise and maintains the intended meaning. This accuracy is crucial in conveying your client’s message effectively to a global audience.

In addition, ConveyThis provides a seamless and efficient workflow for website translation. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily manage and control the translation process, allowing for smooth collaboration between your agency and your clients. This streamlined workflow saves time and resources, enabling you to deliver multilingual websites within shorter timeframes and without compromising quality.


Fast Integration

The integration process is straightforward and can be completed in just a few simple steps. Whether your client’s website is built on popular platforms like Webflow, WordPress, or Shopify, ConveyThis is fully compatible and works seamlessly with these technologies. You can effortlessly add ConveyThis to the website without encountering any compatibility issues or disruptions to the existing design and functionality.

Once integrated, ConveyThis automatically detects the content on your client’s website and facilitates the translation process. It efficiently scans the website’s pages, blog posts, product descriptions, and other textual elements, ensuring that everything is ready for translation.


As a web agency, it’s crucial that the translation solution you choose doesn’t interfere with any existing tools, extensions, apps, or plugins on your client’s website. ConveyThis ensures compatibility with all third-party tools. Whether the content originates from a review app or a form builder, ConveyThis accurately detects and translates it.

ConveyThis offers flexibility in translation options, empowering your clients to choose the approach that suits them best. They can opt for machine translation, human editing, professional translation, or a combination of all three. It’s worth noting that many ConveyThis users find machine translation to be sufficient, with only a third of them making edits.

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Multilingual SEO

When working on a new company website, the marketing team is often concerned about its SEO performance. This concern is amplified when dealing with a multilingual website. Implementing multilingual SEO, such as hreflang tags and language subdomains or subdirectories, can be labor-intensive and prone to errors.

Influence Society, a web and digital agency, chooses ConveyThis as their preferred translation solution due to its automatic hreflang tag implementation and translated metadata features. By handling the technical aspects of multilingual SEO effectively, ConveyThis complements their SEO services and helps create comprehensive SEO strategies for their clients.

Managing a Client Project

The first step is to determine how you will handle billing for ConveyThis. This decision will shape how you structure your multilingual project. There are two options available:

  1. ConveyThis costs into your monthly or yearly maintenance fees, it is recommended to create a master account to manage multiple client projects under a single login. To achieve this, sign up for a ConveyThis account using an email address accessible to multiple team members in your agency. When adding a new project, simply click on the plus icon in your ConveyThis Dashboard homepage and follow the setup process.

  2. Client Responsibility for Payments If your clients will be responsible for paying ConveyThis directly, it’s best to create separate projects for each client. Select the appropriate plan based on their website’s size and requirements. Your clients can either create their own ConveyThis accounts or you can create an account for them using your agency’s email address. In the latter case, you can transfer the project to your client upon completion.

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In conclusion, ConveyThis offers a straightforward and efficient solution for managing multilingual client projects. By choosing ConveyThis, web agencies can simplify website translation, ensure compatibility with existing tools, leverage machine and human translation options, benefit from a user-friendly dashboard, and enhance multilingual SEO efforts. With clear guidelines on managing projects, choosing plans, transferring projects, and onboarding clients, ConveyThis empowers web agencies to handle multilingual projects seamlessly and deliver exceptional results.

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