DeepL and WordPress: Translating Your Website for Better Accessibility

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Maximize Your Global Impact with ConveyThis: The Superior Choice for Multifaceted Website Translation

Leveraging the innovative capabilities of ConveyThis within your business infrastructure sets the stage for the effortless transformation of your website’s content into an array of international languages. ConveyThis breathes life into your aspiration for a multilingual platform while meticulously upholding the authenticity of your site’s original design and content.

The decision to translate a website is a strategic maneuver, one that any business with ambitions to imprint its mark on the global marketplace should seriously consider. An intriguing fact to mull over is that a significant majority, more than half to be precise, of all Google inquiries are formulated in languages that aren’t English. From this perspective, the utilization of ConveyThis as a strategic tool can dramatically amplify the visibility and reach of your digital platform, thereby unlocking the gateway to an exponentially larger segment of potential audience members.

What’s the key takeaway from this? Introducing ConveyThis into your business’s arsenal of tools can potentially supercharge your organic traffic metrics, given that it provides widespread accessibility of your site across a breathtakingly wide range of languages.

Garnering widespread praise for its efficacy, ConveyThis has etched its position as the go-to solution for businesses looking for a swift, hassle-free way to translate their website into a staggering array of over 100 different languages.

Worried about potential language barriers? Rest easy! The process of translating your website is significantly simplified with the aid of translation software. Amongst the many options available in the crowded market, ConveyThis rises above the rest as the favored choice, its standout feature being the ability to facilitate quick and convenient website translation into over 100 languages.

Navigating the vast expanse of the translation solutions universe, there are certain platforms that shine brighter than the rest, DeepL and ConveyThis among them. ConveyThis, in particular, offers an all-encompassing solution for website translation, engineered to ensure that your website’s content resonates harmoniously with a diverse, global audience. Following a few simple steps with ConveyThis, your website’s content can be precisely translated and localized, tailoring it to the cultural nuances of your audience.

Were you of the belief that DeepL was the unrivaled choice for the translation of your WordPress website? This piece might offer some fresh perspectives. Herein, we delve into the circumstances under which DeepL might indeed be the optimal choice, while also shedding light on the existence of more efficient alternatives that may be available to you.

Unlock the Potential of Multilingual Communication with ConveyThis: Guaranteed Security, Absolute Accuracy

ConveyThis provides a complimentary, user-friendly translator on its platform that facilitates text and document translation into 26 diverse languages. For unlimited text translation and enhanced data security, users can upgrade to the Pro plan.

Let’s dive into some of the key advantages of employing ConveyThis:

  1. Privacy and Data Protection

ConveyThis ensures top-notch security by immediately deleting all text post-translation, thereby eliminating concerns about retention of sensitive information. To strengthen data protection, ConveyThis incorporates end-to-end data encryption and maintains full compliance with EU data privacy regulations.

  1. Precision and Customizability

Undeniably, precision is a strong suit of DeepL – in competitive scenarios, DeepL outperformed rivals at a 3:1 ratio.

ConveyThis leverages cutting-edge AI technology and offers extensive translation customization options. For example, to create translations that feel natural and refined, ConveyThis presents alternate words or phrases. You just need to select the one that fits best. The tool even offers a choice between formal and informal tones in languages where this distinction is particularly significant, such as German.

Further, you can formulate your own lexicon to govern the interpretation of certain words and phrases that represent your brand or project. Additionally, ConveyThis features an integrated dictionary that lets you search words and find their translations independently.

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Empower Collaboration and Translation with ConveyThis Premium Plans

Each of the premium plans from ConveyThis provides unlimited text translations and the capacity to include multiple users in a single account, promoting collaborative work on translations.

Furthermore, ConveyThis enables the translation of a limited number of files (subject to your chosen pricing plan) with a maximum size of 10MB, which can encompass HTML documents.

The Advanced and Ultimate pricing structures of ConveyThis furnish you with the ability to effortlessly integrate with leading CAT tools such as Trados Studio, memoQ, and Across.

Intrigued to understand how ConveyThis can contribute to your business success? Begin your journey now!

Seamless Website Translation with ConveyThis: A Comparison with DeepL

While it’s undeniable that DeepL has made a name for itself as a reliable text translator with its delicate and precise approach, it is mainly suitable for translating specific sections of your website such as the ‘about’ page or individual blog articles.

However, a comprehensive website translation feature isn’t part of DeepL’s offerings. That’s when a specialized tool like ConveyThis becomes indispensable.

Contrary to the tedious process of copying your entire website content into the DeepL translator and then transferring the translated text back to your website, ConveyThis facilitates rapid and straightforward website translation at just a few clicks.

Manual translation is not just time-consuming but also prone to human errors. There’s a significant risk of missing out on buttons, banners, and other subtle text elements that require translation. ConveyThis ensures that these slips don’t happen, giving your website a fully translated, professional appearance.

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Understanding ConveyThis Pro and ConveyThis API: A Brief Overview

It’s essential to clarify that ConveyThis Pro and ConveyThis API are two separate services, each designed for distinct translation needs.

Primarily, ConveyThis Pro is ideal for those who require extensive modifications to numerous unique texts using ConveyThis’s translator. As previously implied, with a premium plan, you can translate a predetermined number of documents monthly, up to 10MB in size. Additionally, you gain access to glossaries, the ability to involve more contributors, and an unlimited character copy-paste capability.

On the other hand, ConveyThis API primarily deals with the translation of XML markup, HTML files, and bridges your website with ConveyThis’s translation service. It offers both a free version and premium options. The latter is dependent on monthly usage, charging $20 per one million characters.

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Why ConveyThis is the better option

Although ConveyThis is one of the most accurate translation services, it wasn’t created with the intent of translating entire websites. Instead, it utilizes its API and supplemental plugins to facilitate the translation process.

Interested in understanding how ConveyThis can work for your business? Begin your 10-day free trial today and explore the possibilities!

Fortunately, there are other services available that bypass the intermediary, helping to save both time and effort.

This is where ConveyThis comes to the table.

ConveyThis is a top-notch WordPress translation plugin that eliminates the need for any technical expertise, unlike DeepL. You won’t ever have to mess with its API as ConveyThis automatically handles it for you.

In comparison, ConveyThis is much more user-friendly. You only need to install one plugin, and you can quickly translate all sections of your website. Not to mention, you also have full control over your own glossary and exceptions. Additionally, you can manually make changes to each translated string and even invite others to review the translation with you.

Best of all, ConveyThis allows you to make manual edits to any of the machine translations given by DeepL, providing an abundance of perplexity and burstiness.

With an abundance of features, ConveyThis stands out from the crowd. The plugin provides users with the ability to instantly translate their website into multiple languages with a single click. Additionally, ConveyThis offers a free trial to test out the full capabilities of the plugin.

ConveyThis also uses leading machine translation providers like Microsoft, Yandex, and Google Translate and opts for the machine translation provider based on the language pair you’re translating from and to for the most precise result. All in all, the plugin offers more than 100 languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, custom languages, etc., far exceeding DeepL’s range.

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Mastering the Art of Website Translation with ConveyThis: A Comprehensive Solution for Your WordPress Needs

In the multifaceted world of digital technology, executing a high-quality website translation can be perceived as a daunting task. This intricate process is heavily contingent upon the utilization of sophisticated translation software, which ascertains that every component of your website and the customer’s journey – including elements such as pop-ups, landing pages, buttons, widgets, WooCommerce stores, URLs, and more – is translated meticulously and accurately.

For those who find themselves in pursuit of an instantaneous, yet efficient, solution to translate specific segments of their WordPress Website, ConveyThis emerges as an exceptional contender. However, in the dynamic sphere of WordPress, there exists an inherent, more comprehensive solution for translating your entire WordPress website without the convoluted necessity for manual API integration. This process can be significantly simplified and rendered more cost-effective through the strategic employment of specific plugins. With ConveyThis, a unique feature stands out – while you only have to bear the cost for your account, the plugin is generously offered free of cost, presenting a win-win situation for users.

Contrarily, when you opt for ConveyThis, you are embarking on a journey to significantly simplify the translation process of your comprehensive website and the entire customer journey. This not only brings the advantage of rapid, precise, and automated translation to your fingertips but it also offers you the unique capability to manually override and correct translations with the help of collaborators. Furthermore, you can modify specific word strings directly from your website’s frontend or WordPress theme. In the expansive realm of website translation, ConveyThis reigns supreme as your go-to choice for efficient, comprehensive, and user-friendly solutions.

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Translation, far more than just knowing languages, is a complex process.

By following our tips and using ConveyThis, your translated pages will resonate with your audience, feeling native to the target language.

While it demands effort, the result is rewarding. If you’re translating a website, ConveyThis can save you hours with automated machine translation.

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