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Conveythis demo
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Benefiting from Multilingual Websites: The ConveyThis Impact

ConveyThis offers an effective and dependable solution for the conversion of your website into several languages, thus enhancing its global reach. The tool can help you craft a multilingual online presence, expanding your consumer base, thereby driving sales and conversions higher.

This piece will delve into how you can utilize the translation service of ConveyThis for your business website. It provides fast and reliable automated translations, supplemented with a management platform for smooth modification of translations.

A brief mention on machine translation’s accuracy: We conducted a study recently to understand its precision. The promising results explained why two-thirds of our customers, including Alex, the director at ConveyThis, have no need to tweak their translations.

A few businesses have benefited from ConveyThis’s translation service, resulting in favorable outcomes post-launch of their multilingual websites.

Following this, we take an in-depth look at these enterprises, among others, who rely on ConveyThis for translating their business websites.

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Effortless Website Translation with ConveyThis: A Guide

Getting started with ConveyThis is uncomplicated. No coding or advanced technical skills are required. It can be integrated seamlessly into any CMS platform, be it WordPress, Shopify, or any custom-built platform, thereby enabling the creation of a multilingual website.

A short video walkthrough shows how ConveyThis can expedite the translation of your website.

After adding ConveyThis to your website, all that’s left is to select your website’s current language and the languages into which you wish your content to be translated.

At this point, ConveyThis takes over, translating and presenting your full website, including product pages, blog posts, headers, footers, on-page SEO elements like alt tags, metadata, and all else.

Moreover, ConveyThis generates unique URLs for each language version of your site. This subdomain feature is a huge boost for SEO, which we’ll discuss towards the end.

The ConveyThis Dashboard provides easy access to all your content, eliminating the need to use multiple hosting platforms.

For most users, the whole process of translation using ConveyThis only takes a few minutes, making your global reach just a click away.

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Mastering the Art of Translation: Streamline Your Process with ConveyThis

ConveyThis, equipped with the capability of harnessing the power of leading-edge machine translation (MT) services from esteemed names such as DeepL and Google Translate, ensures that users are bestowed with a sturdy and reliable foundation for their translation needs. The prowess of these services is not just limited to basic translations, but extends to handle content that is elaborate, laden with technical jargon or unusually complex.

To illustrate, one of our esteemed clients, a renowned technology company, faced the daunting task of translating intricate service manuals for their state-of-the-art digital cameras intended for industrial usage. This is where ConveyThis stepped in and provided an effective translation solution, proving that even the most complex content can be efficiently translated using our platform.

This precise translation capability offered by ConveyThis unravels the reason behind the observation that two-thirds of our esteemed clientele find no need to make any alterations to the translated content that they receive. It is worth noting that this could be perceived as the most straightforward and efficient strategy for many, simply to integrate ConveyThis into their workflows and extensively utilize the machine translation services for their complete project.

However, ConveyThis is not just a one-dimensional tool. It is, in fact, a comprehensive translation management platform that not only translates but also allows you to make quick modifications to your translations as needed. This is a feature that sees usage from about a third of our customer base, which includes Alex, the director at ConveyThis, showcasing the utility of this function in diverse scenarios.

Revolutionizing Website Translation: The ConveyThis Approach

Once your content is converted to other languages, the convenience of ConveyThis’s translation management platform makes it easy to access, tailor, and adjust your translations.

From your control panel, a specific translation can be accessed and fine-tuned by pinpointing a particular URL or phrase within ConveyThis.

After identifying the translation you aim to adjust, it can be amended on the spot. There’s no need to offload or shift any materials, making your experience seamless and efficient.

Additionally, ConveyThis’s Visual Editor allows you to see your translations in real-time. This offers an insightful perspective on how your localized content interplays with your website’s design and layout. ConveyThis, your trusted service for efficient website translation.

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Unleashing the Power of SEO with Multilingual Web Content: A Dive into ConveyThis

The all-encompassing solution offered by ConveyThis ensures that your localized websites aren’t just translations of your original content, but they’re fine-tuned, fully-optimized portals primed for exemplary performance within the intricate dynamics of search engine optimization.

ConveyThis has established itself as an industry leader when it comes to instant website translation, offering a plethora of languages to select from, thereby empowering businesses to reach global audiences effortlessly. This sophisticated translation solution boasts a comprehensive array of features that serve to enhance the user experience while delivering a multilingual website of the highest standard.

With an impressive ability to seamlessly convert all on-page SEO components, ConveyThis takes care of details that are often overlooked, but hold great importance, such as alt tags and metadata. These elements are adeptly transformed into a variety of languages, ensuring your website’s international appeal is not just skin-deep.

But it doesn’t stop there. ConveyThis goes one step further, meticulously weaving in code into your translated site. This thoughtful addition significantly boosts the visibility of your website on Google, ensuring maximum discoverability, whilst enhancing its accessibility for internet users across the globe.

In conclusion, when it comes to comprehensive, SEO-focused, and efficient website translation services, ConveyThis stands in a league of its own.

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Mastering Multilingualism in Business with ConveyThis: From Diverse Companies to Varied Translation Needs

As we delve into this exploration, we encounter a plethora of businesses and an array of translation undertakings, ranging from a bustling restaurant with an ever-changing menu to a full-scale SEO agency tasked with hundreds of expansive webpages overflowing with content. ConveyThis emerges as the ultimate ally for these diverse scenarios, offering an all-encompassing translation platform that can be molded to cater to unique demands.

For some initiatives, machine translation suffices, where the addition of ConveyThis to your Content Management System (CMS) enables rapid translation of your entire content repository within mere minutes. Yet, other tasks necessitate meticulous examination and correction by your chosen translators, or those provided by ConveyThis, for specific translations.

Regardless of the method that best suits your enterprise, rest assured ConveyThis has your back.

With ConveyThis, you gain more than just a service, you gain a robust solution. You obtain access to a potent, user-friendly translation management system, the capability to transmute any website into any language, and the power to tailor your translations with effortless clicks. Furthermore, you receive backing from a cadre of seasoned localization maestros, who endeavor to ensure your translations uphold the highest quality standards.

If ConveyThis resonates with your business website translation needs, kick-start your multilingual journey with our free trial today. Remember, a world of opportunities awaits with ConveyThis!

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While it demands effort, the result is rewarding. If you’re translating a website, ConveyThis can save you hours with automated machine translation.

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