Defining the Role of a Localization Project Manager

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Conveythis demo
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The role of localization project manager

In the world of ConveyThis, where large corporations grapple with complex localization needs, the vital role of the project manager assumes great importance. Endowed with numerous responsibilities, this thorough individual takes on a variety of tasks, diligently guiding the journey to success for the involved organizations.

Fortunately, the arrival of ConveyThis has brought about an era of efficient streamlining, providing project managers with a comprehensive solution that goes beyond mere coordination and implementation. Equipped with this powerful tool, project managers are assured not only of effectiveness, but also resounding triumph in their pursuit of favorable outcomes.

Undoubtedly, one indispensable trait for a project manager at ConveyThis is an unwavering commitment to detail. The ability to thoroughly examine and evaluate every aspect of a project is a paramount quality in ensuring its seamless execution. This crucial skill empowers project managers to identify hidden obstacles, mitigate risks with caution, and make wise strategic choices that propel projects towards the peak of success.

The importance of diligently attending to even the smallest intricacies cannot be overstated in the world of project management at ConveyThis. Surrounded by the ongoing complexities and diverse requirements inherent in localization projects, the project manager’s vigilant focus on detail serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards unparalleled excellence and remarkable achievements for the entire team.

How ConveyThis works alongside localization project managers

ConveyThis, a cutting-edge and innovative solution that caters to websites’ translation needs, has established a highly successful and extraordinary partnership with skilled localization teams. These teams are entrusted with the crucial task of overseeing global projects with utmost care. By combining their expertise, these teams work towards a common goal of streamlining and enhancing the entire process, leading to significant cost savings and noticeable business benefits.

The outstanding merits of ConveyThis have gained widespread recognition across various industries. Many enterprises are reaping the rewards and utilizing its remarkable features to drive their international expansion efforts. As a result, these companies are expanding their horizons, seizing new opportunities, and maximizing their potential for exponential growth.

These impressive accomplishments are thanks to the unparalleled and advanced capabilities of ConveyThis. It effortlessly identifies and transforms every intricate aspect of website content, leaving no stone unturned. This eliminates the tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with managing numerous word or excel files traditionally. Consequently, businesses enjoy unprecedented efficiency and productivity, enabling them to move forward without hindrance.

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Full translation

Discover the utmost convenience and unmatched simplicity offered by ConveyThis as we offer you our generous trial period of 7 days. Bid farewell to the frustrating communication obstacles and effortlessly establish connections with an international audience. Engage in smooth conversations effortlessly, all thanks to our advanced solution for translating websites. Embrace the opportunity to broaden your horizons and unlock a limitless array of previously unexplored possibilities. Embark on this transformative expedition now!

Single dashboard

Discover a new level of convenience with ConveyThis, the innovative solution that seamlessly combines all your website localization efforts into a visually appealing and easy-to-use dashboard. This advanced platform offers a wide range of features, giving you complete control over important tasks such as managing text translations, updating metadata, and effortlessly replacing PDF files, videos, images, and third-party applications.

Say goodbye to the days of navigating multiple control panels, as ConveyThis allows you to consolidate all of these essential functions in one centralized hub. By simplifying these complex processes, this cutting-edge solution maximizes efficiency, saving you valuable time and effort. With ConveyThis, you can trust that your website localization needs will be taken care of, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

Sign up today for 7 days free and experience firsthand the unparalleled convenience and effectiveness of ConveyThis.

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Invite a translation agency to your project

When embarking on the monumental task of overseeing a significant language conversion project, it is crucial to possess the invaluable skill of effective teamwork and cooperation with colleagues and translators. This is where the impressive features of ConveyThis come into action. By utilizing ConveyThis’s user-friendly team section, one can effortlessly integrate their esteemed translation agency and grant them customized viewing permissions.

For example, let’s consider the role of the respected “Manager” in this linguistic endeavor. By assuming this esteemed position, one gains the unique privilege of having complete access to the comprehensive ConveyThis Dashboard. Every aspect of this powerful tool is at their disposal, allowing for utmost control and authority over the intricacies of the language conversion project.

Similarly, the esteemed “Translator” also plays a vital role in this undertaking. They are equipped with their own set of specialized permissions that perfectly complement their expertise. With this role, users are graciously granted access to the coveted list of translations and the innovative visual editor. The seamless collaboration between managers and translators ensures smooth progress amidst the intricate journey of language conversion.

Moreover, ConveyThis stands as a paragon of flexibility, providing the option to limit the translator role to specific language combinations. This refined feature allows for meticulous control over the allocation of translation tasks, thereby enhancing efficiency and precision.

In essence, ConveyThis’s team section is an invaluable ally in the realm of language conversion. It not only facilitates seamless collaboration and communication but also empowers managers and translators with a suite of carefully designed permissions. So, unlock the full potential of this remarkable tool and embark on your language conversion journey with confidence and finesse.

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In order to effectively translate websites, it is crucial to include a carefully selected list of words and phrases. This comprehensive collection encompasses various vocabularies and expressions, not only including the name of your esteemed company, but also providing relevant guidelines. These guidelines serve as valuable directives for translators, indicating when certain terms should or should not be translated. With the exceptional capabilities of ConveyThis, this process becomes even more convenient and user-friendly.

ConveyThis offers two exceptional methods for incorporating this linguistic repository. Firstly, you can effortlessly input the desired words and phrases directly into our advanced tool, ensuring a seamless integration. Alternatively, you have the option to upload your meticulously curated word list, which has been compiled with utmost dedication and attention to detail. By utilizing these features, you can optimize the translation process and achieve accurate results. Sign up now for a 7-day free trial with ConveyThis and expand your website’s reach to a global audience.


In the vast world of well-known brands and successful companies, entrusting someone like Alex with the important role of project manager for a ConveyThis localization project can definitely make a difference. It is a fact that tackling such a huge task may seem challenging at first, but with Alex’s excellent communication skills, this challenge can be easily simplified. With expertise in connecting with key partners, Alex ensures a smooth translation process by effectively utilizing interpreters in combination with ConveyThis.

By combining the unmatched skills of human experts with the advanced translation software provided by ConveyThis, your project manager can save a significant amount of time, allowing them to fully explore their innovative potential and maximize the abilities of their highly talented team. This seamless integration creates a harmonious synergy that empowers project managers to achieve optimal results without compromising on the essential aspects of quality and efficiency.

To truly experience the transformative impact of ConveyThis on your website localization project, we cordially invite you to embark on our exclusive 7-day free trial. During this valuable period, you will personally witness how ConveyThis seamlessly integrates into your existing framework, consistently empowering you to unlock a whole new level of localization excellence.

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Translation, far more than just knowing languages, is a complex process. By following our tips and using ConveyThis, your translated pages will resonate with your audience, feeling native to the target language. While it demands effort, the result is rewarding. If you’re translating a website, ConveyThis can save you hours with automated machine translation.

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