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Conveythis demo
My Khanh Pham

My Khanh Pham

ConveyThis: Unlocking Knowledge, Cultures, and Languages

ConveyThis is an impressive tool that encompasses a vast amount of knowledge, leaving you amazed. With its incredible capabilities, it allows you to navigate the global community without the difficult task of learning a new language. Language barriers will no longer hinder your quest for understanding as ConveyThis serves as a gateway, unlocking the secrets of diverse cultures and languages, both ancient and modern.

When searching for the perfect translation solution for your website, it is crucial to consider many important factors. Luckily, your search can end with ConveyThis, which provides an unparalleled website translation experience. Its commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and user-friendliness is unmatched. This exceptional tool seamlessly adjusts your website to cater to different regions, giving you the effortless ability to modify your content as necessary. Such a feature is essential in improving your website’s search engine ranking, a key element in successful translation projects using ConveyThis.

In this informative article, we will explore how ConveyThis, our revolutionary translation platform, perfectly meets these essential requirements. Through real-life examples, we reveal the transformative power of ConveyThis, ensuring the preservation of relevant and localized content on various websites. So why wait any longer? Begin your journey with ConveyThis today and experience the convenience and effectiveness of effortless website translation.


ConveyThis: Your Effortless Website Translation Solution

Introducing a groundbreaking innovation that is poised to revolutionize language translation – meet ConveyThis. This extraordinary solution simplifies and enhances communication across different languages, offering unprecedented convenience and efficiency.

Say goodbye to laborious manual translations, as ConveyThis streamlines the process with its advanced technology. With the option to choose between two cutting-edge translation methods, users have the privilege of selecting the most suitable approach. Embrace our state-of-the-art automated translation, which utilizes artificial intelligence to seamlessly convert content from one language to another. Alternatively, opt for our hybrid approach that combines automation with the expertise of professional language services, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and precision.

But don’t just take our word for it, listen to the satisfied customers who have embraced ConveyThis. These forward-thinking individuals have experienced the remarkable benefits firsthand, relying on our technology for their language requirements. They appreciate the reliability and efficiency of our automated translation, which eliminates the tedious manual revisions.

At ConveyThis, we understand the importance of tailoring translated content to meet specific project needs. This is why we acknowledge the indispensable role of human translators in ensuring unparalleled accuracy and quality, particularly for projects that require a personal touch.

To empower our users in making well-informed decisions, our cutting-edge platform provides a comprehensive overview of available options. Through real-life examples, we showcase how businesses have successfully localized their content with ConveyThis, highlighting the advantages of both automated translation and professional language services.

When you choose ConveyThis for your language translation needs, you gain the freedom to customize the experience according to your specifications. Whether you prefer the efficiency of automated translation or the perfect blend of automation and human expertise, our platform equips you with essential tools and resources to achieve flawlessly translated and remarkably accurate content for your esteemed website. Moreover, our service seamlessly integrates with ConveyThis, facilitating uninterrupted global expansion by translating your valuable content into multiple languages. With ConveyThis, language barriers become a thing of the past, opening up a world of possibilities. Don’t miss out – try ConveyThis for 7 days free and unlock the power of global communication.

Streamline Website Translation with ConveyThis: Quick Setup and Personalization

Embarking on the exciting and truly awe-inspiring journey of achieving a fully translated website can be a task of monumental proportions. However, do not fret, for there is a ray of hope that will guide you through this impressive endeavor. Let me introduce you to the remarkable language translation tool called ConveyThis, whose smooth integration into your website marks the crucial initial step towards your significant goal. What sets this tool apart from others is its exceptional compatibility with all types of websites, making it the ideal choice for website owners seeking language diversity without the need for complicated developers. Furthermore, rejoice, for ConveyThis also offers user-friendly tutorials specifically tailored to popular Content Management Systems (CMS) platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, and WooCommerce, among others. This ensures that the setup process is simplified, allowing for a seamless transition into the marvelous world of multilingual websites.

Once you have successfully integrated ConveyThis into your website, a world of limitless joy awaits you. Customizing your website’s translation experience becomes an enjoyable adventure. With a wide range of languages available, you have the privilege of carefully selecting those that perfectly align with your target audience. Furthermore, you can personalize the display mode of the language switcher, creating a smooth and visually appealing transition between the different language versions of your website. But the freedom offered by ConveyThis doesn’t end there, my esteemed reader. In fact, you even have the opportunity to design the language switcher itself, ensuring it seamlessly blends in with your website’s aesthetic while reflecting your unique brand.


In a remarkably fast period of time, thanks to ConveyThis’s unmatched efficiency, your website will undergo a breathtaking transformation into a stunning multilingual masterpiece. Our advanced software effortlessly generates language subdomains or subdirectories for the translated versions of your site, alleviating any concerns about hosting or implementation. Rest assured, the burdens of technical complexities are expertly handled by our cutting-edge software, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the excitement of presenting your website in multiple languages to a global audience.

Countless satisfied customers bear witness to the success achieved through the integration of ConveyThis into their websites. Upon signing up, they gain exclusive access to the extraordinary world of machine translation, empowering them to launch their fully translated site without the need for ongoing management or modifications. This truly hands-off experience enables website owners to easily embrace language diversity and cater to an international audience like never before.

However, for those who desire even greater control over the translation process, have no fear, as ConveyThis is ready to offer unparalleled assistance. We provide a comprehensive translation platform that not only allows for effortless editing of translations but also enables effective management of a skilled translator team. This comprehensive approach ensures that your translated content perfectly captures the essence and nuances of your original message, resulting in a flawlessly delightful user experience for visitors from different linguistic backgrounds.

So, if you possess an unwavering desire to explore the remarkable world of ConveyThis, I urge you, dear reader, to continue diving into the depths of knowledge. Our wide range of offerings provides specialized insights, unveiling endless possibilities that are tantalizingly within your reach, eagerly waiting for your discovery.


Effortless Translation Customization: ConveyThis

Perfecting your translations has never been easier with the help of ConveyThis. There are many compelling reasons why you might need to make adjustments to your translated content. For instance, consider the case of the well-known bicycle brand, Felt Bicycles. They have wisely chosen to utilize ConveyThis’s state-of-the-art machine translation service, which has made it effortless for their team of translators to localize their website and streamline the process of publishing new and engaging content.

Felt Bicycles has taken a strategic approach to their website content, dividing it into two distinct categories. This smart tactic ensures that only a portion of their content, approximately one-third, including menus, submenus, and concise sentences, requires the assistance of machine translation. However, the remaining content, such as their captivating blog articles, detailed product descriptions, and compelling branded stories, calls for the expertise and input of their highly skilled team of translators.

Thankfully, ConveyThis offers an intuitive and user-friendly editing platform for translations. With your personalized ConveyThis dashboard, you have quick access to all your translations. This allows you to easily track progress, keep count of translated words, and seamlessly review each piece of translated content. Whether you need to search for a specific phrase or URL, or take advantage of ConveyThis’s Visual Editor to perform thorough quality assurance checks on your website, ensuring that translations match your carefully crafted design and formatting, all the tools you need are right at your fingertips.

ConveyThis: Simplifying Professional Translation

If you ever find yourself in need of translation help but lack a team, worry not, because ConveyThis has got your back. Inside your ConveyThis Dashboard, you have the convenient option to request the review of specific pages by a skilled and professional translator. This service ensures the accuracy and quality of your translations, while also maintaining a smooth workflow.

The great thing about this feature is how flexible it is. Not only can you choose the context and tone of the material you want translated, but you can also include any relevant glossaries or instructions to provide clarity to the translator about your unique requirements. This level of customization ensures that the translated content perfectly aligns with your intended message and desired outcomes.

But the benefits go beyond that. Once the translation is completed and approved within the ConveyThis platform, you can relax knowing that the translated content will automatically update on your website. No more manual extraction and downloading of content, sending it via email to a translator, and anxiously waiting for its return as a Google Doc that needs to be passed on to your development team. With ConveyThis, the entire process is streamlined and accelerated, resulting in a much more efficient workflow for everyone involved.

So why wait? Embrace the convenience and professionalism of ConveyThis today and discover the true potential of your multilingual website. By effortlessly requesting the review of specific pages by a professional translator, you can confidently expand your global presence and cater to an international audience with ease. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your website’s user experience and unlock new avenues of success. Take the first step towards endless possibilities and start your journey with ConveyThis now!


ConveyThis: Streamline Website Translation and Optimization

Introducing ConveyThis, the game-changing translation solution that exceeds all expectations and empowers businesses like yours to effortlessly navigate the complex world of website translation. Bid farewell to relying on internal translators or dedicated developers to sync your content across different languages. With the unmatched capabilities of ConveyThis at your disposal, say goodbye to the arduous task of maintenance and welcome a plethora of opportunities for your website.

Never before has unleashing the full potential of your online presence been so effortless. Through a seamlessly integrated system, ConveyThis enables a seamless and efficient translation process, giving you complete control. No longer will you need to meticulously manage translations or grapple with extensive lines of code. Rest assured that ConveyThis will handle all the cumbersome aspects, cleverly automating the entire process and ensuring that your translated websites are always up-to-date and finely tuned to boost your SEO rankings effortlessly.

Enter a realm of limitless linguistic possibilities with ConveyThis. Your website will effortlessly showcase its full potential in multiple languages, captivating an international audience and propelling your business forward. Picture the flawless user experience, intuitive navigation, and irresistible charm of a website that communicates directly with every visitor, regardless of their native language.

Are you eagerly anticipating experiencing the unparalleled power of ConveyThis firsthand? Seize the extraordinary opportunity and take full advantage of our exclusive offer to try it out completely free for a glorious 7-day trial. Discover the transformative impact it can have on your website and experience the unmatched ease with which your content can transcend language barriers.

Unveil a new era of unparalleled global connectivity and embrace the unwavering certainty that your translated website will always be current, optimized, and perfectly aligned with your vision. Join the countless businesses worldwide that have harnessed the undeniable power of ConveyThis. The potential of your website knows no bounds – let ConveyThis unlock its limitless possibilities for you.

ConveyThis: Keeping Your Translated Site Up-to-Date

Prepare yourself for an exceptional and extraordinary journey characterized by unmatched convenience and efficiency thanks to the remarkable features provided by ConveyThis. Get ready for an absolutely astonishing experience as this incredible tool ensures that your website stays up-to-date and relevant in a wide range of languages, freeing you from the tedious and laborious task of personally handling translations. Say goodbye to the countless hours wasted and the tremendous effort expended in managing translations every time new content or updates are introduced.

With the powerful ConveyThis now at your disposal, you can finally say farewell to the tiresome process of manually sending fresh content to an overwhelmed team of translators. Brace yourself as this mind-blowing tool takes full control of the entire translation process, effortlessly converting updates into multiple languages with utmost precision and accuracy. Imagine the countless hours saved, the stress alleviated, and the boundless potential for global reach that eagerly awaits you.

Welcome and embrace the optimized efficiency that ConveyThis offers, allowing you to effortlessly maintain your multilingual website without the burden of laborious content management. This cutting-edge solution seamlessly integrates with your existing website, adapting and conforming perfectly to your unique needs. Witness the transformative power of this innovative tool as it propels your website to unprecedented heights, all without the cumbersome hassle commonly associated with manual translations.


Improving Multilingual Website SEO Using ConveyThis

Introducing the groundbreaking platform, ConveyThis, a master in improving the visibility of your translated website on various search engines. With their innovative techniques, this advanced platform seamlessly follows Google’s intricate guidelines for multilingual SEO. Utilizing ConveyThis’s cutting-edge technology, users can easily and efficiently translate their websites into any language, providing an unmatched achievement that ensures a seamless and engaging browsing experience for a diverse international audience.

What sets ConveyThis apart is its impressive ability to handle all vital SEO elements, eliminating the need for team members or even an SEO specialist when optimizing and ranking translated websites using this revolutionary tool. The limitless potential offered by ConveyThis unveils an opportunity to fully unleash the power of your multilingual website. Begin this exciting journey today by taking advantage of our generous 7-day free trial.

ConveyThis: Customized Website Translation at a Affordable Price

When confronted with the challenging task of translating your entire website into multiple languages, it’s natural to have concerns about the potential expenses associated with hiring professional translators. However, fret not, for there is an alternative solution that is not only more cost-effective but also capable of alleviating your worries – the incredible world of translation tools. These extraordinary tools possess the remarkable ability to swiftly and efficiently translate your valuable content, all while significantly reducing the costs incurred from engaging human translators.

If you’re curious about the exact price per word for various options, we recommend consulting our comprehensive comparison chart. This invaluable resource provides detailed information that will empower you to make an informed decision regarding the best course of action for your needs.

Furthermore, if you have already utilized a translation tool such as the incredible ConveyThis for your website, rest assured that you still have the option to enhance its capabilities by seeking the expertise of a translation agency for specific sections of your text. This personalized approach not only offers significant cost savings but also ensures the delivery of exceptional translations for the pages that hold utmost importance on your cherished website.

So, seize the budget-friendly advantages offered by ConveyThis and elevate the multilingual presence of your website to unprecedented levels. Don’t waste any more time; seize the phenomenal opportunities at your fingertips and take decisive action today!


ConveyThis: Revolutionizing Multilingual Website Development with Accuracy and Speed

When you make the smart choice to go with ConveyThis as your translation solution, you will be opening up a whole new level of language expertise and technological finesse. This incredible tool offers an unmatched level of accuracy, ensuring that your translations are not only precise but also flawlessly executed. Additionally, ConveyThis provides an efficiency that is unparalleled, allowing you to easily create websites in multiple languages with remarkable speed and simplicity.

But it doesn’t end there. ConveyThis takes versatility to a whole new level, enabling you to fully leverage the localization efforts of your website. By seamlessly integrating with your existing infrastructure, ConveyThis becomes an invaluable asset in expanding your online reach to a global audience.

So, are you prepared to elevate your website’s localization journey to new heights? Begin your free trial with ConveyThis now and experience the incredible power and boundless possibilities that come with catering to your worldwide viewers. Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance the multilingual experience of your website and captivate your international audience. Start today with ConveyThis and unlock a whole new realm of language mastery and digital success!

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