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ConveyThis stands out as the premier Framer Translation Widget currently available. Our Framer Translation Widget has a proven track record, ensuring top-notch translations for your website without the need for coding expertise or resorting to shortcuts.

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Framer - Integration

Create a ConveyThis account

Your account is where you’ll manage and edit your translations. Select your languages and you’re good to go within 5 minutes (or less!). No code required, choose from 110+ translated languages.

Select “Other (JavaScript)” as your “Website Technology” in Domain setup.

Choose the CMS that your website is using. If nothing is found, select JavaScript. Select Current Language and Target Language.

Copy and paste the code

The following action is required: Incorporate the code displayed on your settings into your Framer website. Insert the snippet by navigating to Settings > General > Custom Code > Start of the <head> tag.

Multilingual Site Made Easy

Easily manage your translations with ConveyThis

Content Detection

Say goodbye to manual translation and hello to a smooth translation process. ConveyThis automatically detects your website content for translation – posts, pages, menus, ecommerce products, widgets, headers, sidebars, popups, and more.

All-in-one translation interface

Translation management made easy. Review your translated content through 1 user-friendly interface. Order professional translators, add teammates for human translation, and refine your automatic translations for impactful website localization. Plus, see your edits in real-time through our Visual Editor.

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Best Framer Translation Plugin

ConveyThis stands out as the premier choice among Framer translation plugins, offering unmatched performance and ease of use. It sets the standard for effortless, high-quality website translations, solidifying its status as the top choice in its field. Its acclaim is well-deserved, built on consistent reliability and the advantage of requiring no programming knowledge for its users.

The simplicity of translating your Framer website with ConveyThis is matched only by the excellence of its translations, positioning it as the definitive solution for website localization needs.

Reach visitors all over the world

Broaden your website’s international appeal easily with the ConveyThis plugin. This robust plugin facilitates global engagement by offering smooth translation features, breaking down language barriers and allowing your content to appeal to a wide, international audience.

Enhance your digital footprint and connect with users globally, making sure your message overcomes language obstacles. Utilize ConveyThis to make your website welcoming and accessible to people from various backgrounds.

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