7 Pro Tips for Your Next WordCamp Experience

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My Khanh Pham

My Khanh Pham

Maximizing Your WordPress Event Experience

During my initial gathering for WordPress, I found myself in an unfamiliar situation. It was unlike any corporate or marketing event I had attended before. It seemed like everyone at the gathering knew each other and was engaged in conversations. While some were indeed acquainted, I quickly realized that the WordPress community is akin to a large and welcoming family, always ready to chat and help newcomers.

However, active participation is necessary. If you have a question after a presentation, don’t hesitate to ask! Chances are others have the same query. If you want to praise a speaker, go ahead! And if you want to discuss shared experiences, approach the speaker privately. Whether you are a speaker, organizer, or newcomer, everyone attends these events with the goal of learning and improving their skills.


Fostering Open Dialogue: The Key to Successful Gatherings


In any small gathering, whether it’s during a coffee break or near the entrance or exit, it is important to abide by this principle: always leave enough room for an additional individual to join the group. And, when someone does join, make an effort to create space once again to accommodate another newcomer. This approach promotes an atmosphere of open dialogue, discouraging the formation of exclusive cliques and encouraging anyone nearby to engage or simply listen.

Of course, private conversations between two individuals have their place, but these situations arise frequently, and the more voices we can include, the more enriching the experience becomes. It also creates a welcoming environment where newcomers can feel comfortable and become actively involved in the conversation.

Striking the Right Balance: Conversations and Presentations at Events

Once the schedule of the event is released, a feeling of discomfort arises: everything seems captivating! There are two enticing discussions occurring simultaneously, a fascinating workshop that risks causing you to miss another concurrent presentation… How frustrating!

And that’s not even considering the predicament of having an engaging conversation over coffee and not wanting to interrupt it to attend a session you signed up for… No problem! All the presentations are recorded and uploaded on WordPress.tv for future viewing. While you may lose out on the immediate interaction and chance to directly ask the speaker questions, it is often a worthwhile compromise.


Making the Most of WordCamp: Talks and Networking


Don’t be misled into thinking that the essence of a WordCamp event is solely about networking, engaging in conversations, and meeting new individuals. It goes beyond that! The presentations play a crucial role, with numerous speakers investing weeks of preparation to share a vast amount of knowledge in a limited timeframe. The most appropriate way we can express our gratitude (considering they are also volunteers) is to fill as many seats as possible and benefit from their insights.

Here’s another tip: participate in talks that may not initially capture your interest. Often, the most exceptional speakers and most rewarding experiences emerge from unexpected areas where the talk’s title or topic may not immediately resonate with you. If the event’s team has included the talk, it undoubtedly holds value.

The Role of Sponsors in Organizing a WordCamp: Understanding the Costs

Have you ever thought about the financial impact of organizing a WordCamp? Free food and coffee don’t just magically appear! It’s all made possible through ticket sales, which are usually priced as low as possible, and primarily thanks to sponsors. They support the event and the community and, in return, they get a booth…where they often offer even more free stuff!

ConveyThis is now a global sponsor of WordPress. Do you understand what this means?

So, if you find yourself at an event where we are present, feel free to come by and say hello. Also, take the opportunity to visit all the stands of the sponsors, ask about their products, inquire about their journey to the event, or if you could take some of their promotional items with you


The Unending Journey of WordCamp: Sharing Experiences


I’ve often heard that “a WordCamp isn’t complete until you share your experience.” Blogging may not be the latest trend, but it’s still valuable. This is where you should chronicle your journey: the standout presentations, the people you connected with, critiques of the food, or entertaining incidents (appropriate for sharing) from the After Party, which I also recommend attending.

We all appreciate hearing from others who have attended the same event and learning about their experiences. Engage with the blogs of fellow participants and maintain these relationships, even when you’re back at your computer. WordCamps never truly end if you fully immerse yourself.

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