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Boost your online sales up to 50%* by translating your website into Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese with help of ConveyThis.
Instant machine translation. In-context visual editor. Strong support team.



Boost your online sales up to 50%* by translating your website into Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese with help of ConveyThis.
Instant machine translation. In-context visual editor. No credit card required.

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Translation Editing Interface - In-context

Your Website in 92 Languages!

ConveyThis is a powerful, light-weight website translation technology to convert any website to any language to boost online traffic. Zero day compatibility and access to in-context visual translation editor. Deploy a machine translated website in seconds and proofread it with humans using our powerful tools.

Our Benefits

Instant Website Translation

Powerful Neural Machine Translation

No Futher Investment Required

Secure Cloud-Based Framework

100% SEO compatible

Boost Sales and Customer Conversion

In-context Translation Editor

92 Languages

Dedicated Support Team

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Our integrations

ConveyThis is compatible with all Content Management Systems and web technologies. It only takes minutes to implement.









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Visual Editing Interface - Proofread Your Translations

Edit your website translations with as few efforts as possible! We offer both side-by-side text string editing interface as well as state of the art Graphical Editing Interface where you can make real time changes to the translated versions without leaving your website!
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About Us

With years of industry experience and hard work, conveythis translation tool was launched in 2018 on Valentine's Day. We believe that machine translation wasn't enough and there is a room for a SaaS company that can build an additional product value by offering in-context visual editing tools and scalable secure infrastructure to keep your business grow. Today, our technology powers over 10,000 websites worldwide and translated over 12 million words.

Online Dashboard

Be in charge of all your translations. Using our dashboard, you can have an easy understanding how many languages your website is translated to, how many words it is using, how many page views you are getting and how to easily update your machine translations. Bring friends and hire professional linguists to improve the quality of your landing pages.

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"72.4% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language" Source:



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Dedicated support: NO

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Translated words:

Monthly page views:

Dedicated support: YES

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Languages: Unlimited

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Check your website word count!

We analyze your website word count based on public pages.

All words belonging to public pages and included in your HTML source code are taken into account, even SEO tags.

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Translate your website with ConveyThis.


translated language(s), it will cost you $49.00 monthly

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Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What is my number of words?

It's calculated like this: if you want to translate 20 pages and add 2 translated languages (in addition to your original language), your total number of translated words would equal to: average words per page x 20 x 2. Assuming you have an average of 500 words per page, your total number of translated words will be 20,000.

Need more precise estimate? Visit our Website WordCounter or email our support.

What if I go over my limit?

We will notify you by email and you will see a notification in your dashboard. No service interruptions. No extra fees. New words on website will not be translated, but you will still have your site up and running.

What support do you provide?

We provide full support to all our users. No matter what your subscription plan is, we aim to give every user an adequate amount of care and support their multilingual growths with our website translation technology.

What do monthly translated pageviews mean?

Monthly translated pageviews are the total number of pages visited in a translated language during one month. It only relates to your translated version (it does not take into account visits in your original language) and it does not include search engine bot visits. If you have any 3rd party website analytics software such as Google Analytics or Yandex Metrika, then look for metrics - page views. It will give you an approximate amount for each new language you will translate your website to.

Can I use ConveyThis on more than one website?

Yes, if you have at least a PRO plan you have the multisite feature. It allows you to manage several websites separately and gives access to one person per website. Setup a way to re-sell conveythis technology to your users by purchasing multisite plans!

Getting Started

Need a test drive? Sign up for free! No credit card required. No strings attached.

The Evolution of the Website Translator - From Google Translate to ConveyThis Translator

Back in 1998, when Google just came to exist, the problem of website translation and website localization was a painful one. Webmasters were struggling with source pages passing around texts to language translation providers. The monitoring of quality translations was hard and consistency wasn't ensured. The web pages were uncoordinated and nothing could get done to improve that.

How To Translate a Website used to be?

It used to be brutally difficult, expensive and inefficient. In order to penetrate a foreign market, companies needed to raise a lot of capital lots of which had to be spent on manual language translators such as professional translators and linguists. It was a chaotic time, but lots of translation companies prospered back in a day charging unsuspecting clients huge "consulting fees" translating their websites. To translate a website back in 1998, you had to be more than a business owner. You had to be a real webmaster understanding HTML, JavaScript and other web technologies. But that improved a bit when Google Translate was released.

How To Translate a Page was like back in 1998?

It used to be a single machine translator which users could access through a manual web interface. It inherited its origins from mainframe technology and early days of personal computing which Bill Gates and Paul Allen were so enthusiastic about. Dealing with computer terminal seemed fun, but it lacked efficiency as you had to copy and paste your source website files into the machine translator and return the results back to your software. The speed was limited to one page at a time. Luckily, it is all in the past and the new layer of technology has been built on the obsolete JavaScript snippet codes!

Best Way To Translate a Website

Try ConveyThis website translator today and discover all the perks that come with it. Our friendly team is here to help you to succeed in the global expansion. With the huge economic crisis approaching the world in the upcoming years, we offer an elegant and easy to use translation service platform to manage all your website translation needs. It used to be Google Translate Button, now it is ConveyThis Website Translator!

Hreflang canonical

This point derives from SEO Translation. It is nice to have a website translation plugin that not only translates pages, but also includes hreflang tags into them for easier search engine discovery. ConveyThis add new hreflang tags into your translated pages making them easy to crawl, index and send more visitors. Hreflang generator is built in so you have nothing else to worry. Just download and install ConveyThis button and enjoy all hreflang tags automatically included in all your translated web pages.