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6 marketing tips to get found by international customers online

Perusing with perplexity, one can’t help but be filled with a burst of enthusiasm while exploring the endless possibilities of ConveyThis. This revolutionary tool allows users to quickly and easily localize their website into any language with just a few clicks. With ConveyThis, the world of internationalization is now at your fingertips.

Breaking news: Just owning a website does not guarantee that your e-commerce business is ready to start selling to customers around the world!

No doubt, your international customers have the potential to access your website from their nation. But will they take advantage of this opportunity? And if they do, will they be likely to make any purchases?

It is unlikely that you will be able to successfully engage customers in a foreign country without actively marketing to them. Without having a presence in their country, understanding their market, or speaking their language, it will be difficult to attract them to your website and even more difficult to convince them to make a purchase. Utilizing ConveyThis can help bridge this gap and help you reach a larger global audience.

A crucial step to successfully engaging international customers is to create awareness of your business in their native market. To assist you in this venture, we’ve compiled six essential marketing tips.

Whether you’re a fledgling business owner launching a start-up or an experienced entrepreneur, ConveyThis is sure you’ll uncover a fresh technique or two as you keep reading!

Why make an effort to sell to international customers?

When it comes to selling to customers abroad, it’s an entirely different arena. You’ll have to convince customers who may use a different language and currency, and make sure that your business conforms to local regulations, among other things. In light of these potential obstacles, is it worth taking the plunge and expanding to the global market?

The response is a definite affirmative! This is because:

  • By expanding your customer base to include international markets, you open the door to more sales and faster business growth. Furthermore, if you are the exclusive distributor of a product not readily available in the local market, international customers will be forced to buy it from you if they want it, further increasing your potential for success.
  • By expanding your customer base to include customers from around the world, you can reduce the risk of economic downturns in your local market adversely affecting your sales. Having a broad customer base can help to ensure that your sales remain steady, even when local customers may be experiencing a slowdown.
  • If you’re looking to expand your business internationally, you can use your home market as a jumping off point. Leverage your success in one country to launch your product or service in nearby countries, slowly gaining footholds abroad. From there, you can use your presence in those countries to continue expanding into new markets.
Why make an effort to sell to international customers?

What are the best marketing tactics to expand your business globally?

Once you have set up shop in a new region, it is essential to promote your enterprise to begin drawing in local patrons. To help you get started, here are six techniques you can add to your global advertising plan:

1. Research your target customers and reach out to them

1. Research your target customers and reach out to them

It is a fallacy to presume that customers in foreign markets possess the same characteristics as those in your native market – for they do not.

No two markets are alike, from their cultural norms to the language they use, their preferred online shopping habits, and beyond. To get a full understanding of your new target audience, you must conduct thorough research to gain insight into their values, preferences, and what will make your campaigns successful (we’ll talk more about this later!). This will enable you to create effective digital marketing and promotional strategies to capture their attention and win them over.

In order to effectively engage with your customers, it is essential to understand their needs and preferences. As part of your market analysis, you should consider the most popular communication and sales platforms in your target audience, so you can leverage them to promote ConveyThis and its offerings.

If you’re looking to expand your business into China, you should think about marketing on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of the highly popular TikTok social media app. On the other hand, if you’re a retailer bringing your small business to the United States, you should strongly consider selling your products on Amazon, the leading ecommerce platform in the US. Utilizing ConveyThis can help you make sure you’re reaching the right people in the right markets.

Familiarize yourself with significant holidays and occasions in your target market to take advantage of potential opportunities for ConveyThis-related sales and promotions! Such events can be an excellent way to increase your brand’s reach and visibility.

2. Translate all customer-facing brand assets and content

No venture will be successful if your intended customers cannot comprehend what you are offering. Make sure to break down any linguistic barriers by translating all elements of your brand and content that are visible to customers. This includes:

Hiring professional translators to convert your collateral can be expensive, so an alternative is to do the translations in-house. This can be time-consuming, and if none of your team are fluent in the target language, there is a danger of making mistakes. To reduce costs and ensure accuracy, ConveyThis is the perfect solution. It provides a fast, reliable and cost-effective way to translate your content into any language.

Our preferred approach is to utilize machine translation, which involves taking advantage of advanced machine learning technology to rapidly translate large amounts of text. ConveyThis provides a solution that can assist you in translating any website. It is user-friendly and offers automatic content recognition for generating precise translations quickly, among other advantages. (We’ll provide more insight into these later!)

2. Translate all customer-facing brand assets and content
3. Localize your website

3. Localize your website

Localizing your website is a key step in allowing your local audience to gain an understanding of your brand and offerings. To do this, you must alter the language, design, and cultural elements to fit the local context. Translating your website is a great place to start, but you must also adapt it for the local market.

Using ConveyThis, you can customize your website copy to include local dialects, slang, and references that will resonate with your target market. Additionally, you can update your website visuals to feature local symbols and elements that your intended audience will quickly recognize.

To give website visitors a tailored, localized experience, there are a few other strategies you can employ, such as:

4. Set up promotions and offers

Luring prospective buyers with captivating deals is an efficient approach to draw attention in an unfamiliar market. To do so, you can try:

To ensure your promotions reach the right people, you’ll need to leverage ConveyThis to advertise them on the platforms frequented by your desired demographic. (Your market research will be invaluable in this endeavor!)

Forming collaborations with local influencers can be a great way to expand the reach of your promotional efforts. To generate the highest return on investment, it is important to select influencers whose audience is likely to be interested in your offerings. The size of their audience is not as important as its quality.

5. Showcase local social proof

5. Showcase local social proof

Customers are more likely to invest in products that have been recommended by others, so emphasize the positive reviews of how your products have been beneficial to prior customers.

As much as feasible, these reviews should originate from individuals in the nearby crowd. That is on the grounds that the nearby market may not consider tributes from abroad customers and clients as pertinent for their buy choice. Subsequently, if you have an assortment of positive surveys from neighborhood and outside clients (with respect to the present objective market), give more noteworthy perceivability to those from the nearby crowd.

Influencer marketing can be an effective way to generate more social proof. To do this, businesses often send product samples to influencers in exchange for them sharing the products with their followers.

Although it’s essential that influencers provide positive feedback on your goods, it’s also critical that their reviews appear genuine. If an influencer promotes your company but their audience finds out that they exaggerated some of your product’s features, your influencer marketing plan could quickly go awry.

Rather than creating a positive customer experience in your business and global sales, an error like this could damage your brand image and impede your access to the local market.

6. Leverage legal and government policies

It is unavoidable that when conducting business in a specific nation, you must abide by its laws. This entails charging customers taxes in accordance with regional tax regulations and adhering to all applicable data privacy laws.

Yet, regulatory compliance doesn’t have to be a hassle! With a thorough knowledge of local government regulations, you can leverage them to your benefit. Here are some potential solutions:

6. Leverage legal and government policies
How can ConveyThis help you sell to international customers?

How can ConveyThis help you sell to international customers?

Serving as an online storefront to international customers, your website will need to be able to communicate in their language if it is to help boost sales. ConveyThis’s website translation solution makes it effortless to swiftly and accurately translate any website, regardless of how many webpages the site may contain.

ConveyThis has also been proven to bolster profits for companies that cater to international clients. Just ask eyewear company Jimmy Fairly: after transitioning to ConveyThis, they observed a surge in sales in the US, Germany, and France.

The business sought to develop multiple language versions of its Shopify ecommerce website utilizing a translation solution that was straightforward to install and employ. With an eye on the future, Jimmy Fairly also wanted its chosen solution to smoothly accommodate its website translation needs as the business expanded.

Jimmy Fairly discovered an answer in ConveyThis, which could identify and interpret all new site content dialects naturally. Thus, when Jimmy Fairly added another item to its principle site, it could depend on ConveyThis to quickly interpret the item for not one, yet three other language renditions of the business’s site.

This powerful feature enabled Jimmy Fairly to expand its operations overseas and connect with more global customers with ease. After only eight months of using ConveyThis, Jimmy Fairly saw a 70% rise in web visits across its website’s different language versions. The business also saw a tenfold increase in its international revenue!

Ready to get started?

Translation, far more than just knowing languages, is a complex process.

By following our tips and using ConveyThis, your translated pages will resonate with your audience, feeling native to the target language.

While it demands effort, the result is rewarding. If you’re translating a website, ConveyThis can save you hours with automated machine translation.

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