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Integrate ConveyThis Plugin into your WooCommerce website and translate it to 92 languages. Increase ROI and online sales for your WooCommerce Store.

Secure, Light-weight framework. 100% SEO Compatible. No coding required.

Back in 2015, when I wanted to make my WordPress website multilingual and add a couple of new languages such as Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese, I faced a bit of a problem. All the WordPress plugins what I’ve tried to install, were cruel and crashed my website. One particular plugin was so bad, that it broke my WooCommerce store so deeply, that even after I’ve uninstalled, it remained broken! I’ve tried to contact the plugin’s support, but received no answer. I’ve tried to fix it myself, but it wasn’t fixable. So, frustrated that I was, I’ve decided to create new multilingual wordpress plugin and make it available for free to small websites and make as many wordpress websites in multi languages as possible! Thus, the ConveyThis was born!

Meet Multilingual WordPress Technology

ConveyThis was developed by team of talented engineers of New York based translation firm: Translation Services USA. In 2008, we’ve modeled the JavaScript based language switcher after then popular widgets: addthis and sharethis which were quite ubiquitous. The social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter were just picking up in popularity, and lots of websites owners seeked to distribute the content via javascript snippets. Website visitors could press a “like” button near the article, and this link would be shared on the user’s social network. Neat idea! We liked it and make a language switcher to do just that, but with help of language translators: Google, Bing, Yandex, SDL, Babelfish, Altavista and may others. It technology was so successful, that conveythis.com had crashed the next day after a famous blogger tweeted about it.

What about best seo plugin for wordpress?

The problem of translating wordpress into multiple languages and make it SEO friendly for Google and Bing was a painful one. The javascript widget could translate any WP website, but it couldn’t store the translations into a database, so the search engines couldn’t come and index them. Websites were losing traffic and opportunities to increase sales. Even the popular google translate for wordpress didn’t have that feature. So, we found a solution! The solution was an elegant hack that allowed conveythis to create a middle layer between the client’s website and our server. It would store all the translations and will serve them on request when visitors need them. It added hreflang tags to wordpress and even allowed wordpress string translation. You can translate your website quickly with a machine translator and have a human proofreader to quickly post edit translations and improve the quality.

What about WooCommerce? Can you translate WooCommerce Theme?

Yes, you can! ConveyThis fully accepts WooCommerce and could work with any derivative theme or plugin available for WordPress. We tested it with WooCommerce, with Divi, with Elementor, with Yoast SEO plugin and many, many others. We can show you a live webstore that sells thousands of goods per year that is built entirely with free tools such as WordPress and WooCommerce, and had installed our WordPress app for over a year! Marble-Thresholds.com is our flagship WooCommerce online store that uses Conveythis multilingual technology to provide goods in Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and Arabic languages for its New York based clientele. You can’t get any better than that! ConveyThis automatically installs hreflang wordpress attributes, stores translations in sub-folders and fully SEO friendly which in turn increasing online traffic by as much as 66%*.

ConveyThis vs. Competition

ConveyThis arguably the best wordpress translation plugin on the market. It is quicker to install, it is easier to manage, it has 92 languages to translate your wordpress website to: Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, Russian to name a few. It has a free plan with lots of cool features free of charge. And the team behind it is a great one. We are a passionate bunch of technology enthusiasts who developed this tool in 18 months and spent over $150,000 while doing it. With such a hefty investment, you are getting the best translation plugin on the Internet. Try it today. Made in USA.

WordPress Translation vs WordPress Localization

What’s the difference between translation and localization? Translation is the process of translating source language into target languages. It is done side by side without any consideration for local changes. However, the process of localization goes a bit further. It requires a careful reconsideration of translated materials to better reflect the local customs and dimensions. If the source file has measurements in square feet, it may make more sense to convert them into square meters if you are targeting European countries. And the list goes on. The wordpress translation plugin should be able to translate and localize any WP website. ConveyThis plugin does just that. It comes with great tools to pre-translate your texts with machine translators and further edit them with professional linguists at great prices.

Key Features of ConveyThis WordPress Translation Plugin:

  1. Translate any text on your WP website with a neural machine translator into 92 languages: Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Arabic and so on.
  2. Edit translations with humans, assigned editors and linguistic enthusiasts.
  3. Cache translations into special directories such as /es/, /ru/, /ar/ so Google could crawl them and send web traffic. 100% SEO friendly solution.