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Integrating ConveyThis Translate into any website is incredibly simple, and WooCommerce framework is no exception.

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Unlock the global potential of your WooCommerce website with ConveyThis, the leading translation and localization plugin specifically designed for WooCommerce platforms. This robust tool offers a seamless solution to translate and adapt your online store for international audiences.

ConveyThis ensures that your WooCommerce site is not only linguistically accurate but also culturally resonant, allowing you to connect with customers worldwide effectively. With its straightforward integration, user-friendly interface, and advanced translation capabilities, ConveyThis transforms your WooCommerce site into a multilingual powerhouse, expanding your market reach and enhancing the shopping experience for global customers.

Multilingual Site Made Easy

AI Translate Your WooCommerce Site for Global Reach with ConveyThis

Expand your WooCommerce website’s international reach effortlessly with ConveyThis, an AI-powered translation and localization plugin. Tailored for WooCommerce, it enables your online store to transcend language barriers seamlessly, making it accessible and appealing to a global audience. ConveyThis employs advanced AI technology to provide accurate, context-aware translations, ensuring that your site’s content is not just translated but also culturally relevant. By transforming your WooCommerce site into a multilingual hub, ConveyThis opens up new markets and opportunities for growth, while maintaining the essence and integrity of your original content.

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100% Compatibility with WooCommerce Using ConveyThis

ConveyThis is perfectly compatible with WooCommerce, offering a seamless translation and localization experience. Our plugin integrates effortlessly with WooCommerce platforms, ensuring that your online store’s functionality and user experience are enhanced, not hindered, by multilingual capabilities. This allows you to confidently cater to a global audience while maintaining the efficiency and user-friendliness of your WooCommerce site.

All-in-One WooCommerce Translation Interface by ConveyThis

Manage your website’s translations efficiently with ConveyThis’s all-in-one translation interface, specifically designed for WooCommerce. This comprehensive dashboard offers a centralized platform for controlling all aspects of your site’s translation process, from managing automated translations to making manual adjustments, simplifying the task of making your WooCommerce site multilingual.

Multilingual Site Made Easy

Easily manage your translations

Content Detection

Say goodbye to manual translation and hello to a smooth translation process. ConveyThis automatically detects your website content for translation – posts, pages, menus, ecommerce products, widgets, headers, sidebars, popups, and more.

All-in-one translation interface

Translation management made easy. Review your translated content through 1 user-friendly interface. Order professional translators, add teammates for human translation, and refine your automatic translations for impactful website localization. Plus, see your edits in real-time through our Visual Editor.

Step-by-Step: How to Start Working with ConveyThis for WooCommerce Translation

Integrating ConveyThis for translation on your WooCommerce website is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Create a ConveyThis Account: Visit the ConveyThis website and sign up for an account. Choose a plan that suits the scale and needs of your WooCommerce website.
  2. Install the ConveyThis Plugin: Log into your WordPress dashboard where your WooCommerce store is hosted. Go to ‘Plugins’, search for ‘ConveyThis’, install, and then activate it.
  3. Configure Language Settings: In the ConveyThis plugin settings within your WordPress dashboard, configure your language preferences. Choose your website’s default language and the additional languages you wish to translate your site into.
  4. Customize Your Translations: ConveyThis provides initial automated translations, but you can customize them to better fit your brand’s tone and style. Tailor the translations to ensure they resonate with your target audience in every language.
  5. Activate ConveyThis on Your Site: After configuring and customizing your translations, activate ConveyThis on your WooCommerce site. Your online store is now multilingual and ready to cater to a global audience.
  6. Manage and Update Translations: Regularly visit the ConveyThis dashboard to manage and update your translations. Keeping your translations current and accurate is essential for an effective multilingual e-commerce experience.

By following these steps, you can transform your WooCommerce site into a multilingual platform, enhancing its accessibility and appeal to a wider international market.

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Go Multilingual with Your WooCommerce Website with Ease Using ConveyThis

Effortlessly transform your WooCommerce website into a multilingual e-commerce platform with ConveyThis. Our specialized translation plugin is designed for seamless integration with WooCommerce, enabling you to reach and engage a global audience without any technical complexities.

With just a few simple steps, ConveyThis allows you to break language barriers, offering your content in multiple languages and significantly expanding your website’s reach. Whether you’re targeting new international markets or aiming to provide a more inclusive shopping experience for your audience, ConveyThis makes it straightforward and efficient to create a diverse and accessible online store on your WooCommerce website.

Conclusion: ConveyThis — The Optimal AI-Powered Translation Solution for WooCommerce Websites

ConveyThis stands out as the optimal AI-powered translation solution for WooCommerce websites, providing a perfect blend of advanced technology, ease of integration, and user-friendly functionality. Tailored to meet the unique needs of WooCommerce platforms, ConveyThis offers a seamless way to make your e-commerce site multilingual. It’s not just a translation tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that enhances your global reach and user engagement.

With its ability to deliver accurate, contextually appropriate translations and its straightforward management system, ConveyThis empowers WooCommerce site owners to expand their market, connect with international customers, and compete effectively in the global e-commerce arena.

By choosing ConveyThis, you’re not just breaking language barriers, you’re opening your business to a world of opportunities.

6 Reasons to Start Using Convey This for Translating Your WooCommerce Website

1. Seamless Integration with WooCommerce: ConveyThis is specifically designed to integrate smoothly with WooCommerce, ensuring a hassle-free translation experience. This means you can easily add multilingual capabilities to your online store without affecting its existing functionality or user experience.

2. Advanced AI-Powered Translations: Utilize ConveyThis’s cutting-edge AI technology for precise and contextually relevant translations. This ensures that your WooCommerce website communicates effectively with international audiences, maintaining the essence of your content across various languages.

3. Customizable Translation Options: With ConveyThis, you have the flexibility to tailor translations to match your brand’s voice and style. This customization ensures that your website’s multilingual content aligns perfectly with your overall brand messaging.

4. User-Friendly Translation Management: The ConveyThis dashboard is designed for ease of use, enabling you to efficiently manage and update your website’s translations. This simplifies the process of maintaining accurate and relevant multilingual content.

5. Enhanced SEO for Global Reach: Improve your website’s visibility in global search engine results. ConveyThis optimizes your site for multilingual SEO, attracting more international traffic and expanding your online presence.

6. Real-Time Translation Updates: Stay current with ConveyThis’s real-time translation updates. As your original content changes, ConveyThis ensures that all language versions of your site are promptly and accurately updated, providing a consistent and reliable user experience.

By integrating ConveyThis with your WooCommerce website, you’re not just making your site accessible in multiple languages, you’re opening doors to a wider audience, enhancing user engagement, and solidifying your global footprint.


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Convey this is a great tool, helped us a lot in the process of translation and page duplication, offer us a easy way to customize language translation, and quick response to all our doubts. Excelent customer service.
"Handy Tool"
Pulscog (@pulsocg)
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ConveyThis is nothing short of brilliant! Owing to this plugin, I managed to translate my entire website between English and Polish without any difficulties. No prior technical knowledge as to how to use this plugin isn’t required. You simply log onto your ConveyThis account and translate your website there. Nice and easy!
"Best Free Plugin of this Type"
Jmpoletek (@Jmpoletek)
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So far I’ve tried many multilanguage plugins and ConveyThis is just AWESOME. I really would give ConveyThis 10 Stars. Thank you for making this plugin.
"This is awesome"
Ianbreet (@Ianbreet)

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