Making Your Wix Site Multilingual: A Practical Guide with ConveyThis

Make Your Website Multilingual in 5 Minutes
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Conveythis demo
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Exploring Wix Multilingual Features

ConveyThis, a comprehensive platform, provides a wide range of ready-made solutions designed to effectively display content in different languages. What makes this service stand out is its focus on delivering professional translation services. Instead of traditional methods that rely on manual translation through Google Translate, ConveyThis streamlines the entire process through automation, resulting in a quicker and smoother experience. This advantage is particularly valuable for larger websites that need multiple translations. By eliminating the need for manual translation, ConveyThis greatly improves localization efforts and enhances overall efficiency.

In addition to translation capabilities, ConveyThis also offers strong support for integrating e-commerce and apps. This means that translating elements like product descriptions, pricing, checkout processes, and other dynamic e-commerce features can be easily achieved using ConveyThis’s integrated tools. Furthermore, app integration is seamlessly supported, ensuring an excellent user experience for international visitors. With ConveyThis, you can fully unlock your website’s multilingual potential, offering a streamlined and enjoyable experience for global audiences.

Discover the power of ConveyThis today and experience the wonders it can bring to your website. As a special introductory offer, sign up now and enjoy 7 days of free access to ConveyThis’s exceptional services. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to elevate your website’s multilingual capabilities.

ConveyThis: Easy Wix Translation Solution

Introducing the revolutionary and advanced tool, ConveyThis, created exclusively for Wix users who desire to simplify the complex task of translating and localizing. This state-of-the-art platform offers a wide range of innovative features that make it the ultimate choice for businesses aiming to expand their reach and captivate a global audience.

ConveyThis serves as the unmatched comprehensive solution for all your Wix website translation requirements, utilizing cutting-edge technology to effortlessly and instantly translate every element of your site. With a centralized dashboard that streamlines localization management, you can trust in the precision and accuracy of the translation process, resulting in an engaging and immersive experience for visitors worldwide.

Our main goal is to provide an exceptional user experience while maintaining a steadfast commitment to design consistency. ConveyThis offers customizable language switchers that seamlessly integrate with the aesthetic of your Wix website, enabling visitors to effortlessly switch between different languages and truly understand and appreciate your captivating content.

Why settle for ordinary when you can experience the power and capabilities of ConveyThis firsthand? Embrace this opportunity and seize the moment with our incredibly generous 7-day free trial, embarking on a transformative journey that equips you with unrivaled translation features. Prepare to be amazed as ConveyThis revolutionizes your ability to establish direct connections, foster engagement, and deeply resonate with your discerning global audience. Welcome the limitless possibilities that await you through the groundbreaking translation prowess of ConveyThis.

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Understanding ConveyThis: A Brief Explanation

The seamless integration between ConveyThis and Wix offers an excellent solution for businesses looking to smoothly translate and adapt their multilingual websites. By following simple instructions, businesses can easily incorporate the ConveyThis app into their Wix platform. With a wide selection of languages available, businesses can effortlessly choose the desired languages they want to present to their diverse audience. Once the language selection is done, the real magic begins as ConveyThis generates high-quality translations, transforming the original website into an captivating and engaging experience for users worldwide.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. Through the advanced ConveyThis dashboard, businesses have the ability to refine and personalize these translations, ensuring that each word and phrase resonates with the local audience. This dashboard acts as a central hub, allowing businesses to effortlessly manage translations, make updates, revisions, and adjustments with ease. It empowers businesses to maintain the highest standards of localized content and deliver an unparalleled user experience.

What sets ConveyThis apart is its dedication to excellence. It goes beyond mere translation by carefully choosing the most appropriate translation engine for each language combination. By leveraging trusted engines like DeepL, Microsoft, and Google, ConveyThis establishes a solid foundation for translations, guaranteeing unmatched quality and accuracy. This assures businesses that they can confidently showcase their content to a global audience, knowing that it has been meticulously crafted to capture the true essence of each language.

With ConveyThis and Wix, businesses can embrace the power of language and effortlessly conquer the international market. They can expand their reach, connect with diverse communities, and ultimately experience unprecedented growth. It’s time to unlock the full potential of multilingual websites and embark on an extraordinary journey towards global success. And remember, with ConveyThis, you can try it out for free for 7 days!

ConveyThis: Unlocking the Potential of Wix

ConveyThis, the innovative platform, completely transforms the complex task of translating Wix websites. It grants businesses access to a range of powerful tools that effortlessly streamline the entire process. Say goodbye to laborious manual coordination, as this cutting-edge solution automates translations, saving businesses valuable time and effort. Under the centralized management system provided by ConveyThis, you can ensure smooth oversight and control for a seamless and efficient translation experience.

One of ConveyThis’s standout features is its ability to directly request professional human translations from the software’s dashboard. This convenient functionality allows companies to refine and enhance machine-generated translations, incorporating localized branding and linguistic adaptations to optimize their content. Achieving comprehensive website localization has never been easier, as ConveyThis detects and translates all types of content.

What sets ConveyThis apart is its advanced features that go beyond basic translation, catering to SEO best practices. It seamlessly integrates with all Wix templates and apps, guaranteeing a hassle-free translation experience for businesses, regardless of their chosen design.

With its seamless integration with top translation engines like DeepL, Google, and Microsoft, ConveyThis empowers businesses to generate initial translations in any desired language instantly. This opens up a world of limitless possibilities. And if any edits or modifications are needed, ConveyThis provides a centralized dashboard for easy updates and changes to translations.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of ConveyThis’s exceptional services. Businesses can embark on this transformative journey today and enjoy a complimentary 7-day trial period. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and power of ConveyThis and unlock the true potential of translating your Wix website.

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Ensuring Accurate and Reliable Translations

Translation software has revolutionized how businesses approach language barriers by providing a convenient way to request expert human translations. This feature simplifies the process, allowing companies to enhance automatic translations with localized brand voice and linguistic adjustments. Through the software’s interface, businesses have access to professional human translation services, ensuring their content reflects their brand image and resonates with their target audience.

Human translators excel in their expertise and cultural knowledge, enabling them to adapt translations for specific markets. Unlike automated systems that may overlook nuances, idioms, and cultural references, human translators capture and incorporate these elements seamlessly. By using professional human translations through the software’s interface, businesses streamline their workflow, eliminating the need for separate communication channels or manual coordination with external translators. This efficient process saves time and effort while guaranteeing consistent and exceptional translations.

ConveyThis, a leading platform, integrates professional workflows to ensure accurate translations that faithfully represent the brand voice and embrace cultural subtleties. Additionally, the platform incorporates multilingual SEO strategies, enabling businesses to optimize localized content for search engines. This significantly enhances organic traffic and visibility, driving businesses towards greater success.

Take advantage of the incredible benefits offered by ConveyThis! Try it today and enjoy 7 days of free access.

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Effective Translation Strategies for Content

In today’s interconnected world, businesses have a tremendous opportunity to broaden their reach and connect with a global audience. And with the powerful platform provided by ConveyThis, the task of fully localizing website content has never been easier. With its exceptional capabilities, ConveyThis effortlessly identifies and converts a wide range of content, including text, images, videos, and documents, ensuring complete clarity and understanding.

The translation of textual content is made incredibly simple by the advanced detection features offered by ConveyThis. From captivating headings to detailed paragraphs, interactive menus to dynamic buttons, every piece of text is captured and accurately translated, guaranteeing that the entire website is accessible and understandable to users in different languages. Bid farewell to language barriers and say hello to a worldwide audience!

But ConveyThis goes beyond just text translation. It also handles the adaptation of images, ensuring that the visual content on the website is fully accessible and comprehensible to users of various linguistic backgrounds. By accurately translating captions, alternative text, and any text overlays, ConveyThis ensures that the true meaning behind the visuals is conveyed, regardless of the language.

And that’s not all! ConveyThis even takes care of the translation of embedded videos, providing businesses with the opportunity to deliver a fully localized multimedia experience to their international audience. With videos being a powerful tool for communication, businesses can now effortlessly cater to the diverse language preferences of their global users, ensuring that the message conveyed through videos is comprehensible and engaging in any language.

But what about crucial downloadable content? ConveyThis has that covered too! It detects and translates various types of documents, such as PDFs, Word files, and Excel spreadsheets, guaranteeing that these important resources remain accessible and comprehensible in multiple languages. This comprehensive approach addresses the unique preferences and requirements of users across the globe, leaving no one behind.

With its automatic detection and translation features, ConveyThis offers a seamless and comprehensive website localization process. Businesses can now provide a fully localized experience to their global users, enhancing engagement, improving user satisfaction, and ultimately achieving remarkable success in international markets. So why wait? Try ConveyThis now and enjoy the benefits with a complimentary 7-day trial period! Open the doors to global expansion and embrace the boundless possibilities of localization.

Improving Multilingual SEO Effectiveness

ConveyThis stands out from ordinary translation options with its wide range of innovative features, not only simplifying language conversion but also following the best practices of top-notch SEO in the industry. When businesses choose ConveyThis, they gain access to many valuable capabilities that greatly contribute to their overall success. These exceptional abilities include creating language-specific directories, translating SEO metadata, and seamlessly integrating hreflang tags. Each of these features plays a crucial role in ensuring that localized websites comply with SEO guidelines, thereby enhancing their visibility in the ever-changing online world.

The inclusion of language-specific directories, like or, is essential in helping search engines understand the different language variations or sections within a website. Thanks to ConveyThis’s user-friendly directory generation feature, search engines can easily identify and accurately index the localized content. This seamless functionality simplifies the process and significantly improves search engines’ comprehension of multiple language versions on a website. As a result, the website’s visibility in the vast online landscape experiences a significant boost, positively impacting the business’s reach and exposure.

Additionally, the translation of SEO metadata, including meta titles, descriptions, and keywords, plays a critical role in optimizing localized pages for search engines. By leveraging ConveyThis’s remarkable capabilities, businesses can efficiently and effectively translate and adapt these essential elements. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that each iteration of their website is thoroughly optimized with relevant keywords in the targeted language. The seamless alignment of localized content with established SEO practices maximizes its potential to climb search engine rankings, securing a favorable position for the website in the eyes of potential customers.

In essence, ConveyThis goes beyond traditional translation techniques by integrating advanced features that enhance the SEO aspect of localized websites. Through automated language-specific directory creation, comprehensive translation of SEO metadata, and seamless integration of hreflang tags, ConveyThis empowers businesses to synchronize their localized content with SEO guidelines, ultimately boosting visibility and search engine rankings. Embrace ConveyThis as a catalyst for unparalleled success in the fiercely competitive online landscape. Experience the power of ConveyThis today and enjoy 7 days of free translation!

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Flexible Compatibility: Works With Any Wix Template

ConveyThis takes immense pride in its remarkable ability to seamlessly integrate with all Wix templates and apps, offering businesses a flawless and hassle-free translation experience. Unlike other translation solutions, ConveyThis does not impose any restrictive requirements or limitations when it comes to translating Wix websites. Whether a business uses a standard Wix template or has customized their website with various Wix apps, ConveyThis effortlessly integrates into the existing framework without causing any complications. The platform has been ingeniously designed to work harmoniously with any Wix setup, allowing businesses to engage in translation without encountering unnecessary restrictions. With ConveyThis’s exceptional flexibility in integration, businesses can effectively translate not only their static website content but also dynamically interactive elements like product listings, blog posts, contact forms, and more. By taking such a comprehensive approach, ConveyThis ensures precise and proficient translation of the entire Wix website, including interactive components, catering to audiences at the local, regional, or even global level. Start your 7 days free trial with ConveyThis for professional website translation services.

Effortless Editing

ConveyThis offers a convenient dashboard that allows businesses to easily update and adjust translations in a streamlined manner. Users have the flexibility to modify both the automated translations and any edits made by professional translators, all in one place. This centralized approach simplifies the management of translations, eliminating the need to navigate multiple systems. Users can effortlessly review and make changes to ensure accuracy, cultural relevance, and brand consistency. By providing a single location for updates and modifications, businesses can maintain consistency across their multilingual content and save time by avoiding the hassle of tracking changes in separate documents or systems. This smooth workflow within the dashboard promotes collaboration and gives businesses greater control over their translated content. Try ConveyThis now and get 7 days free!

Easy Wix Localization with ConveyThis

ConveyThis streamlines the complex task of translating websites on the popular Wix platform, providing an automated and comprehensive solution that not only allows for efficient management, but also ensures professional workflows. With our all-inclusive platform, businesses can effortlessly expand their Wix websites globally, effectively reaching new audiences worldwide. By utilizing ConveyThis, the burdensome process of making Wix sites available in multiple languages becomes seamless and trouble-free. The platform employs state-of-the-art automation to effortlessly translate content across all pages and elements, ensuring accurate and consistent translations. Moreover, businesses can effortlessly handle their translations, update content in different languages, and maintain brand consistency throughout the entire website. The professional workflows implemented by ConveyThis guarantee high-quality translations. By integrating with a vast network of highly skilled translators, businesses can enhance their translations with linguistic expertise, cultural nuances, and precise localization. This personal touch ensures that the translated content resonates with the target audience, maintains the intended brand voice, and delivers an exceptional user experience. Don’t miss out on the chance to try ConveyThis for a full 7 days at no cost!

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Ready to get started?

Translation, far more than just knowing languages, is a complex process.

By following our tips and using ConveyThis, your translated pages will resonate with your audience, feeling native to the target language.

While it demands effort, the result is rewarding. If you’re translating a website, ConveyThis can save you hours with automated machine translation.

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