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Frequent Questions

What is the quantity of words that require translation?

"Translated words" refers to the sum of words that can be translated as part of your ConveyThis plan.

To establish the number of translated words required, you need to determine the total word count of your website and the count of languages into which you wish to translate it. Our Word Count Tool can provide you with the complete word count of your website, helping us to propose a plan tailored to your needs.

You can also manually calculate the word count: for example, if you are aiming to translate 20 pages into two different languages (beyond your original language), your total translated word count would be the product of the average words per page, 20, and 2. With an average of 500 words per page, the total number of translated words would be 20,000.

What happens if I exceed my allocated quota?

Should you surpass your set usage limit, we will send you an email notification. If the auto-upgrade function is turned on, your account will be seamlessly upgraded to the subsequent plan in line with your usage, ensuring uninterrupted service. However, if auto-upgrade is disabled, the translation service will halt until you either upgrade to a higher plan or remove excess translations to align with your plan's prescribed word count limit.

Am I charged the complete amount when I advance to a higher-tier plan?

No, as you've already made a payment for your existing plan, the cost for upgrading will simply be the price difference between the two plans, prorated for the remaining duration of your current billing cycle.

What is the procedure following the completion of my 7-day complimentary trial period?

If your project contains fewer than 2500 words, you can continue using ConveyThis at no cost, with one translation language and limited support. No further action is required, as the free plan will be automatically implemented after the trial period. If your project exceeds 2500 words, ConveyThis will cease translating your website, and you will need to consider upgrading your account.

What support do you provide?

We treat all our customers as our friends and maintain 5 star support rating. We strive to answer each email in a timely manner during normal business hours: 9am to 6pm EST M-F.

What are the AI credits and how are they related to the AI translation of our page?

AI credits are a feature we provide to enhance the adaptability of the AI-generated translations on your page. Every month, a designated amount of AI credits are added to your account. These credits empower you to refine the machine translations for a more fitting representation on your site. Here's how they work:

  1. Proofreading & Refinement: Even if you aren't fluent in the target language, you can use your credits to adjust the translations. For instance, if a particular translation appears too lengthy for your site's design, you can shorten it while preserving its original meaning. Similarly, you can rephrase a translation for better clarity or resonance with your audience, all without losing its essential message.

  2. Resetting Translations: If you ever feel the need to revert back to the initial machine translation, you can do so, bringing the content back to its original translated form.

In a nutshell, AI credits provide an added layer of flexibility, ensuring that your website's translations not only convey the right message but also fit seamlessly into your design and user experience.

What do monthly translated pageviews mean?

Monthly translated pageviews are the total number of pages visited in a translated language during one month. It only relates to your translated version (it does not take into account visits in your original language) and it does not include search engine bot visits.

Can I use ConveyThis on more than one website?

Yes, if you have at least a Pro plan you have the multisite feature. It allows you to manage several websites separately and gives access to one person per website.

What is Visitor Language Redirection?

This is a feature that allows to load an already translated webpage to your foreign visitors based on the settings in their browser. If you have a Spanish version and your visitor comes from Mexico, the Spanish version will be loaded by default making it easier for your visitors to discover your content and complete purchases.

Does the price encompass the Value Added Tax (VAT)?

All listed prices do not include Value Added Tax (VAT). For customers within the EU, VAT will be applied to the total unless a legitimate EU VAT number is furnished.

What does the term 'Translation Delivery Network' refer to?

A Translation Delivery Network, or TDN, as provided by ConveyThis, functions as a translation proxy, creating multilingual mirrors of your original website.

ConveyThis's TDN technology offers a cloud-based solution to website translation. It eliminates the need for alterations to your existing environment or the installation of additional software for website localization. You can have a multilingual version of your website operational in less than 5 minutes.

Our service translates your content and hosts the translations within our cloud network. When visitors access your translated site, their traffic is directed through our network to your original website, effectively creating a multilingual reflection of your site.

Can you translate our transactional emails?
Yes, our software can handle translation your transaction emails. Check our documentation on how to implement it or email our support for help.
AI Credits - What is it?

Site credits are used as an internal currency to perform certain operations on the website. Currently, it is limited to checking the website word count, and editing translation segments. You can re-phrase or shrink translations with AI without losing a meaning. And if you run out of quota, you can certainly add more!