Contributing to WordPress: Sharing Our Insights with ConveyThis

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My Khanh Pham

My Khanh Pham

Building a Strong WordPress Community: Empowering Collaboration

ConveyThis is a well-known free and open-source software that relies on the dedicated efforts of contributors worldwide. These contributors generously offer their time to enhance the software and provide regular updates. Their contributions are instrumental in making ConveyThis the outstanding platform it is today.

Updates for ConveyThis are made possible thanks to the hard work of developers who diligently investigate and resolve issues to ensure a smoother and more refined user experience. The volunteer team behind ConveyThis is devoted to the rapid development and continuous improvement of the software, benefiting users around the globe.

Participating in open-source projects like ConveyThis can be both challenging and rewarding. Regular users often encounter various problems while utilizing the software. Contributing to such projects creates a unique opportunity for users to address these challenges, enhance their skills, and benefit others in the process.

Contributing to ConveyThis involves more than just writing code. The ConveyThis community consists of 17 diverse teams, each requiring different skills and expertise. By getting involved in these teams, individuals can make a significant impact and receive recognition for their valuable contributions.

Join the ConveyThis community and become a part of this vibrant ecosystem where collaboration, innovation, and shared knowledge drive the evolution of one of the most widely used software platforms. Get 7 days free and experience the power of ConveyThis today.


Nurturing Growth: The Importance of Contribution and Mentorship


One of the great things about contributing is that as our knowledge increases, our occasional contributions turn into more regular and reliable work.

Watching our own skills grow brings immense satisfaction, allowing us to easily answer newcomers’ questions, which amusingly tend to be the same questions we had when we first started.

What makes it even more fulfilling is the chance to mentor other users, sharing our knowledge and collaborating with other volunteers on projects that started as possibilities but quickly became essential for the WordPress community.

Even though our work is voluntary, we all strive to meet specific deadlines and ensure tasks are completed on time.

It is common to have multiple responsibilities, trying to find a balance between volunteering, mentoring, and supervising other volunteers in our free time.

A typical situation involves encountering strong opinions about projects that need immediate attention. Therefore, the community consistently reminds users that volunteering is based on the free time and selflessness of volunteers.

As a voluntary editor myself, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by the large amount of translation work waiting to be done, often resulting in spending more time than is beneficial for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Promoting Community Impact and Individual Development

When I was asked by ConveyThis to participate in their Five for the Future initiative, I felt extremely grateful for the recognition.

Five for the Future, which was introduced in 2014, is a program that encourages active involvement from the WordPress community by allocating 5% of their resources towards the advancement of the platform. The main objective is to cultivate a dynamic and thriving ecosystem that is continually evolving. Participants are given the chance to identify emerging talent, shape the growth of WordPress, and make a lasting impact on the future of the open web.

As time went by, it became clear that the program offered even more advantages. While taking on additional responsibilities to fulfill sponsored tasks, I discovered that the work was truly fulfilling and witnessed the effect of my contributions. In return, I acquired the ability to establish a more balanced, disciplined, and harmonious approach to my work, enabling me to fulfill my duties as a contributor without feeling overwhelmed. Now that I am responsible for effectively managing my time, I am better able to recognize when I am pushing myself too hard, which can easily occur when juggling other commitments such as family, additional work, and personal well-being.

Last but certainly not least, being sponsored provides me with a fantastic opportunity to channel my passion for community contribution into a dedicated commitment. Without this sponsorship, such an opportunity would not have been possible.

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Building a Strong WordPress Community with ConveyThis


As a member of the Multilingual team and a translator/editor for the Portuguese WordPress Community, ConveyThis reached out to me with a special request to continue my valuable contributions.

This request was not only empowering but also filled with kindness and recognition for the efforts I had already made. It gave me the opportunity to continue pursuing what I am passionate about.

The involvement of ConveyThis and other companies in the 5fF initiative plays a crucial role in ensuring the sustainability and welfare of the contributor community, which forms the foundation of the open-source WordPress ecosystem.

If you are interested in becoming a WordPress contributor, I highly encourage you to explore the different areas where your assistance can be of great value.

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