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How to Install ConveyThis on:


Integrating ConveyThis into your site is fast and easy, and BigCommerce is no exception. In just a few minutes you’ll learn just how to install ConveyThis to BigCommerce and start giving it the multilingual functionality you need.

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Step #1

Create a ConveyThis account, confirm your email, and access your account’s dashboard.

Step #2

Go to and click on the apps button.

Screenshot 1
Screen Shot 2022 02 21 at 1.38.28 PM

Step #3

Look for the ConveyThis plugin, install it, and follow the instructions on screen.

Step #4

This will take you to our site, Choose the source (original) language, your target languages and save configuration.

Screen Shot 2022 02 21 at 1.40.14 PM
Screen Shot 2022 02 21 at 1.41.16 PM

Step #5

All you need to do now is reload the page. Congratulations! You’ve successfully translated your BigCommerce site using ConveyThis.

*If you want to customize the button or get familiar with an additional settings, please go back to the main configuration page (with language settings) and click “Show more options”.

Why Did We Create ConveyThis?

Back in 2015 I wanted to make my WordPress website multilingual and add a couple of new languages such as Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese; I faced a bit of a problem. All the WordPress plugins I tried to install were cruel and crashed my website. One particular plugin was so bad it broke my WooCommerce store so deeply- even after I uninstalled it it remained broken! I’ve tried to contact the plugin’s support, but received no answer. I tried to fix it myself, but it wasn’t fixable. I was so frustrated that I decided to create a new multilingual WordPress plugin and make it available for free to small websites and make as many WordPress websites in as many languages as possible! Thus, the ConveyThis was born!