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Integrating ConveyThis Translate into any website is incredibly simple, and Angular framework is no exception.

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Select your languages and you’re good to go within 5 minutes (or less!). No code required, choose from 110+ translated languages.

ConveyThis 100% compatible with Angular Plugin

ConveyThis seamlessly integrates with Angular, offering compatibility that caters to the dynamic needs of developers using this powerful front-end framework.

Multilingual Site Made Easy

Easily manage your translations

Content Detection

Say goodbye to manual translation and hello to a smooth translation process. ConveyThis automatically detects your website content for translation – posts, pages, menus, ecommerce products, widgets, headers, sidebars, popups, and more.

All-in-one translation interface

Translation management made easy. Review your translated content through 1 user-friendly interface. Order professional translators, add teammates for human translation, and refine your automatic translations for impactful website localization. Plus, see your edits in real-time through our Visual Editor.

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Best Angular Plugin Translation

Whether you’re building a sophisticated web application or a content-rich website with Angular Plugin Translation, ConveyThis ensures a smooth and efficient translation process. The compatibility with Angular enhances the flexibility for developers, allowing them to effortlessly implement language translation features without compromising the integrity of their Angular-based projects.

With ConveyThis, achieving a multilingual and globally accessible Angular application becomes a straightforward and effective endeavor, opening up new possibilities for reaching diverse audiences across the digital landscape.

Best Solution for AI Translation Website on Angular

When it comes to integrating AI-powered translation into your Angular-based website, ConveyThis stands out as the best solution. With its seamless compatibility with Angular, ConveyThis offers a cutting-edge and efficient approach to language translation.

The AI-driven capabilities ensure high-quality and accurate translations, providing an exceptional user experience for your website visitors. Whether you’re managing a dynamic web application or a content-rich site, ConveyThis serves as the optimal choice for effortlessly implementing AI translation features on your Angular platform. Elevate your website’s accessibility and global appeal with the unparalleled translation solution that ConveyThis brings to the world of Angular Plugin Translation.

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More ConveyThis Integrations

You don’t need to study the source code of your website in order to translate it to multiple languages. Save time and explore our website connections and unleash the power of ConveyThis for your business in seconds.

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What Do Our Users Think About ConveyThis?

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Convey this is a great tool, helped us a lot in the process of translation and page duplication, offer us a easy way to customize language translation, and quick response to all our doubts. Excelent customer service.
"Handy Tool"
Pulscog (@pulsocg)
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ConveyThis is nothing short of brilliant! Owing to this plugin, I managed to translate my entire website between English and Polish without any difficulties. No prior technical knowledge as to how to use this plugin isn’t required. You simply log onto your ConveyThis account and translate your website there. Nice and easy!
"Best Free Plugin of this Type"
Jmpoletek (@Jmpoletek)
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So far I’ve tried many multilanguage plugins and ConveyThis is just AWESOME. I really would give ConveyThis 10 Stars. Thank you for making this plugin.
"This is awesome"
Ianbreet (@Ianbreet)

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