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Low Cost Provider? Are There Any Benefits in Charging Less Money?

There are multiple cases when low cost providers could become popular and profitable if done right. The major point – if done right.

There are multiple ways a start up can pivot: weather to go up the stream and charge more money (most SaaS companies suggest that to do), or down the stream and charge less money (no one advises to do that)

Which way ConveyThis team should go? Should we charge less money our customers and provide the same level of features? Or should we charge more and provide more features? In this video, I am going over these pivotal points in our SaaS startup live.

And, of course, there is a third way – do not do anything. Just go with a flow, watch your churn rate and keep your customers happy.

But is it really that important to keep the customer happy?

Let’s find out!


Alex Buran

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