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Conveythis demo
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In an earlier post, we outlined and discussed extensively six (6) SEO tools that can help boost your Weebly site ranking.  Boosting your site ranking results in more users flooding your website. However, it is something to drive traffic to your site and it is another thing for the visitors to stay longer on the site and get engaged with its contents. Once visitors land on your page, it is most important that they get engaged immediate because if they don’t get engaged they may leave the page halfway. Tony Haile of Charbeat once noted in his research that about fifty-five percent (55%) of website visitors spend some 15 seconds or not up to 15 seconds on your website. You wondering, 15 seconds? Yes you heard him right.

The rate at which we pay attention to things has drastically dropped down over the years as a result of technology. Another survey reveals that human concentration level has dropped from the usual average of about 12 seconds to some 8 seconds. This level when compared to the span of a Goldfish’s attention is lower. Is that to say you can’t hold your visitor’s attention? No is the answer. You can still get them engaged. That is why in this article we will be focusing on four (4) ways in which you can increase your Weebly website engagement.

1. Create Superb Site Designs:

It is usually been said that first impression lasts longer. This is very true in this instance. When creating your site, you should work toward creating a site that appears professional and looks attractive. Why is this very important? It is important because of the decrease in the attention level of visitors so as to hold their attention. However, the thought that would probably come to your mind is how you will create a high quality design for your site.

What are some of the things that can help you do this? Here are some tips:

  • Nice use of decorative colors: when using colors, select about 2 to 3 primary colors and adhere to it. This will not make you have complicated designs rather a very simple one.
  • Have readable Texts: try to ensure that the text written on your websites are obvious and easy to read. If for example you are having a white background, it is best to use dark gray or black text. Also ensure that the texts are not blurry and they are big enough to be read.
  • Apply high quality pictures and images: when you choose picture and/or images for your website, select high quality ones. This makes your website physically attractive and visually appealing as well as given it a professional outlook.
  • Source for and use free images and pictures:you may have little or no knowledge of graphic designs or photography. It may also be that employing the service of a graphic designer or photographer will be costly. If this not achievable by you, then source for free image sources. An example is a post by Buffer that lists one-by-one over 24 sites where free images for your marketing can be gotten. Remember to give credit to any photo source you have used .
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  • Ensure simplicity: simple action like using white space where necessary can be employed. Everything should not look complicated but simple.
  • Remove any cluster: by removing cluster, your visitors will find it easy to engage with your web content.
  • Don’t proliferate your website with ads: run from flooding your website with ads because having ads popping up on your websites may make it looks like you are too concerned about profit making instead of thinking of how you will solve your site users or visitors’ problems. If you proffer solutions to the anxieties of your clients, money will follow with time.

2. Create High-Quality And Highly Valued Contents:

Think about starting a blog. And make sure that what can be found on your blog is only not informative but also relevant and ignites actions. For instance, you will agree that anyone who reads through this article will likely apply the suggestions given herein and thereby improve the engagement on their website.

When you are planning your contents, here are some tips that can help you create high quality, superb and highly valued contents:

  • Show practical steps on how to do things: avoid unnecessary information. Show your visitors how they can go about what they are looking for. For example, you should let your visitors know how they can build a website with lots of engagements instead of putting too much emphasis on why they should.
  • Study and understand your target market: research your target market extensively well. Try to get more details about what problems are facing your potential audience, then provide special helps and solutions to the problems. The solution you want to provide may come in a form of call to action post on you blog e.g. How to Sell on Amazon Using Shopify.
  • Maintain a regular habit of blogging: don’t just put up one or two articles on your blog and think that is enough. Don’t stop posting articles on your blog. Be consistent. Have a constant schedule for your blog but not just anyhow topics or just posting articles for posting sake without having consideration for quality.

3. Add Animation, Graphics and Videos:

One study mentioned that some 44.1% of viewers of online videos switch away from it after a minute. If that is the case, what should that mean for you? It means that any video you want to use must be succinct, not time consuming and should be captivating .

To help you do this, find below some tips on the use of animations and videos:

  • Write down what you want to present on the video before you start shooting the video.
  • Consider what your aim is. Is it going to be an instructional, a persuasive or a call to action video? From there you can hone your presentation to suit your aim.
  • There is a need for sufficient light when shoot videos. You may want to use bright lights like halogens for videos shooting in a darker room or indoor. The use of such lightning will reduce additional cost that would be incurred if professional lightning service was employed.
  • Make use of the appropriate video shooting hardware. Try to shop around to find cost effective sophisticated cameras that will edify your videos. You can find the top 10 digital cameras of 2020 here. You will also be needing hardware like microphone and tripod stand
  • Plan ahead and plan correctly. Spend your money wisely and you will find a satisfying video output.
  • For low budget individuals and organizations, you can shoot with your mobile smartphone devices and effectively use video editor and video maker tools. If you are on a tight budget, you may find it interesting to learn more on how you can shoot a cost effective video.

If animations will be a fit for your brand, you can consider using envato.

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Envato has over 2200 video templates that is tagged with animation. These animations are set ready to be used without no further need for editing. Also, you can build your own professional animations using Envato, PowToon etc. Free online animations creator helps you to quickly and easily create videos and presentations.

On some of these platforms, you can freely signup with no cost. On some of their websites, there are instructional videos and information that can help you succeed when creating animations or any form of videos.

4. Make sure your website is multilingual:

Imagine someone who visited your website for certain information or product but had to leave because he could not understand what is been said as a result of language differences. Did you know?

  • That 74.1% of users of the internet do not browse the internet in English
  • That over 72% of internet users spend most of their time on sites that uses their local languages.
  • That over 56% will pick browsing in their language over price.
  • That around 46% of internet users are not going to buy a product if it is not in their own language.

From the above stated statistics, it is evident that there is an increase need for translating your website into multiple languages. If you have a multilingual website, you will experience reduced bounce rate and witness higher engagements. Before now, translation used to be a strenuous and costly task, but today it is a different story. With advancement in technology, there are platforms that offer cost-effective standard human translation solutions. An example of such platform is ConveyThis.

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How does translating with ConveyThis works? Here is how:

  • You can translate your web content by choosing from use of machine translation, human professional translation or manual translation.
  • ConveyThis avails you the opportunity of a content manual editor.
  • You can copy and paste the unique code from ConveyThis in the header of your website.
  • There is no need for prior coding experience or coding knowledge.
  • You can make the choice of publishing or decide not to publish certain languages with just a click on the button.

You can explore and make use of our Weebly app. You can always get it anytime.

It is true that we live in a time where many no longer pay attention as it used to be and the reason for this is the advancement in technology coupled with the vast internet contents available today. If you are a business owner who wants to make a success, you have to hold on to a high standard of quality. This is the reason you should consider the suggestions in this article in order to improve your Weebly website engagements.



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