How to Create a Bilingual Website: A Step-by-Step Guide with ConveyThis

Learn how to create a bilingual website with a step-by-step guide from ConveyThis, making your site accessible to a wider audience.
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Bilingual website refers to any website that uses two (bi) languages. In other words, any website that is available is two languages is known as bilingual website. Having a website that is available in two languages can be a game changer for you. This is because a dual language website will let reaching a very large market possible and you will be able to sell not just locally alone but also internationally. It is more like you are trying to double your current reach and potentials when you have a bilingual website.

Therefore, in this article we will be discussing the reasons you should have bilingual website and how you can achieve this by using a website translation solution like ConveyThis to create and own a bilingual website.

Why you should create and own a bilingual website

While there are many reasons that forms the benefits of having a bilingual website, let us focus on two of these in the course of this article.

  1. Reaching non speakers of your local language within and without your locality:

The idea of bilingual website is so appropriate for both bigger and smaller businesses that are currently running internationally or are of an intention to run internationally.

The reason for this is that the internet is comprised of not just only English language users. In fact, about 75% of the internet users do not have English as their first language but English language is the language that is used for more than half of the internet.

It will therefore be reasonable to have your website kin English language as well as in another popular language.

Also, if you are in a country where residents speaks more than one language having a bilingual website is a very good option. If we are to take the United States as a typical example, there are majority of English language and Spanish language speakers. Now imagine having a website that runs on those two languages. Such idea of bilingual will definitely increase your prospective audience to a reasonable degree.

It is usually assumed by non-English speakers that they are less served. You can therefore use that opportunity to connect with the hearts of these ones as they will be readily available to take up any opportunity that promotes their language. That is one of the reason you should take your website to a bilingual level.

  • Improving your brand:

Website that is available in more than one language speaks well of your brand. It defines your brand as a sophisticated, modern, interesting, and a fascinating one.

Sometimes, the visitors of your website may be able to read or understand the content of your website in the original language (say for example English language) but the fact that you have translated your website to the language of their heart will make them more comfortable surfing your website and they will look at it in such a manner that shows that you care about them. They will therefore be willing to get engaged with your website.

There is also the potential to enhance and improve sales because many who visit websites that has their language are more inclined to buy from such translated website.

We have discussed two (2) benefits of creating and owing a bilingual website. However, you may wonder how you can create a bilingual website. Well, luckily for you there is a translation solution that will not only avail you bilingual solutions but also will help take your website to an international level.

The right bilingual website solution

It is not so easy to find the right website translation solution. However, when looking for the right translation solution, there are some key things to look for. You should ensure that:

  • The translation solution provides quality i.e. the translation must be accurate.
  • The translation solution should be simple to use without having to learn some kind of technical skills.
  • The translation solution should offer flexibility i.e. it should offer you the ability to   use either or both of machine and human translations.
  • The translation solution should be very efficient. It should allow you to use and manage your time effectively.

Quality translation: a correct translation solution should be able to translate all the components of your website without any reservations. All contents including widgets, menu, products, posts, links, and images should be translated by such translation solution.

You have to be careful here because only few of website translation solutions available today render a quality service. You won’t want the visitors of your website to want to experience poor or average quality translation such that is rendered by some translation solutions where you will have parts of your content remaining untranslated.

Simple to use translation: difficult translation solution may pose serious problems while trying to use them. A good translation solution should be easy and simple to use so that you won’t have to be wasting time and money trying to set it up.

Also, it should not be that difficult to set it up your content for Search Engine Optimization. This is because SEO will make it possible for speakers of the languages to be able to find your website readily available when the call for information on the internet while searching. Therefore, you will want to choose a translation solution that will be mindful of the keywords that are used in both languages.

Translation solution that offers flexibility: a good translation solution should be very flexible. Regardless of the website creation platform you are using, such website translation solution should work out well. Irrespective of the browser or the device your visitors tends to visit your website with, it should proffer the best solution.

Efficient translation: trying to create a separate website for each of the languages you are translating into may be cost consuming and time wasting. You will have to be working relentlessly on the management, design, content creation, and hosting the two websites.

Having separate website for each of the two languages may also lead your visitors into confusion thinking about which of the websites is the authentic one. The best bet is to have a website translation solution that translate your website into whatever language your immediate using uses.  This will let you focus on just only one site.

Building a multilingual website with ConveyThis

A multilingual translation solution that ccan help you create a bilingual websites is ConveyThis. It is all in one solution that allows you to make addition of new languages to your website so that visitors of your website will have the option to choose which of the languages on your website they will use. It also provides automatic language detection opportunity where the language of your website visitor are automatically detected and switch your website into it.

With ConveyThis, you can translate contents automatically as well as use the service of professional translators to fine-tune the output of the translation. From your dashboard on the platform, you can request the service of human translators. If you think that would be the best, you can use the combination of manual and automatic translations.

In addition, ConveyThis handles the translation of your website such that when information is searched for in any of the languages of your websites, your website will readily be found. This means that it optimizes your website for SEO. This will expand your customers reach as many more will be able to get resources from your website easily and quickly. Also, you will find it interesting to know that ConveyThis is built such that it is compatible with all of the top CMS (Content Management System). It works with Weebly, Shopify, Wix, SquareSpace, WordPress, WooCommerce, and many others. It make your translated website work on any device or browser whatsoever.

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ConveyThis translates all aspect of your website. It could be the blogs, images, links, widgets, homepage, menus etc. And if there is a need for any adjustment in what you have translated, you can always make an adjustment from your platform. Using ConveyThis, you will discover that there is an opportunity for you to use the language switcher button. This button allows users and visitors of your website to easily switch between languages without having to go through the stress of using Google translate.

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On clicking on any of the languages, the website automatically switches to the selected language.

Using ConveyThis for your website is quite simple and easy. Try to install and configure ConveyThis on your website. It will translate you web content automatically. However, if you are not too comfortable with the output, you can make adjustment to the translated contents on the editor. Doing such will make your website set for search optimization. Possibly you want to see how you website will look like after translation, you can preview it via the Visual Editor. From your dashboard, you call create a team of collaborators and as well hire professional translators.

Creating a bilingual website is possible and easy when you use ConveyThis. It takes control of all website translation and management work and thereby you will have the time and resources to focus your attention on other things. Start a bilingual website today by using ConveyThis.

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