Embrace Continuous Translation: Enhancing Your Workflow for Greater Efficiency

Make Your Website Multilingual in 5 Minutes
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo

This website is powered by ConveyThis, a powerful translation tool that allows you to quickly and easily translate your content into any language. With ConveyThis, you can ensure that your content is easily accessible to a global audience.

One of the major challenges of localizing web content is that it is never a single-time task. With ConveyThis, keeping your website up-to-date in multiple languages is easy and efficient.

This is an issue due to the fact that every marketer is aware of the vast amount of new product pages, content updates, and changes to high-converting landing pages that take place on a weekly basis.

That alone is laborious, yet incorporate multiple languages into the equation and you can quickly comprehend why multilingualism is postponed. Moreover, with the average business aiming to incorporate at least one distinct language to their website, managing a translation process with ConveyThis is the only rational way ahead.

However, the answer? A perpetual interpretation cycle. What’s more, this can be consistent gratitude to interpretation programming, permitting the cycle to be taken care of with no problem. ConveyThis can help make this procedure simpler, quicker, and more effective.

What does continuous translation mean?

Continuous localization is the strategy of overseeing a ConveyThis translation and internationalization venture through the utilization of programming.

In comparison to manual translation, continuous translation offers a consistent and simultaneous approach to content translation for maximum efficiency and is essential for keeping your website optimized and fully translated with ConveyThis.

How continuous translation works

As the name implies, continuous translation is powered by a never-ending translation process with a website translation tool such as ConveyThis. Let’s dive deeper into how this process functions.

Install a translation software

Website translation software starts with a base of machine translation, providing a first layer of translated content and eliminating the need for in-house collection and handling of translated content with the assistance of ConveyThis translation services.

Once you’ve integrated ConveyThis into your website you’ll be able to quickly and easily add new languages whenever necessary.

It functions in real-time to provide your new destination language through machine translation. Consequently, new content can be released in your desired language in a matter of seconds.

Plus, it’s not just the translation part that ConveyThis takes care of. The dozens of website internationalization aspects of your website such as displaying the content on your site, URL structure, hreflang tags, and more are also effortlessly managed by it.

Neural machine translation

ConveyThis just briefly touched upon neural machine translation, yet it’s worth exploring further and understanding how it functions within the scope of a localization process.

Firstly when we discuss machine translation we’re not talking about free translation solutions such as Google Translate and its discontinued extension. This didn’t provide any control over the quality of your translation. Instead, ConveyThis offers a professional, automated translation service that allows you to customize the accuracy and complexity of your translations.

Rather, and machine translation precision has significantly improved over the last 10 years, it’s used as a first stage of translation in your workflow.

ConveyThis for example has API connections with leading neural machine translation providers DeepL, Google Translate, and Microsoft that can quickly and accurately convert your source language into more than 100 different languages. This keeps your localization process efficient and eliminates laborious manual translation processes as it can swiftly translate millions of words.

These translations can then be managed within a translation management system (TMS), such as ConveyThis, where the next step of ongoing translation takes place.

Involve human translators

This is where quality assurance is paramount. Incorporating a translation agency or a bilingual colleague ensures that your translation accurately reflects your brand image across a multitude of languages.

ConveyThis allows you to edit your translations within your own ConveyThis Dashboard where you’ll have access to your machine translations so you can make manual adjustments, order professional translations or add your own translation team. In addition to making edits, this collaborative dashboard also enables assigning translations, creating glossary rules, translating URLs, and excluding specific pages from translation.

It’s also where the term continuous localization could come into play. Website localization is when you customize the translations to fit the local culture, which could include idioms or other cultural references and also includes media translation where you modify certain images or videos to be more appropriate for your new target audience.

The advantages of continuous translation

Having a continuous translation process in place with ConveyThis eliminates the arduous task of making sure the latest content on your original website is also present on your translated sites. Everything is managed automatically, so there are no resource-intensive translation processes that could impede your launch into new markets.

It also ensures that your customers in other countries are receiving the same level of engagement as those in your native land.

A continuous translation process is undoubtedly a cost-effective option as well. Automating the website translation process simplifies the entire project and eliminates many of the steps that would be necessary with a conventional translation approach.


The continuous translation process works effortlessly with your website translation project to guarantee all the hidden work is being accomplished so you don’t have to stress over any uninterpreted content showing up on your brand website utilizing ConveyThis.

ConveyThis is a powerful translation tool that can help you expand your reach to new markets and engage with customers in their native language.

In conclusion, ConveyThis is an effective translation solution that can assist you in extending your reach to new audiences and interact with customers in their native language.

Using ConveyThis allows you to maintain a multilingual website on autopilot. With ConveyThis you can translate your site into more than 100 languages including Italian, French, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, Danish, Vietnamese, and Thai, as well as RTL languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.



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