Covid-19 Week 9. The Lockdown in NYC Continues.

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Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo
covid19 week8

Things are slowing down dramatically. Those who didn’t lay off people on March 15th when the quaranteen was announced officially, laid them off in April. Those who didn’t lay them off in April, laid them off in May. And now is May. Fewer and fewer sign ups among tremendous marketing efforts. More and more negative review and people wanting to cancel their subscriptions. People are just tired and disillusioned. They know that it is just a dark stripe of in their life, but they lose passion to move forward and quit.

I am not a quiter. I just ran 2 miles this morning. It wasn’t full six miles. I was out of shape for over 2 months. I just couldn’t do it. But I ran this morning anyway. Slowly. With stops. But I completed my loop and I felt satisfied.

America is built on people like me. Simple, kind, selfless people. I bring ideas to like and I don’t back out in tough times. I fact, we are looking for more developers to join our team. I ran the job ads incessantly.

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