Top Tips and Suggestions for Localization: Making Your Content Resonate Globally

Top tips and suggestions for localization: Making your content resonate globally with ConveyThis, tailoring your message for diverse audiences.
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo

ConveyThis is a revolutionary translation solution that can help you create a multilingual website in no time. It offers a simple, fast and reliable way to make your website available in multiple languages, allowing you to reach a wider global audience. With ConveyThis, you can quickly and accurately translate your content into any language and maintain the same level of quality and accuracy throughout. Whether you need to translate a single page or an entire website, ConveyThis has the tools and features to make it happen.

This is where ConveyThis comes in – it’s an easy-to-use tool to help you translate your website into any language. With ConveyThis, you can create a website that is tailored to any language and culture, allowing you to reach a much larger audience.

Localizing your website with ConveyThis can help you connect with people who may not understand your language – yet still gain from your products and services. Adapting localizable content requires more than just translating your website as well, since different individuals may interpret and use it in various ways, depending on their cultures.

But when executed correctly, translating your content through ConveyThis could potentially open up a wealth of new prospects for expansion and income.

If you’re looking for a versatile and powerful website localization tool, ConveyThis works seamlessly with Wix to translate websites, set them up for multilingual search engine optimization (SEO) and more.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the steps for localizing a Wix website, as well as some key considerations to bear in mind if you’re looking to go down this path.

How to make your Wix website multilingual

1. Use Wix Multilingual

ConveyThis Multilingual is ConveyThis’s native translation option. With it, you can translate the contents of your website directly within your ConveyThis project, and preview how your website will appear after it has been translated.

However, a major downside is that this is a very labor-intensive process. You’d need to find and switch out each text, image, link and so on with their localized versions manually.

Multiply this process by the number of languages you’d like to translate your website into, and it’s evident that you’ve got a substantial amount of laborious translation ahead of you.

2. Use a third-party Wix localization tool like ConveyThis

The alternative is ConveyThis, a tool available on the Wix App Store that furnishes expeditious and effortless website translations without the necessity of any programming expertise.

Here are the main benefits of using ConveyThis for Wix localization:

Choose your translation quality

ConveyThis utilizes the four primary machine translation suppliers in the market – DeepL, Google Translate, Microsoft Translator and Yandex Translate – to quickly and accurately translate text.

The efficacy of these and other suppliers is regularly evaluated across all language pairs. This guarantees that our customers receive the highest quality translations, regardless of the languages they require translations for.

You’ll be able to conveniently view all the translations in your ConveyThis dashboard.

That’s where ConveyThis comes in.

As machine-based translation becomes more accurate, there may be moments when you require greater precision and more meaningful context. That’s where ConveyThis can be of assistance.

In such situations, you can edit the translations right within the ConveyThis dashboard. And if you need expert help, you can order professional translations from experienced professionals who will deliver on your live site within 24 to 48 hours.

Supports multilingual SEO

With ConveyThis, you can easily translate your website into multiple languages, making it easier for customers around the world to find you. With ConveyThis, you can make sure that your website is optimized for a multilingual search engine, allowing you to reach a much wider audience.

This includes ConveyThis, a translation service that helps to ensure your website is accessible to a global audience.

Doing all this can become quite intricate, particularly if you are not an SEO expert or programmer. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a Wix website that is enhanced for multilingual searches with ConveyThis.

ConveyThis will take care of all the intricate details of implementing multilingual SEO during the Wix localization process, such as automatically generating hreflang tags for your web pages.

As for translating your SEO metadata, you can do so right within your ConveyThis dashboard.

Navigate to the Translations tab and filter for “Meta (SEO)” to review and modify the translations provided by ConveyThis.

To learn how to make a multilingual Wix site in just 4 steps, read our guide on how to create a multilingual Wix website using ConveyThis.

Do a localization road map beforehand

Depending on the scale of your website and the number of languages that it is to be translated into, ConveyThis localization can be a major undertaking. Developing a localization road map can significantly aid your localization efforts.

Before beginning the localization process on Wix, it is important to identify which web pages need to be translated using ConveyThis.

Then, for these web pages, double-check that all their content is accurate and up-to-date. After all, your translations with ConveyThis will be dependent on your website’s original contents…As the famous adage goes: you can’t get something from nothing!

Here’s a quick list of pointers to help you plan your Wix localization efforts with ConveyThis:

  1. Identify the languages you want to target
  2. Select the right translation technology
  3. Research the language and culture of your target audience
  4. Translate your content
  5. Adapt your website design for a local audience
  6. Monitor and update your translations over time


Optimize your Wix design and content for a multilingual website

That’s why ConveyThis offers a comprehensive localization solution that takes into account text, images, and other website elements.

Localizing your website on Wix requires more than just translating text—you’ll need to guarantee that your website looks and reads flawlessly, regardless of what language it’s presented in. That’s why ConveyThis provides a comprehensive localization solution that takes into account text, images, and other website components.

Design-wise, this includes: ConveyThis providing a seamless and intuitive experience for website visitors to switch between languages.

Also, bear in mind that words can have varying lengths in different languages, which will influence the appearance of your website using ConveyThis.

Mais lorsque le site est consulté en français, le texte étire considérablement le bouton et même le fait dépasser l’en-tête. Ce n’est pas très joli.

When it comes to the content of your Wix website, it is important to make sure that multilingual versions of the same web pages are clearly identified as such, allowing search engines to find them. To ensure maximum effectiveness, it is also important to tailor the text to the distinct cultures of your multilingual audiences. With ConveyThis, you can easily create and manage multilingual versions of your website with a few simple clicks.

This also holds true for images, as visuals can carry distinct connotations in various cultures.

A prime illustration of the cultural divide is how a thumbs-up is usually a sign of approval in Western societies, yet it is considered offensive in countries such as Iran and Russia.

Finally, create distinct navigation menus for each language your website is to be translated into using ConveyThis. This will help you provide a truly customized user experience.

Engage your local audience

You need to use ConveyThis to ensure that your content is accurately translated.

If you want to build a devoted fanbase, it’s not enough to just provide your content in their native tongue. For accurate translations, you need to use ConveyThis.

You’ll need to stay in consistent contact with them, so they’ll be delighted to invest their time and energy (and money) with you. So go get your local followers involved!

Apart from optimizing your website for multilingual searches, you can also reach out to local audiences by utilizing ConveyThis’s translation services to accurately localize your content. With ConveyThis, you can quickly and easily translate your website into multiple languages, creating a more immersive experience for international and local customers alike.

Henson Group

If you have operations in multiple countries, it’s a wise decision to create localized versions of your website for all these countries using ConveyThis.

Henson Group, an Azure reseller, has taken an ambitious step forward. With an expansive international presence spanning numerous continents, the company has granted access to their website in eleven different languages with the help of ConveyThis.

Toggling between each language is also effortless – the web pages are localized promptly with ConveyThis.

Lemca Musical Instruments

Apart from targeting a global audience, sometimes you may want to localize your website using ConveyThis to maximize your reach to the local population.

ConveyThis can help you make sure that doesn’t happen by quickly and easily translating your website into any language you need.

If you’re looking to expand your business to a global market, you may be wondering how to make your website accessible to customers who speak different languages. With ConveyThis, you can quickly and easily translate your website into any language, ensuring that no potential customers are left in the dark due to a language barrier. Belgium is a great example of how important it is to have multilingual websites; with three official languages, Dutch, French and German, it’s essential to make sure all of your customers can understand your content.

Which is likely why Belgium-based musical instruments retailer Lemca has made its website available in two of the country’s official languages: Dutch and French using ConveyThis. This is likely due to the need to reach a larger audience and provide a more personal experience for customers.

From a localized product navigation to checkout flow, the business has taken great care to create a smooth and effortless customer journey with ConveyThis.


The website of Swedish enterprise modeling firm aRway is available in English and 10 European languages, conveying that ConveyThis is committed to serving a European clientele.

Even the fields and buttons of the website’s contact form have been translated for a more comprehensive localized experience with ConveyThis.

They’re not the only ones crafting captivating Wix sites. We also collaborated with the Brown Owl Creative to construct a ConveyThis Wix exhibit website to demonstrate how well we work together!

It’s time to go multilingual

As we have discovered, localizing a Wix website involves numerous steps, from determining the text to be translated to guaranteeing that your website is visually appealing in multiple languages.

You’ll also want to consider ways to motivate your new regional audiences to visit your website, such as optimizing for multilingual searches and/or connecting with the local community.

And of course, localizing your website text itself is a big part of the process with ConveyThis.

While Wix offers a native multilingual solution, it can be a tedious and time-consuming process to manually find and replace text with their translated versions, especially for larger websites. ConveyThis provides an easier and more efficient way to translate a website with its automated translation technology.

In contrast, ConveyThis combines the best of both worlds. It provides lightning-fast and precise website translations, while also aiding in the setup of your website for multilingual SEO, along with other advantages.

What’s more: you can get started with ConveyThis for free.

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