Why It Makes Sense to Use ConveyThis in Getting Your Shopify Store Translated

Discover why it makes sense to use ConveyThis in getting your Shopify store translated, utilizing AI for seamless and efficient localization.
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo
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Are you willing to expand your business far and wide to reach customers from different walks of life and in different parts of the world? If your answer is an affirmative yes, then translation of your website with ConveyThis is an easy, fast and very convenient way of getting this done. Today, providers of translation and localization for websites have witness an immense increase in their growth and expansion of users of their services. They have also seen an increase in the volume of their businesses. Owners of Shopify stores like you would have noticed this current happenings that is reigning. Day by day, online stores are becoming more and more powerful and advanced. No wonder, many has taken time to search through the internet using different search engines, looking for answers to satisfy their curiosity on how they can translate their Shopify stores.

If you are on this page reading this article, there is 100% indication that you are quite convinced of the fact that translating your Shopify stores is very important. Hence, we will be having an honest consideration and discussion on why ConveyThis is the choice that you should chose as it affords you practical ways that are simple, easy and solid to handle translation of your Shopify stores. Although there are numerous providers of solution to online stores’ localization, ConveyThis is unique and offers services that makes it outstanding. As earlier indicated, you will find out four (4) ways in which, out of other website localization and translation providers, ConveyThis provides not just the easiest and simplest form but also that it is the most effective and most efficient solution to localizing and translating your Shopify store.

The reasons are:

  • It is budget friendly i.e. Cost Effective: when you are making plans on how to grow your business, what is most important to have in mind is how to generate a good Return on Investment (ROI) percentage. Return on Investment (ROI) is not the actually the profit you earn from your business but it is what is been realised from your business when compared with the amount you invested in the business. ROI serves as a measuring medium or yardstick that tells you how well you are doing with your business. Going by comparison, majority of the providers of localization for Shopify stores are quite expensive considering how their performance turns out in relation to their charges and thereby affect your ROI percentage because you would have invested more than is required. Also, they are limited when it comes to the function they offer. For example, they don’t allow you to create and build a pleasing and enjoyable user experience for your customers in each of all the languages they are using.

That is where ConveyThis comes to your rescue because ConveyThis uses a technique that results into a full professional output with lower cost. You can translate not just once but in multiple times because ConveyThis gives you an option known as the multiple translation option. It also offers you various localization features such as collation and sorting, manipulating textual and graphical contents that could easily be misunderstood, classified as offensive or insensitive in the languages of your customers. Most of the Shopify stores owners have given us feedback on features that they found interesting and helpful for their online stores. Here is an opportunity for you to explore some of these features we offer. Take your time to go through them and see how each benefits you.

You may want to know how moderate ConveyThis’ cost is. With a very little and affordable amount, starting at $9 per month, you can have access to ConveyThis. While waiting for you to make a serious decision on whether to use our platform or not, ConveyThis gives you the privilege of free access or sites smaller than 2,500 words.  The free plan offers   1 translated language,  2,500 translated words, 10,000 monthly page views, Machine translation with No credit card required,  The moderate cost makes ConveyThis affordable for everyone including you and we are sure you will want to make us part of the future international success story of your business.

  • Combination of translation and localization: to many, it is difficult to state the differences between translation and localization. Simply put, localization is adapting of your content, product or presentation to the meet up with the basic requirement of your target market. When you localize your website, you are making sure that the background, culture, needs and choice of the target audience is met. Translation, on the other hand, is the process of rendering a text from a source to a target language. From the meaning of both localization and translation, we can infer that localization encompasses translation and other things. Other things such as customizing and modifying images, graphical illustrations, videos as well as making adjustments to the website styling. You may want to change, modify or make an adjustment to the font, color, page orientation and page layout, padding, setting margin and others for your website. All of these are done in localization process.
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In most cases, software that provide translation services for websites are limited to only translation jobs. The visual editor available on ConveyThis makes localizing your images, pictures, graphics and video easy for you to do yourself. With the editor, you can edit already translated text manually for modification, make switches to the direction of pages, translate the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), as well as attend and makes fixes to all CSS and styling issues. The list of what you can do with the visual editor is not exhaustive. There are more and more features you can explore on the editor; they are simple and quite easy to use.

  • Simple and Stress free: we are always happy to learn from the feedback provided by users of our platform how super easy it is to use ConveyThis. Majority of the users who were initially scared of kick starting or taking a step towards localization are now happy with the result that comes from their use of ConveyThis. They have found the process extremely simple and they handle their job spontaneously as if naturally. Within few minutes, with just few clicks, you can integrate ConveyThis with your Shopify store. To help you get started, we have a getting started guide that you can quickly run through to prepare your heart on how to handle the task. Don’t be scared, you need no prior programming knowledge or ability to manipulate your store’s codes to be successful. All that is required is that you paste a copied line of code or set active a plugin in your website. It is that simple and easy.
  • ConveyThis works on every Content Management System (CMS): another unique and outstanding thing about ConveyThis that our customers and users cherish is that ConveyThis is universally accepted. That is to say, it is compatible with any Content Management System (CMS) platform available online be it Shopify, Kentico, SharePoint, Sitecore, WooCommerce, Weebly etc. Whichever one you choose of the platforms, ConveyThis is always there and ready for you at any time you want to localize your online store. However, you may want to switch from one Content Management System platform to another. When trying to migrate, you can take ConveyThis along with you. With that it is simply easy to continue your use of ConveyThis.

At this point, what can we say about ConveyThis? Simply put, ConveyThis prefer quality, not complicated, cost effective, stress free and a universally accepted solutions to translation and localization of your online store. Our website plugin understands almost every language; whether the one you speak or the language of your customers. Your customers do not need to come from the same place or use the same language before they can patronize you. You know why? Yes, because all language related problems i.e. translation and localization can be effectively handled by ConveyThis. ConveyThis does not only offer these opportunities but does so in a simple and easy to understand manner. With this solution you can expand your business far and wide to reach customers from different walks of life and in different parts of the world.  Localization and translation of your website with ConveyThis is an easy, fast and very convenient way of getting this done.

At the moment around the globe, many online stores numbering to thousands of them are getting an international customer reach using ConveyThis. And ever since, it has not stop. More and more online stores are subscribing to the use of ConveyThis to get their website translation and localization job done. Do not be behind. Take the baton too, and get your Shopify or other online store translated with ConveyThis. If you do this, your online sales will get a boost and you will experience a tremendous growth in your business.

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