What is the Best Way to Translate a Website for Global Reach with ConveyThis

Discover the best way to translate a website for global reach with ConveyThis, utilizing AI for effective and seamless localization.
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There is something more crucial for owners of websites than to just owning a website. Websites owners, if not before, have to start seeing that it is especially important now to translate their website because of the fact that anybody from anywhere around the world can come in contact with their website.  These ones visiting the websites have several different languages they speak and understand.

So, as a website owner you need to start thinking of the best way to get your website translated. Not minding whatever website creation platform you are using, there are benefits to translating your website into multiple languages. Translating your website into many languages can help you to get in touch with a bigger audience, reach international customers in their native tongue, get your website organic traffic increased, improve the users of your website experience, and enhance your conversion rate.

Aside translating WordPress website, you can always have a translated Weebly and Shopify website and/or store.

Without wasting anytime, we will be placing focus on why it is beneficial to translate your website as well as going through the best way to translate a website in many different languages. A major translation solution that we will also talk about is ConveyThis. 

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The benefits of having a multilingual website

The Content Management Systems (CMS) and e-commerce platforms available today are fixed at achieving Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Examples of such platforms are Shopify, Wix, WordPress, SquareSpace etc. No wonder it is the best time to translate your website more than ever before because doing such will definitely bring some untold benefits.

When you have a multilingual website as a starter or beginner, it is an advantage and a nice way to enter into the market with a competitive mentality. That is you have set your foot on the path of multilingual SEO.  To help you get this clearer, sometimes because of the numerous resources on the internet your website may not readily come up on top when information is searched for in English language. However, if you have a multilingual website there is every likelihood that it will come up on top other searches in those languages even when the search is not done on Google alone. Searchers will still find your website on Yandex, Google Chrome, Opera mini, Bing etc. What is been said here is that the organic traffic of your website can be increased if you take your website to a multilingual level.

Also, when you ensure that your website is translated into multiple languages you are trying to improve the accessibility of your website. What is that supposed to mean? It means that more and more people will be able to gain access to your website when it is available in various languages. Speakers of these languages will readily access your website in their different languages.

To help you get this, think about translating your website from English language to German. It will not only available to English speaking audience but will also be available to German speaking audience.

Having the service of ConveyThis in translation of your website into multiple languages offers you translation of your website in over 90 languages. Also, you will be glad to know that ConveyThis is not only compatible with WordPress. It is well compatible with nearly all the website platform out there. You will find fascinating that it can be used for e-commerce platforms such as Wix, Shopify, SquareSpace, Weebly etc. Something of such is rare and cannot be easily found on translations service like Google translate.

Areas to concentrate when you are building a multilingual website

 Your focus when creating and building a website that is multiple language based should be on two (2) spectacular aspects. These are: 1) having a multilingual SEO and 2) improving user experience for visitors of your website.

Now let us expatiate these.

1. Having a Multilingual SEO: the major reason you want to translate your website into multiple languages is that you want people from different language background to be able to see it and get engaged with it. It will then be of no benefit if after translating your website it cannot be found on the internet when there is a call for it.

Therefore, when you are trying to employ any kind of translation software for your website, you should ensure that it helps to index your website (i.e. pages on your website) in search engines. This is what makes ConveyThis better than translation solutions like Bing Microsoft Translator or Google Translate because they don’t index your web pages for Search Engine Optimization.

To ensure that each page for the translated language is index for SEO, ConveyThis provides special URLs for the numbers of the translated languages for your website.

To help you understand this point, let us say you have a website called me&you.com in English language. ConveyThis will generate subdomains or subdirectories such as me&you.com/fr for French or www.es.me&you.com for Spanish.

ConveyThis also ensure that your website have hreflang tags. This will quickly send information to any search engine alerting the search engines that your website in in different languages.  

2. Improving User Experience: as the owner of a website, you will likely want your website visitors to have a wonderful experience using your website. This is not just applicable to your original website in the source language. You should also be ready to make visitors of your translated website have wonderful experience browsing your website in their languages.

To give those visitors the best, it is usually very good to have a language switcher button on the pages of your website that allows users of your website to easily switch between languages. This button should be customized such that it fits perfectly with your website. That is why you need a website translation solution that will not only do that but also keep track of the visitor’s language choice such that when next such visitors use your website there won’t be a need for them to use the language switcher button since it would have been automatically translated to the choice language.

Choose ConveyThis – the best path to website translation

Translating your website into multiple languages transcends beyond just using solutions like Google translate. Of all the translation solutions out there, ConveyThis proves to be a best choice for any kind of website, whether it is powered by CMS or not. Some of the features ConveyThis offers are:

  1. Auto-detection of content
  2. In- context based editor.
  3. SEO optimization
  4. Availability and accessibility of professional translators.
  5. Content localization for visitors.

Auto-detection of content: ConveyThis is designed such that it handles the translation of websites in a manner that when visitors with foreign language visit your website it will automatically detect the languages of the visitors and automatically switch to their languages.

Also, another major content detention process that ConveyThis handles is detecting all aspect of your website without leaving anything behind. This includes translating all fields, buttons, widgets, checkout page, customer’s quote, posts, picture, images etc. On detecting all of these, ConveyThis will automatically translate them all.

In-context Editor: when you use ConveyThis, you have access to the in-context editor. This feature makes it possible for you to make necessary adjustments to the translated content by placing both the original and the translated contents side by side. With ConveyThis visual editor, you can manually adjust the translated result and then preview it to see how it will be like when it is finally saved.

SEO Optimization: when it comes to this, ConveyThis ensure that all aspect of your website, including title of the page and the page’s metadata, is translated so that the pages of the website will be in for Google indexing.

As earlier mentioned, ConveyThis not only add hreflang tags to your website to make work easy for the search engines but it also creates subdirectories or subdomains for each and every language that you have selected for translation.

Availability and Accessibility of Professional Translators: it is usually the best practice to have human translator or professional translators as it were to proofread contents that have been automatically translated by machine. Due to this fact, ConveyThis offers owners of websites the opportunity to place an order for professional translators directly on their ConveyThis platforms.

 Content localization for visitors: one thing is to translate your contents to different languages, it is another to make sure that visitors of your website can relate to what has been translated. ConveyThis offers a localized content for users. Visitors will be able to get engaged with every pages of the website because the pages have been well adapted to suit them.

When you have an e-commerce related website or store, localizing may also include you making sure the currencies are converted to the form that the visitors can quickly understand and also making sure there is a way to ship your products to the location of the visitors.

It is good that you are looking for the best the best way to translate your website. Better is it that you have found this article and come to know ConveyThis. It will then be the best if you start translating your website with ConveyThis.  We now offer a 7 day free trial!

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