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ConveyThis Review ❇️ Website & Shopify Language Switcher πŸ”₯

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Check out another fabulous review of our plugin from a fellow Youtube blogger in New Zeland! Wow!

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Time Codes

0:25 What is ConveyThis?
1:23 ConveyThis Integrations
1:43 ConveyThis Pricing
2:25 How to Translate Shopify Store
4:55 ConveyThis Discount
5:25 Shopify Language Switcher
6:26 ConveyThis Pro Plan
6:45 Add Languages
7:25 Remove Branding
7:50 Color Customisation
8:55 Excluding Pages
9:22 Edit Translations
10:05 Analytics

Are you looking for a Shopify language switcher? You’re in the right place. In this ConveyThis review, I’m going to show you how to translate a Shopify store using this ConveyThis for free step-by-step.

ConveyThis is a very powerful translation tool that gives you the ability to add multiple languages to your website within a few minutes of signing up. It’s also free to get started, so there’s nothing holding you back from adding a language switcher on your website or store.

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