Ways to Increase Your Website Conversion with Multilingual Content

Discover ways to increase your website conversion with multilingual content from ConveyThis, utilizing AI to engage a wider audience.
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Everyone wants traffic for their websites. Yet it is one thing to generate traffic for website and it is another thing to convert such traffic to profit for the website owner. It is of no much benefit if what visitors do is to visit your website without making a contact with you. Contacting you in the sense of patronizing your products and services, signing up for email newsletters, making inquiries from you through contact form or at least take an action on your page.

When a visitor do any of the mentioned desired tasks, then we can say a conversion has occurred. This article is for you if you will like your business to experience growth through conversion. Therefore, don’t stop reading this.

Before anything else, it is very important to consider what conversion rate of a website traffic is.

What Is Conversion Rate?

The rate at which certain proportion of your website visitors take needed actions is known as conversion rate. Conversion rate has proven to be among the most dependable yardstick for calculating and measuring performances of certain marketing campaign. The meaning of conversion varies as it may depends on what you are selling or trying to offer. However, when it comes to eCommerce, it could be buying certain product or patronizing certain services, getting an appointment booked, making schedule for a demo, or submission of contact form.

Calculating Conversion Rate

It is a very interesting thing to see that conversion rate is measurable. It may appear intimidating to apply the formula for conversion rate calculation if this is your first time trying to do a counting. Nevertheless, you need not fear anything about it. The formula is as simple as:

Conversion rate =

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If for instance, if your website has its total visitors for the previous month to be a total number of 25000 and 15000 of these visitors made purchase, then we can calculate your conversion rate to be:

Conversion rate for that month =

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Instead of wondering about calculating this manually at all times, there are soft tools to help you do the calculations and measurement. Such tools are Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and some other analytics and advertising tools.

goal conversion overview report

While it is true that conversion rate is never the best tool to measure your success rate, yet it is a useful tool to help you keep track of your performances. It may even be best for you to get a developer to help you keep a watch on your conversion rate because doing that will definitely have a positive bearing on your business.

Reasons You Should Increase Your Website Conversion

If you want to improve your website in order to have an increased conversion, then your website will have to undergo a process known as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). This process will help get your website traffic maximized. What will be your benefit if you optimize your website? The benefits are:

1. You can gain access to more information about your customers: one main reason it is good to get more information about your customers is that when you have such information you will be able to tailor your products and services to the need of your customers.  You do this my stocking or creating the right products and services for them. With CRO, you can get to know how customers or prospective consumers act on your website and what challenges they are trying to overcome.

It is easy to determine activities that your customers engage in. This is possible through CRO. An example is that you can come to realize that some prefer to make a prompt contact while some may contact after some times. Seeming ‘meaningless’ things like choice of color and preferred shape of your customers can also be determined by what they click. Such information can help you when you make campaigns and advertisement by tailoring your designs and future developments to what they prefer. This will without doubt lead to increased conversions and site visitor experience.

2. You can increase or boost your website profit: CRO helps to encourage visitors of your website to patronize your products and services. By improving your conversion just by little, you can expect to have more sales and this will mean more gains for you. One unique feature of Conversion Rate Optimization is that, unlike other methods of advertisement, it provides an instantaneous and very reasonable gain. 

It may take time before the increased profit become manifested. Sometimes ranging from few weeks to months. Hence, hold on to the use of CRO as this will help you to point out areas that needs adjustments and improvements.

3. You can outshine your competitors:  CRO is a good way to have an improved SEO. When you give visitors of your website certain task to do, this will likely impels them to want to spend more time on your website. And as visitors stay longer on your website, your website bounce rate will reduce. This is what Google finds appealing. Bounce rate is one thing Google considers in rankings. Since you now have a reduced bounce rate, there is every likelihood that your search ranking will be improved. All achievable because you correctly apply CRO.

An improved search ranking, on the other hand, will generate more traffic for your website. The more you use CRO, the more you could get higher search ranking.

4. You can get more clients or potential clients: whatever your site visitors experience on your site can be furnished if you have an optimized website. It is this enhanced furnished experience that will help you to have them converted to buyers of your products and services.

With CRO, your online shopping store can get more engagements and tailor your shop to your clients’ needs. By doing this you would be able to convert them to buyers of your products and services. With all that have been said about CRO, you will admit that it is a sophisticated tool that can be used in getting more customers.

Now, let us discuss ways to increase website conversion.

Four (4) Ways in Which You Can Increase your Website Conversion

Below are four (4) proven ways in which you can increase your website conversion:

  • Through website localization: when business owners use internet for their businesses, it allows them to reach a far wider audience of potential buyers. However, this large audience of potential buyers contains many individuals with different languages. That is the reason why your website and its content should be tailored to the need of your prospective buyers of a targeted location. And you can only get this done through localization.

You can get tools that will help you achieve this localization. There is system that manages translation. This system known as Translation Management System helps to handle your website translation automatically. Also Computer Aided Translation (CAT) can help improve the overall efficiency of your website. Another tool is the Desktop Publishing Tool (DPL) that helps to enhance designs of presentations as well as documentations.

With website localization, you can reach a vast number of people who doesn’t speak your language or the original language of your website. This idea of allowing visitors to browse your website in their languages will improve their experience because while localizing, you have taken cultures and backgrounds into consideration. With this, you have decrease in bounce rate and increase in search ranking.

  • Addition of LiveChat to your website: another tool that is useful in boosting your website conversion is LiveChat. When many shop on line, they tryn to research products. If visitors are willing to ask or learn more about certain products, it will be easy to use the liveChat option found on the page. And by doing this, you can convert such visitor into a buyer.

LiveChat gives room for interaction with customers and prospective clients. Such interaction with not only create a solid relationship with clients but will also sustain such relationship. Sometimes there are salient points that customers will want to know and it will be best to provide instantaneous answer via LiveChat. LivePerson, Smartloop, Aivo and many more are examples of other AI chat bots that can be employ in this circumstance. These AI chatbots can respond to chats by providing automatic responses to visitors of your website and in turn converts them to buyers.

  • Adding Popup Notification: popup notification is a powerful call to action tool. However, care must be taken when designing popup notifications as some notification might be irritating to the visitors if not properly designed to accommodate varieties of gadgets that will be accessing the website.

Visitors will not be annoyed if the popups are advertising products that they are interested in and they may subconsciously click on such advertisements. When you use effective popup notification, you will witness an increase in conversion. Use appealing popups and make it easier to proceed, signup or close such popup.

  • Perform Splitting test: splitting test or as it is otherwise called A/B test is a technique use to measure the performance of two variations of the same product made available to different group of people on a website.

With this test, you will be able to highlight areas that needs more optimization attention. Including this testing concept in your CRO process will definitely improve your eCommerce business.

There are two things you should consider before testing. First, choose the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that you will use, generate hypothesis and choose the audience you are targeting. If you need to gather any data, use tools like email tracking system or Google Analytics to do that. Secondly, try to establish control. The two variations or versions of the product should be tested only on the basis of their difference. If for example you are trying to test the words of your call to actions, you should try to put the two version close to each other. And the test should be done at the same time and at a time when there is stabilized and steady flow of traffic on the website. This will make the result to be statistically significant.

It is essentially to test the results and make adjustments where necessary. For example, if version B performs better than version A, try to implement the changes. A/B or splitting test should be just once in order to improve marketing.

Any business that wants to attract more customers and increase sales must increase its website conversions. While it may appear to be a difficult and challenging task, optimizing conversions worth it. Do you want more visitors on your websites? Do you want theses visitors to take action when they visit you website? Do you want them to make a purchase, signup or even contact you? If yes is your answer, them now is the time for you to start implementing the tactics mentioned in this article.

Contact us at www.ConveyThis.com today! Our Support team is ready to answer any questions you have regarding our website translation plugin.

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