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With a single line of code encompassing many, jQuery simplifies many common tasks that are very time consuming when it comes to coding. It’s a very popular programming tool that allows you to do much more and skipping the writing. jQuery has plugins for almost any task out there including translation, let’s take a look at a small sample of all the options available.


Through a double click function, the user can access translations in all languages provided by the Google Language API.

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Site owners can pick between three different options: double-click to display a 6 language menu, double-click a word below to get its french translation, or use a remote trigger. SundayMorning uses Bing or Google translate API.


Some of its best features are:

  • It has been designed with integration with CouchApps in mind.
  • If combined with jQuery.cookie, it can save language settings.
  • Works well even if languages have different grammatical structure or plural formation.

Ajax Translator Revolution Lite jQuery Plugin

There are many options available for customization when it comes to Ajax, from being able to define what gets translated and what doesn’t, to customizing the appearance of the language options. But its showstopping features are: fast support, easy installation, and cookie compatibility.



To get jsperanto to work, you load dictionaries in the languages you have chosen and then pass the translate method. While browsing, once the language is determined, jsperanto loads the dictionary. If it can’t be retrieved, it will try to get the fallback language, which is ‘en-US’ by default. (you can change this). If no dictionary file can be retrieved at all, jsperanto translate method will simply return the provided key.




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