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The best thing about running an online store is how big your potential customer base suddenly becomes: people all over the world could access your store! It certainly can’t get any bigger than that.

But, the key to doing this effectively is by turning your WooCommerce website multilingual with the ConveyThis website translation plugin.

Why a multilingual store is a great business decision

If we consider that 26% of the top 1 million ecommerce sites use WooCommerce and that 75% want to buy products in their native language, we can reach the mathematically perfect conclusion that having a multilingual WooCommerce site is the key to entering the global market on the right foot.

The results of this combination are improved user experience, higher conversions, and an increase in profit. By translating your store you can reach new customers and start communicating better with them.

WooCommerce is a fully customizable eCommerce platform specially created for building businesses. As it runs on WordPress, it’s one of the best platforms for SEO practices. If you have a multilingual site, this means that your traffic will increase because people searching in their native language will still be able to find your store. With a couple of clicks you have just created a place for your store in new markets!

I love it, where do I click?

Use the ConveyThis plugin to turn your WooCommerce multilingual. We have prepared a tutorial for businesses that are already running. This process works for lots of language combinations, with ConveyThis you can translate to 92 languages instantly! For this example, let’s suppose you want a Spanish version of the original English site.

First: Get the ConveyThis translation plugin for WooCommerce

Download the plugin from your WordPress control panel by clicking “Plugins” followed by “Add New”.

Search for ConveyThis and the plugin will show up in your results.

Click “Install Now” and then “Activate”.

Second: Configure the plugin

After refreshing, check your notifications, you’ll find a link that will take you to the ConveyThis configuration page.

To start configuring, you’ll need to log in or create your account at www.conveythis.com

Then head back to the dashboard and copy the API key. Paste it in the configuration page of the plugin.

Select your language pair and save.

Finally: Refresh your website.

Congratulations, your store now has a language button! 

Here’s the FAQ for the translation interface.

You can customize the button, the translation, and the website layout with no problem as the plugin integrates seamlessly. To keep polishing the website, you can have expert linguists work on your website. Another thing you can do is add a multilingual quick order form, the ConveyThis plugin is compatible with most WooCommerce plugins so you can keep adding to the customer experience and keep perfecting the website for the specific goods and services you offer.

WooCommerce Product Table

A super easy way to set up amazing product tables so your customers can find and purchase more comfortably.

As you can see it’s super versatile as it lets you sell wholesale and customizable products.

Pick which columns you want and their order and create a great customer experience where your clients can learn more about your products without having to visit pages for individual products. And now, with ConveyThis you can add a multilingual experience for this feature.

WooCommerce Quick View Pro

ConveyThis also works amazingly with WooCommerce Quick View Pro, the perfect plugin for restaurants, photography, fashion, wholesale and more. Make your products stand out with a lightbox! Increase your conversion rate by letting your visitors switch faster between products and product listings.

WooCommerce Lead Time

If you sell custom products, the WooCommerce Lead Time plugin is your friend. This plugin allows you to establish lead time information for your custom and hand-made products. This way customers have clearer information on when they could expect the product if they decided to purchase. This leads to happier customers because now the will have a clearer understanding on what it takes for the product to be shipped or when it will become available again after it has gone out of stock.

These are all amazing, but tell me more about my new translation plugin

The reason why you can create a multilingual website in minutes with ConveyThis it’s because it works with a first layer of automatic translation. Afterwards, you can pick some of the most important and nuanced pages and get a linguist from the ConveyThis team to take a look and edit it so you can be sure that the wording and tone are suitable to your store values and ideals. 

If you would like to work on your website’s translation you have two modes, you can see the original and the translation side by side while you work, or you can use a visual editor where you edit while previewing your website.

Getting started

The greatest decision you’ll ever make when it comes to turning your website multilingual is to choose ConveyThis. The plugin is easy to use, the specialists are available for editing services, and customer support is there to help.

Don’t be afraid to continue building on top of the multilingual base by adding other plugins and continue enriching your customers’ user experience and maximising conversion.

Click here to learn more about designing a multi language website.


Alex Buran

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