Translate Your Website into Spanish with ConveyThis

Translate your website into Spanish with ConveyThis, tapping into the vast Spanish-speaking market with AI-driven accuracy.
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo
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Today, I would like to invite you to learn a bit more about my native language, Spanish. The 4th most spoken language worldwide, spoken by millions, loved by thousands and learned by a lot of people, this language has shown its relevance increases day by day. As a translator with a business background, most of the topics I have found in the ConveyThis blog, as well as the services they offer, sound familiar to me. From starting your own business to creating a marketing plan using several strategies, defining your audience, translating your website, measuring campaign results and adjusting strategies for future campaigns.

When we talk about your business and its growing process, you may want to expand your success and let a wider audience know about you. This means you could reach a new market, a new country and in consequence, you may need to spread the words in a different language. If you are interested in the Spanish speaking audience, from Mexico to Patagonia, including Spain, will probably look at you if you promote the right message, with the proper words thanks to an accurate translation and proper localization.

If we talk about translation, an accurate one is important for any business and this can be provided by a professional that is usually challenged by the efficiency of machine translation in terms of speed. Although automatic translation has improved over time thanks to the neural nets, the accuracy, tone, grammar and local point of view come from a native speaker.

Nowadays, we have translation software services provided by a machine and a human professional such as ConveyThis. Here you can create an account, login and try the free website translation service, using the plugin, you could translate your website in a matter of minutes from English into around +90 languages, in comparison to their competitors, even the paid versions of this service are absolutely worthy.

Knowing Spanish is one of the most spoken languages, it would not be a surprise if you had a native Spanish speaker in your staff, which means, you could have some help in terms of edition from a reliable source in your own company.

Spanish to English Translation challenges hero image

Some aspects translation companies would consider before they actually translate your business website, at times, even their own companies experience their own service to understand how it works from the client’s point of view. The goal is:

– Making the product better.
– Finding the balance between machine and human translation so the results meet your business needs.
– Putting themselves in their customer’s shoes, see from their perspective the translation process.

I want you to imagine I’m part of the ConveyThis staff and interested in translating my website, as a client, I’ll go through the process I mentioned before.

First: I create my ConveyThis free account and login.
Second: I select the native language and target language, in this case, Spanish.
Third: copy my website URL and it’s done!

The next step is where the Spanish speakers’ staff would support me to determine my translation’s accuracy.

Once I have my website translate and checked by the staff, it’s time to decide which pages will be translated by a professional like those pages with technical information, clients’ testimonials, partners’ reviews, or pages with a specific tone, such as descriptions of partners.

I would like to create my own glossary in case I need certain words, their use and meanings that may vary through the years. This is when I use the ConveyThis translation memory, this may help us use the same words in different contexts.

Now here is what ConveyThis has to say about it:

“A translation memory is a centralized database which stores all the original and translation segments. It acts like a caching layer to quickly reuse the repeating content. This in turn speeds up the website speed and keeps the 3rd party API services vacant. ConveyThis users its own translation memory in order to make the life of our users efficient and recycle all similar content for the future reuse. It is secure and shared only with same tenants who have the ownership of their domains and accounts. Unlike other technical providers, we do not expose our clients memorized contents to other users. This increases our internal costs, but this is the right thing to do. Your data is your data. It’s no one else’s business.

The more data a translation memory contains, the more effective it is. Thanks to our translation memory, you can ensure the consistency of your content, lower costs, cut down on back-and-forth exchanges and speed up translation times”.

There are words like “Twitter”, “Squarespace” that we would not like to be translated because they refer to property material or brands. Here is where we check the information with Spanish speaker professionals to determine which words are translated in a certain way or not translated at all.

When we communicate with our customers and how we do it say a lot about our brand’s voice or tone, the message must be coherent for your target country, with the proper words in the right language.

That accuracy is accomplished with the machine translation supported by professional translators

The whole translation process could be fast thanks to human proofreading and edition, simple because they are professionals, reassuring because even before the pro translation, the website would be easy to navigate for Spanish speakers, and effective because in the end even using my own staff helped me confirm the quality of the Spanish translation.

Again, ConveyThis let us know how this translation memory works:

“ConveyThisTM recycles all your translated content and counts all the repeated segments. Its unique algorithms enable it to identify and suggest previously translated segments to translators in real time.

ConveyThisTM is an extremely secure SaaS technology. It makes it possible for several translators to work simultaneously on the same project directly in the Cloud.

ConveyThisTM is constantly being enhanced with new functions and can be used as a foundational database to train specialized translation engines”.

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Finally, as a translator with experience with these machine translation applications, I can say they are incredibly effective when it comes to translating a large number of words in a short period of time but I absolutely recommend the eyes of a professional since there will always be details regarding context, grammar and local phrases no one knows better than a native speaker. When it comes to your website being translated into Spanish, I’m sure this would open doors and a whole new market to share your products with.

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