The Makings of a Great Localization Team with ConveyThis

The Makings of a Great Localization Team with ConveyThis: Learn the essential qualities for a team that excels in website translation.
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Conveythis demo
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Another year is coming to an end soon and here at ConveyThis we are starting to shift into a reflexive mood, thinking about all the great projects we worked on this year and excited to see what the next year will bring.

We also took a closer look into our localization team, the work they do is fantastic, we are so lucky that all these fantastic people have chosen to work with us, just as we have chosen them to become a part of ConveyThis. We rely on our employees every day and it inspires us and fills us with pride to see how talented they are, their resourcefulness and ability to think outside the box makes them fascinating to talk to, it’s clear how passionate they are about communication and finding creative solutions.

After remembering many great projects from this year and years past, we were able to identify what are the key aspects that we find in our team members that make our localization team such an excellent translation partner.


We trust our team! Everyone has proven over and over that they can get the job done. Our clients want to be competitive, that means being present in many markets. The experience of running a business is filled with challenges and problems, so allies are needed, people you can rely on when you need a problem solved and trust that they’ll be able to find a solution. The results have to be fast and of excellent quality. And our clients know that they can trust us, that we can fulfill their expectations. Our team is composed of great communicators, we understand what the clients need and we deliver it on time.


Another reason why our clients choose to work with us is our proficiency, we have mastered and optimized the process of localization, and have turned it into an art form. Everything is at its most efficient form, we know the ins and outs of the process and we have exact control over them, from the hiring of talent to quality assurance, and all the stages in between like the design of the workflow and training for different technologies and tools. Maximum amount of effort is put into doing all of these perfectly


Behind every successful team there is an inspiring leader, a likeable figure leading by example. A leader is a hardworking figure that inspires us to be better and shows us how to do so. There is no doubt in their commitment to produce quality results and their creative solutions generate an exciting work atmosphere where everyone becomes motivated to do great work and wants to discuss original solutions to difficult problems. Their great emotional intelligence allows them to help their employees pave their way towards professional growth and become great communicators and problem solvers.


In the localization industry it is pivotal that you love the work because it requires constant study, there are so many technologies and tools and techniques available, and all three areas are constantly expanding. To be able to do great work you must constantly want to learn new things. And learning is half the battle. A lot of work has to be put into striving for perfection, you have to be passionate in order to find the necessary energy required to guide a client and help them communicate their message. Each client has their own plan and we must review which of our techniques is the best for communicating their message. A lot of back and forth is needed if you want the client to trust your advice and expertise and choose you as an outsourcer.

Localization can be challenging but that’s part of the fun, and the experience is always a great adventure when you are working with a fantastic team. We at ConveyThis would love to hear what other features you consider important in a localization team! Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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