Streamlined Translation Management for Efficient Multilingual Websites

Streamlined translation management for efficient multilingual websites with ConveyThis, optimizing your localization workflow for success.
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo

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Translation management is how you manage your project’s translation process, from translating your content to displaying it on your site, and everything in between. And while there are a variety of translation projects (from converting documents, to mobile apps, to websites), there are mainly two ways to handle the actual translation process. ConveyThis offers a comprehensive solution to streamline the entire translation process, from start to finish. With ConveyThis, you can easily manage, track, and monitor your translations, ensuring that your project is completed on time and on budget.

Using a translation agency

If you choose this option, the essential steps include locating a translation agency or independent contractor, sending them the material you need to be translated, waiting for the translations to be returned, and then uploading it on your website. The advantage of an agency is that you are receiving expert translation services. However, this would entail you taking charge of a great deal of the translation process yourself (delivering material, receiving material, displaying content, creating individual URLs for your translated websites, ensuring your translated website is optimized for multilingual SEO, etc.).

Using a translation tool

This combines machine translation engines, human translation, and translation management software to automate your translation process. Software can quickly translate your content into its new language, reducing the need for communication between parties and streamlining your project. It will also take care of technical elements such as displaying your translations. And a tool like ConveyThis also provides you with a translation management platform where you can make adjustments to your translated content, involve professional translators, establish a localization workflow and optimize your project management.

With those 2 options in mind, we’ll take a deep dive into how marketing managers can handle their website translations with ease, while keeping scalability in mind, and show you how to manage your website translations in a breeze.

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Translation tools and translation management

Translation tools such as ConveyThis can be a powerful way to streamline the manual labor associated with website translation projects. Automating these processes can help you keep your project away from spreadsheets and centralize it in one platform for improved translation management.

With ConveyThis, we take a 2-layered translation approach: utilizing both human and machine translation to provide the most accurate and natural translations possible.

Quickly translate your entire site with ConveyThis 

To get started, just add ConveyThis to your site. ConveyThis was specifically designed to require minimal coding, so you don’t need to worry about creating your own API integration or taking hours of internal resources from your dev/IT team.

Here’s a quick video that illustrates how effortless it is to use ConveyThis:

After ConveyThis is added to your site, you can configure and personalize your translation project and define your localization process. Take note, your website is instantly translated, you can select to keep it in ‘Private Mode’ until you’re ready to make it public.

Your new translated site is ready in a flash. And because ConveyThis takes care of both the translating and displaying aspect of website translation, your newly translated site is automatically displayed under language subdomains/subdirectories of your main site.

This means every translated site gets a unique URL. For example, is our English site, while is our German site, this was set up automatically by ConveyThis as part of the translation process. You can then delve deeper into the localization process by translating your URLs which not only enhances the user experience but can also be advantageous for international SEO.

Are you ready to localize your website? Start your free trial today. Or keep reading to discover the rest of ConveyThis’s translation management features (from our translation editor tool to our multilingual SEO best practices).

How to use ConveyThis’s translation management platform

ConveyThis offers more than machine translation, it’s also a comprehensive translation management platform that allows you to:

– Create and manage multilingual websites

– Monitor website performance in different languages

– Translate content quickly and accurately

– Automate the localization process

– Collaborate with professional translators

How to manage your translations

After ConveyThis has translated your site, you can easily access all of your translations from your personalised dashboard.

On your dashboard, you can observe: the power of ConveyThis to effortlessly translate your website into multiple languages.

How to edit your translations

Because ConveyThis is a translation management platform, you can utilize it to effortlessly modify your translations and even delegate projects to translators.

You can find specific translations by looking up the URL, typing in the phrase or word you desire, or you can utilize ConveyThis’s Visual Editor to rapidly navigate your live site.

Visual Editior

Our Visual Editor is also a great way to get a glimpse of how your translated content will appear with the layout of your website.

That’s when they chose ConveyThis.

This is a major benefit for our customers, such as Goodpatch, a world-renowned design firm. When they needed to incorporate another language on their website, they sought a translation management system (TMS) that embodied their company’s design-centric philosophy and enabled their completely remote team to work together with ease. This is why they opted for ConveyThis.

They discovered exactly what they were searching for with ConveyThis.

ConveyThis was accessible to all our disciplines, from content to design to strategy, and everyone could understand the platform quickly…all of us could make speedy test edits, observe how [the page] appeared, and get changes accepted rapidly.”

When Goodpatch translated its beautifully designed English site into German, they used ConveyThis to make sure the German translations would fit nicely within their site’s design. Thanks to our Visual Editor, they were able to effortlessly dodge any overlapping text, broken designs, or other issues.

Ordering professional translation services through ConveyThis 

If you don’t have a team of translators that can help with your manual translations, you can order professional translation services directly through ConveyThis:

Simply pick which translations you want reviewed by a professional translator and pay for your order with ConveyThis. In 24-48 hours, your order will be completed, and the translation will be automatically updated and live on your website.

Keep your translated site up-to-date with automatic content detection

ConveyThis makes it easy to manage your translated sites going forward with Automatic Content Detection. When you make alterations to your original site (whether you’re including content, removing it, or modifying it) those changes are quickly mirrored on your translated site.


Next Steps: Translating your site

In this article, we discussed different approaches to creating a translation project for an optimized workflow. One option is to outsource the translation to a company, however, dealing with file types and managing the project outside of a centralized dashboard can be a complex task. ConveyThis can help make the process easier by providing an all-in-one platform with a centralized dashboard for managing translations.

The other way, utilizing ConveyThis’s interpretation the executives programming, permits you full oversight over your interpretation and localization ventures and is simpler, quicker, and effective.

With ConveyThis, you get: powerful translation technology, a comprehensive suite of translation services, and a team of dedicated translation experts to help you get the most out of your translations.

To translate your site today, start your ConveyThis free or contact our sales team to explore further possibilities.

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