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The words are discovered progressively when someone uses the language switcher. They are discovered only once and added to the memory bank. Then, if the match if found in your memory bank, they are re-used and the word counter doesn’t increase. Thus, you are only paying for the words you actually translate.

Check out our online tool: Website Word Counter

We will upgrade you to the next available plan to ensure the consistency of your website translation experience. You can uncheck this option at the Billing page.

Yes, bring in your friends and acquintances. Proofread and edit translations using our in-context visual interfaces and increase conversion rates on your landing pages.

We treat all our customers as our friends and maintain 5 star support rating. We strive to answer each email in a timely manner during normal business hours: 9am to 6pm EST M-F.

Monthly translated pageviews are the total number of pages visited in a translated language during one month. It only relates to your translated version (it does not take into account visits in your original language) and it does not include search engine bot visits.

Yes, if you have at least a Pro plan you have the multisite feature. It allows you to manage several websites separately and gives access to one person per website.

This is a feature that allows to load an already translated webpage to your foreign visitors based on the settings in their browser. If you have a Spanish version and your visitor comes from Mexico, the Spanish version will be loaded by default making it easier for your visitors to discover your content and complete purchases.

Great SEO Benefits

New content pages to crawl, index and send traffic to


Augmented Sitemap.XML with new translated pages

Augmented HREFLANG tags to help Google find new pages

Integrations with Shopping Carts to boost sales

Translation of Image ATL tags

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How Many Words Are On Your Site?

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