Adding Multiple Languages to Shopify for Global Expansion with ConveyThis

Adding multiple languages to Shopify for global expansion with ConveyThis, reaching a wider audience and increasing sales opportunities.
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo
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It is not out of place for some Shopify store owners at one point or the other to think of possibly enlarging the reach of their store and selling intentionally. And this, of course, is the surest way guaranteed to help you sell more. Who knows you may have even commenced the journey of offering international shipping as the case maybe?

But there is one important thing to take note and be certain of when it comes to localizing your offering all around the globe: if the buyer can’t purchase in their own language then you’ll likely kiss that sale goodbye. This is what this article set out to address; the benefits of adding multiple languages to Shopify and how you who own a store in it can go about it.

It’s quite an easy thing to be self-contended and have a preconceived notion that just because majority of the internet is English speaking, this “global” language  will automatically be sufficient, but when reading through statistics on Google, you will find out that   things get a little more complicated than they appears to be.

A most checking fact is that, majority of online searches are conducted in languages other than English…  And when we say English speaking is the majority of the internet, it’s makes up just 25% (that is reasonably low compared to other languages being used).

Here goes a question; why should you be more concerned about online searches being conducted in other languages?, the answer is simple and straightforward, you won’t appear in search results if your Shopify store isn’t in a language your prospective customers are searching in.

Furthermore, in this short and quick articles, the problem of how you can easily and quickly translate the whole of your Shopify store with ConveyThis will be addressed, and how the solution provided in translating the Shopify store takeaways the difficulties experienced in creating a multilingual store.

Multiple Languages: Does Shopify supports It?

Originally, Shopify doesn’t offer it’s own native solution when it comes to making your store multilingual, but nevertheless, there are a few different available options you can make use of  when it comes to adding languages to your Shopify store which includes:

Multiple Store

Having multiple languages store is somehow tempting to consider. The primary dilemma is that it’s incredibly difficult to manage and maintain.

This difficulty is not only in terms of cost running and updating more than one website with modern products and updates, but also include but not limited to controlling stock levels.

More so, how to actually translate the new website hasn’t been discussed – there is also a need to make provision for the translation of all the contents and products the store owner has on a Shopify store.

Multilingual Shopify Theme

There is a common misconception when it comes to creating a Shopify multilingual store and that is,- you will have to select a them that is multilingual inclined and this already has a multiple languages switcher included.

It’s actually an incorrect conception. At first, the idea might look pretty good, but on a longer run, many(if not all) of the themes are relatively basics in their functionality while  some provides you the opportunity to only translate the text, and  neglecting any check out or system messages therein.

Aside the above limitation, a whole lot of manual work is involved. There is a need for you to translate HTML, the plain texts and also be particularly careful and guarded when it comes to translating any of the template language in your Shopify store.

Liquid is the name given to the template language created by a Shopfiy store and it is responsible for the controlling of the “on-screen” appearance of your website. Caution is needed to  be taken to only translate the text around the Liquid and not the Liquid filters, objects or tags.

It’s quite possible to make use of a multilingual theme, but the problematic part is the manual drawbacks it possesses. This is more true for those who have created a store already and now have to change the templates.

Shopify Multilingual app

Making use of a  Multilingual app is the easiest and most convenient way known to translate your Shopify store. There won’t be any need for you to duplicate your Shopify store and there won’t also be any need of a multilingual theme either.

Using ConveyThis app to add multiple languages to your Shopify store is quite easy, simple and straightforward. With the help of ConveyThis, you can literally add hundred of language into your store in less than a minutes. It doesn’t  just only take care of detecting and automatically translating the whole of your Shopify store site (including email  notifications and check out), it is also responsible for the handling of the newly translated Multilingual SEO store site.

With ConveyThis, all that is left to be done is just installation of the app, instead of going through the stress of searching for a new theme or having to go through the tiring process of creating another store entirely.

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Addition of multiple languages to your Shopify Store

As it has been mentioned previously, there exist not special requirements needed  in adding multiple languages to your Shopify store when making use of ConveyThis. Your existing store is just ready to be translated immediately  to as many languages as possible and as you would like.

The following steps are the easiest way to add languages to your Shopify store. Let’s take a look at it;

  1. Set Up / Create an account with ConveyThis

Sign up to ConveyThis (You get a free 10 days trial without any needs of providing your credit card detail as soon as you sign up or create an account), then you name your project and select ‘Shopify’ as your technology.

  • Download from the Shopify store, ConveyThis app

You will have to then search on the Shopify store for the ConveyThis app, and when you find it, you will then click “Add app”.

Once you’re done adding, simply install the app.

  • Sign in to your ConveyThis account

You will then be promoted and asked to add your email address and password you created for your ConveyThis account.

  • Adding your Languages

Next is to select what language your Shopify app is currently in and you will then  proceed to choosing the language you would like to add to your store.

Hola! Here you are!, your Shopify store is now available in multiple languages. Visit your Shopify store to see ConveyThis in action or you can select “Go to ConveyThis app setting”  to change the look and the position of your language switcher.

Managing your Shopify store Languages

Managing your transactions is one of the easiest  things about ConveyThis. It offers a first fast layers of automated transaction which is very perfect in translating sometimes, the thousands of product pages you have on your Shopify store.

More so, the best part of it all is that you can quickly make some manual editing to those transactions and simply navigating to your key page if you want to.

There are two different ways ConveyThis offers to edit manual transactions. The first is through your transaction list on your ConveyThis app dashboard where you will be able to see the languages side-by-side.

While the second is more of a visual approach, with ConveyThis’s “in context editor”, where you will have the opportunity to edit your transactions in a live preview of your Shopify store, so you know exactly where the transactions resides on your website.

Are you not  familiar with the languages? Seeking the help of a professional  translator won’t be a wrong idea after all and this is available on your ConveyThis dashboard, all you have to do is order for It( a professional translator) straight up from your dashboard.

One of the great thing that singled ConveyThis out, placing  it on the frontier level, making  it a surest bet when it comes to translating is that it provide a sense of  relief from unwarranted  stress because with it, all your whole Shopify Store is translated including your check out page and even your email notifications.

To have a quick  and easy access to the transactions of your check out, all you have to do is to simply access them on your Shopify account – following the tutorial and learning more about the translation of your email notifications there.  

Shopify apps that are famous today that involves image gallery and sophisticated search apps are using ConveyThis to ensure that they are rendered in different languages so as to attract many customers of different background. Other aspects or sections of your Shopify store needs not much trouble trying to get them translated because ConveyThis will take charge of all with little or no trouble for the interest of your prospective customers or potential consumers.

Is there anything still delaying you? There should not be. This is because with just few steps you can use ConveyThis to get your Shopify store translated and you are set.

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