Major Benefits of a Multilingual E-commerce Website with ConveyThis

Explore the major benefits of a multilingual e-commerce website with ConveyThis, utilizing AI to tap into international markets and boost sales.
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Conveythis demo
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than ever before, the world is becoming more and more connected and becoming a
global village with the help of the internet. The internet has brought
significant changes to political, commercial, and educational system as well as
the way people now interact and communicate with one and other.

this means that the initial barrier of a physical boundary and borders that
restrict or limit business expansion is no longer a problem as it used to be.
Also, there is no need for establishing a physical location in all locations
before you can commercialize your products and services because you can now
virtually do your businesses and sell to anyone regardless of their location or
territory in the world.

is why it is more reasonable for business owners to have an ecommerce
. In fact, it is more reasonable
and important to do this especially now that most of the physical shops are
being shut because of the outbreak of the novel virus – coronavirus. If you
were to be reliant on the physical shop, imagine lose that would have been
accounted for when all doors are closed.

it is one to have an ecommerce website, it is another thing to improve user
experience by making sure that visitors can use your website in different
languages i.e. multilingual ecommerce website. Having a multilingual ecommerce
website makes it possible for owners of businesses to be able to reach a vast
majority of potential customers with effective cost.

Remember also that with the aid of the internet, it is now easy for anyone to patronize the brand of their choice irrespective of their location. This is to say that your international customers can always patronize you from any part of the world without having to think about any border barrier. More than ever before, people are now buying across the borders. Yet, a factor that is instrumental to making a successful purchase by buyers of products outside their country is the ability of those buyers to be able to understand the website they are about to buy from.

and some other seven (7) benefits that will be discussed in this article will
help you to convincingly see that it is a right course to have a multilingual
ecommerce website and having an ecommerce website that is multilingual will
help your business make an edge.

let’s discuss the seven (7) benefits:

1. Multilingual ecommerce website helps you to reach a wider audience:

ecommerce website that is not only readable but also understandable to
countless numbers of online consumers and prospective online customers will
definitely without delay help you witness an increase in the numbers of online
visitors storming your online store.

the help of English language, many business owners have been able to go across
the borders and they have witness expansion globally. However, this expansion
is only limited to the speakers of English language and English speaking
territories. The vast majority of about 75%
who are not speakers of English
will not be well catered for. This is where blending other languages that are
different from English language into ecommerce store comes into play because
with more languages there will be more market prospects.

brands can attest to this fact. Some of the brands that have added more
languages to their website using ConveyThis
have seen international returns increased within a very short period of time.
There was a doubling in some of the international sales within a period of 7

can we now say? We can say that we reckon with the fact that over 72% of online
shoppers prefer to buy certain goods or services from an online store that
provides information about the products and services in their local tongue. You
must have a multilingual ecommerce
website if you want to make international sales too.

2. Multilingual ecommerce website gives you an advantage over your competitors:

world Stats in its research as at 21st of March 2020, mentioned that
the population of internet users that speak English language are only 25.9
percent of the world’s internet population. Bearing that in mind, you will see
there is a huge need for website that is multilingual in order to cater for the
remaining 74.1%. Hence, should you want to get expanded into the international
market then you should have a multilingual site.

when you do that before your competitors even think about it that indicates
that you are an edge over them and you will be able to reach a vast audience
even before them.

is no need trying to convince you that you will have more gain when there is an
increase in your audience. Some of those that have added even as little as four
(4) languages to their website can convincingly reiterate that a bigger
audience means a bigger sales potential for your brand.

3. Multilingual ecommerce website enhance customer experience:

user experience and relating well with products and services are important
determinants for your customers. It is one thing to have an ecommerce store, it
is another thing to standout. Having the store is not just enough because of
the ever increasing competition in the market.

every time tens of hundreds of stores are created and they come online heavily
prepared with loads of advertisement on the social media. However, many of them
fails to acknowledge that it is important to keep things simple and make sure
buying experience is not complicated for their customers.

make things very simple and less complicated, make sure that all aspects from
front page, descriptions of products, and even the checkout page is translated.
This means you have got chances of making sales.

everyone loves it when they are addressed in the language of their heart i.e.
their native language. They will be able to easily flow with your website and
do things with little or no difficulty. They will be able to trust your brand
because it will be difficult for them to second guess when they are about make
purchases. As a result, they will be more engaged with your website by spending
ample timeson the website before they leave. 

4. Multilingual ecommerce website gives your brand better visibility:

An ecommerce website that is properly translated is a gateway to an improved search engine ranking. Depending on the numbers of languages you are translating your website into, you will come to realize that the use of the right terms and the right choice of words will make your website show up among the results when information peculiar to it is being searched by online shoppers.

just translating your website into more and more languages, you need to
carefully check through the market you are targeting and the result of your
research may mean that you need just one or two additional languages for your

5. Multilingual ecommerce website brings about promotions that are cost-effective:

will have the opportunity of an increased revenue when you create a
multilingual website as a result of the fact that you are at a vantage level of
global communication.

you translate your website with the help of ConveyThis, you can save the money
that would have been used in creating new separate websites for each of the

that you can focus on your market objectives while your website is set for the
targeted audience.

6. Multilingual ecommerce website brings more sales and revenues:

thing that is certain is that your website is set to generate more traffic
leading to more sales and more revenues if translated into multiple languages.

can help to become searchable in the targeted markets and the effect of this is
that more people who are not speakers of English will be more inclined and
happy to buy from you thereby building strong customer-seller connections. The
likelihood of customers to get engaged on your website is contingent on their
ability to browse through, relate, read, and understand your website.

7. Multilingual ecommerce website helps to build trust:

Some people usually have doubt buying from a website that is foreign language based. People are readily comfortable patronizing products from a website that is in language they can understand quite well. Common Sense Advisory in their survey mentioned that some 75% online shoppers who are not English language speaker prefers to buy from a website that uses their native language. 

the visitors are now comfortable with your website due to the fact that they
know and understand the language of your website, you have succeeded in winning
their hearts to your side. And you will be able to have a good relationship
where they can fully trust your brand.

You catering for their language is an indication that you care about them and that you are focused on your customers. This will make them have an enjoyable experience using your website.

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this article, so far, we have established the fact that having an ecommerce
website that is translated into multiple languages is instrumental to the
growth of your business. When you do this, your ecommerce store will not only
be accessible and beautiful but it will become more profitable as you will be
able to fit in and make competitive sales in the market today.

how easy and simple it is to create a multilingual ecommerce website today by
using one of the plans offered at

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