Magento Multi-Language: Expanding Your Store with ConveyThis

Expand your store with Magento multi-language capabilities from ConveyThis, utilizing AI to effortlessly cater to a global customer base.
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo
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Guide To Help You Translate and Customize Your Magento Themes and Products!

You can be assured of numerous benefits if you translate you Magento website into different languages. Of these benefits, one stands out and that is the fact that you will experience a tremendous rise in traffic and sales. When you give site visitors the opportunity to view and browse your website in the language of your choice, you will witness a superabundant number of web users trooping in to your website.

You don’t have to wait for a long time before seeing the result of translating your website into multiple languages because you will see the result with almost immediately and even easily especially when you use a specialized plugin. In a study that was done by the co-founder of NP Digital and Subscribers, Nell Patel, observes and noted that within just three (3) weeks of translating his blog to different languages of about 82, he saw a forty-seven percent (47%) increase in traffic generated.

Are you interested in building a Magento multiple language website? If you answer yes to this question, then search no more. The right Magento language translation plugin for you is ConveyThis. You know why? It is because ConveyThis offers all the necessary tools that is required to create and build sophisticated and professional Magento stores that any visitor or user can access from any part of the world.

We would be considering in details how you can quickly, without stress, create a Magento website that is Multi-language based.

But first, let us see which component of your Magento website requires translation.

Elements or Components of Your Magento Website That Should Be Translated

If your goal is to build a Magento Multi-language website with an excellent professional look, it is paramount to start a translation project. That is to say that all aspect of your Magento website must be translated. In fact you should not leave components such as titles of your products, descriptions of products, shopping carts and checking out pages, your emails, and drop-down menus without translating them. The reason being that it is somehow obscure to the automatic browser translator at the visitor’s side which aspect of the website should be translated or not. That is why it is best to use a specialized server-side Magento multi-language translation plugin that will be sensitive to this obscurity and ensure that no aspect of the website not translated or difficult for each and every users.

A Step By Step Guide to Create a Magento Multi-Language Website

ConveyThis is an exceptional translation solution that anyone thinking about translating their Magento website into multiple languages can count on. When you choose ConveyThis as your website translation solution option, you will enjoy the below outstanding features:

  • You will be able to translate your website into hundreds of languages.
  • ConveyThis has automatic detection and translation of content ability.
  • You have the chance to subscribe or order for trusted professional human translators to work on your project. You can do this easily on your ConveyThis dashboard.
  • You have complete access control on your translated content. This means that you can modify or review what has been translated to suit your thoughts.
  • You will have access to an in-context editor where you can easily translate your web content at the front-end and see the effect of your work immediately. This will let you be aware of what each page of the websites looks like in comparison with the remaining parts of the website design.

Now let’s move to how we can create a Magento multi-language store.

1. Create a ConveyThis account: the number one thing on the steps to creating a Magento multi-language website is to create a ConveyThis account and confirm it. The creating account step is very simple as you will only be required to fill few basic information after which you will verify your email address and activate your account.

2. Start getting things set up on ConveyThis: after confirming your email, you will be redirected to a page where you can set up your ConveyThis account. It is on this ConveyThis setup page that you will be expected to supply your web domain. Then choose the original language of your website and the language(s) you would like to translate your website into.

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3. You can then select the plan which best fits your need; Free, Business, Pro and Pro+ or Enterprise.

Free Plan:


Business Plan:

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ConveyThis Business Plan features, translation into 3 languages, 50,000 translated words, 50,000 monthly page views, Machine translation and Premium support. Should your website exceed the 50,000 words, you can purchase additional words or upgrade to the next plan.

Pro Plan:

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Our Pro Plan (most popular) include translation of your website into 6 languages, up to 200,000 translated words, 200,000 monthly page views, Machine translation, Premium support, Multi-site (Unlimited), Team members (Unlimited) and Domain lockup. If your website exceed the 200,000 words, you can purchase additional words or you have the option to upgrade to the Pro+ Plan.

Pro+ Plan:

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With our Pro+ Plan, you can have your website translated into 10 languages, 1,000,000 translated words, 1,000,000 monthly page views, Machine translation, Premium support Multi-site (Unlimited), Team members (Unlimited), Domain lockup, CSV import / export. You can also purchase additional words or upgrade to the next Plan.

Enterprise Plan

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Unlike the others plans, with our Enterprise Plan, you will have more advantages, Custom languages, Custom translated words, Custom monthly page views, Machine translation, Premium support, Multi-site (Unlimited), Team members (Unlimited), Domain lockup, CSV import / export.

For all Plans offered at ConveyThis, you also have the option for Professional translation completed by human linguists. At ConveyThis, we’ve employed more than 200,000 freelance translators who are capable of translating into your selected language(s), documents and specializations. The text translated by our machine translator can be proofread by humans for a vert low fee.


3. On your dashboard (you have to be logged in) navigate to “Domains” in the upper menu.

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4. On this page click “Add domain”.

There is no way to change a domain name, so if you made a mistake with the existing domain name, you will need to delete this and then create a new one.

Click “Settings” once you are done.

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*If you have previously installed ConveyThis for WordPress, Joomla or Shopify, your domain name was already synced to the ConveyThis and will be visible on this page.
You can then skip adding domain step and just click to “Settings” next to your domain.

5. After completing this, you are on the main configuration page.

Please select source and target language(es) for your website.

Click “Save Configuration”.

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6. You can now scroll down and copy the JavaScript code from the field below.

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*You may want to make some changes later on in the settings. To apply this, you will need to make those changes first and then copy the updated code on this page.

*You DO NOT need this code for WordPress, Joomla or Shopify. For further details, refer to the instructions of the associated platform.

7. Now Log in to Magento Dashboard and navigate to Admin Panel > Content > Configuration.

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8. Choose the store view you would like the head tag to be changed to or select Global in order to change it on every store view.

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9. Locate the HTML Head section and paste the JavaScript code from ConveyThis in the Scripts and Style Sheets field.

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10. Once these changes have been performed don’t forget to press the Save Configuration button and flush Magento Cache.

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Yes, it is that easy! You now have a full-fledged translated website which avail your visitors the opportunity to switch from one language to another on Magento multi-language website through the use of ConveyThis translation switcher.

Another interesting thing is that you can use this ConveyThis Magento multi-language solution with Magento multi-currency tool. With this, you can proudly say your website is set for international market where you will have people buying from any part of the world.

Outstanding themes for Magento multi-language websites

Since you can now install ConveyThis, it will be suiting to talk about magento multi-language templates that are superb and favourite. Apart from the fact that you want visitors speaking languages other than English language to be able to get more from your website when they visit your website and browse it pages in their local languages, you will agree that a nice looking web page will also make your brand appears professional.

  1. Oxelar – Multipurpose Responsive Magneto Theme:

As the name suggest, Oxelar – Multipurpose Response Magento theme is a theme that not only looks modern in design but also it is a responsive theme. With it you can easily create a multilingual Magento website.

Some the benefits of this theme are:

  • It offers one click install
  • It has a flexible layout format that are available in various styles.
  • Possesses awesome Icon fonts
  • It has different sliders
  • It has Google map in contact us page.
  • It is clean, modern and can be used for any type website.
  • It has AJAX add to cart, wishlist, compare etc.
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2. SNS Simen – Reponsive Magento Theme: this is a robust and responsive Magento theme that can be used for any e-commerce multilingual website. It has a design that is not only clean but also fresh. SNS Simen can be customized easily, you can enjoy a powerful admin setup and its cool effect.

Below are some of the features of SNS Simen that makes is a great theme choice:

  • Access to power admin.
  • It supports style for blog page.
  • It integrates twitter bootstraps, Google Fonts etc.
  • Allows cross-browser i.e. Chrome, Opera 9+, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc.
  • It has user guide documentation html file.
  • It uses HTML, CSS, lessscss.
  • Possession of supportive cpanel on front end.
  • It has Other Extensions such as SNS Product Tabs, SNS Products, Quickview, SNS QuickSearch, SNS Proaddto.
  • It has related product and upsell product slider.
  • It has Google Maps in the contact us page.
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Up until this point, we have gone through several discussions on how you can translate and customize tour Magento multi-language website themes and products. And it will be right to say that you are now well acquainted with how you can go about creating a Magento multi-language website. If you will like your online store to flourish among others around the world, you should try to employ the services of a reliable plugin like ConveyThis.

Are you prepared and ready to launch a Magento multi-language website that will be yours? Whatever your answer it, you can experience the benefits of such if you try ConveyThis plugin today.

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