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A review of Bridge – the current creative, multipurpose and best-selling theme for WordPress

In the WordPress theme market, there are many themes that are available. However, as a WordPress enthusiast, you must have come across Bridge during your theme scouting process. Bridge is a Creative multipurpose theme for WordPress. Ever since its launching sometimes in 2014, it has become a monumental theme among many others in the bank of WordPress themes that dwell on ThemeForest. Currently the cost of Bridge on ThemeForest is $59 where it is ranked among the top-selling themes nearly ever since its founding. This is quite interesting and that is why we deemed it fit to peer into it for clearer observation to see if it really worth the rating and promotions. Hence, in this article we will take time to dig out a review of Bridge and make a reasonable and justifiable conclusion.

The tremendous job that is been done by team supporting Bridge i.e. Qode Interactive, involves creating new and ever dynamic demos that appears spontaneously at irregular intervals in order for its sales to have a constant rising trend. These attributes make it more difficult to monitor and keep an eye on Bridge. As it stands, Bridge has massive collection of sliders, modules, elements, Plugins and ranging in hundreds of different styles. As if that is not enough, the over 140k customers as well as more than 510k demos currently hint at the fact that it is a sophisticated WordPress theme solution that is worthy of consideration.

There are some outstanding features that make Bridge superlative and excellent. We will be discussing each of these features below.

1. Bridge Demos

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An important thought that runs through the mind of many users ask themselves when searching and sorting the numerous theme on the internet is whether a specific theme is the best for their platforms, blogs, shops, businesses or websites. Since multipurpose theme carries the idea that the theme can serve more than one purpose for more than one website, many will quickly want to see how they can make wise use of this diverse in functions and different kinds of creative designs solution system. These technicalities and powerful options that Bridge offers make it admirable even to popular companies. You can use Bridge for a personal purpose and also for a complicated website.

With its over 510 and ever increasing demos, flexibility and resourcefulness makes it stands out among many others with each of these demos designed for certain function. Take for example, on Bridge we have divisions for creative, business, blogs, shops and portfolio demos. These can further be subdivided into subcategories. It has demos for consultancies, hair stylists, fashion, gadgets, mechanic shops, law firms, schools just to mention but a few.

With the plenty demos available, it is still very possible not to get a niche that is not quite represented on Bridge. This should not trouble you much as there is possibility of you getting yours among the available and well represented ones. You may want to explore themes for a book authoring and sales website or a skincare clinic.

One interesting thing about Bridge is that when customizing the demos for your intended purpose you can always make a mixture and match make the elements from layouts of different demos making it easier for you to create a completely new and distinct website. If you are finding it hard to customize your website with Bridge, you may want to follow the help and directions on the help page for easy access. You can always do it yourself if you pay keen interest to the instructions there.

While a license might be best for a specific website, you can tap in to the privilege of the many available demos by your use of the themes for different purposes and projects when building websites for your client or for yourself. All websites you create and design will be entirely unique.

2. Bridge Modules

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The collection of workable and constructive modules make Bridge more appealing. First, what is a module? The Oxford online language dictionary defines a module as “each of a set of standardized parts or independent units that can be used to construct a more complex structure.”

Now, to help you understand modules when it comes to Bridge theme, take the Oil industry module as an example. It already comes with investment and partners layouts, post on exploration, processing, monitoring and transporting. The Oil industry module even has ranking for performance in the oil sector.

Another example is the electronics module. The electronic modules include products, location, news, gallery of trending and available electronic gadgets, orders and returns section as well as support services.

These are not the only modules available on Bridge. There are many others such as Music, Appointments, Bookings, Biography, Quick links, Membership etc. available.

With this variety in modules, you have a total package of what you are expecting and will be needing to build a nice and functional business website. It will save you a great deal of resources that will be needed in installing plugins. While it is possible that you may not be able to get a module designed basically for your area of interest, you can take up the opportunity of the customization where you can combine features from different demos to form a unique one for yourself.

3. Premium Plugins

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That Bridge offers plenty quality modules does not mean you won’t be needing plugins at some point. You can always key in to the use of these plugins when developers of Bridge offer them for free so that users can easily use them. There are two (2) categories of plugins on Bridge. Each containing two plugins to make a total of four plugins. They are:

  • WPBakery page builder and Timetable Responsive Schedule for event bookings, management and reservation.
  • Slider Revolution and LayerSlider specifically for creating sliders.

When these plugins are not offered for free, you can have a total package of them around $144. Interestingly, you can use other available free plugins with Bridge because of their compatibility with it. Popular free plugins such as JetPack, Yoast, WooCommerce, Contact 7 etc. are compatible with Bridge. Also, if you want to have multiple languages for your website, Bridge is a great means to do that as it works with ConveyThis translation Plugins

4. Use of WPBakery and Elementor page builder

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One of Bridge’s plugins we mentioned earlier is free WPBakery. WPBakery is used as a page builder. It is easy, simple, well-built and not complicated to use. Although it is pretty easy to use WPBakery, users who are less experienced in WordPress may have difficulty using it. To accommodate these new ones, there is a similar, less sophisticated page builder known as Elementor designed and built by Bridge creators.

With Elementor, you can easily edit and make adjustments to your frontend all on the same screen. However, because it is not something that is widely available for themes of WordPress to accommodate new users and giving them such superb experience, you will agree that this is a huge one from Bridge. Bridge has some 140 Elementors-built in demos as at the moment.

5. Complete Ecommerce Functionality

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More than ever before, ecommerce is witnessing an increase around the globe. As a result of this, when you are browsing the series of themes available for you, you will want to put functions related to online shopping in mind.

As earlier noted, Bridge is compatible with popular WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce is the best ecommerce plugin available on the internet because it has a complete package of all the necessary functions that is essential for creating a standard online store of your choice. Some of its features are checking out, shipping and inventory management, sections of products etc. Bridge demos that are for ecommerce have good modules that have layouts for products, gallery layouts, checkout tabs and pages just to mention but a few.

6. Latest Design and Responsiveness

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It is usually said that quality over quantity. Well, this will not be true if the said quantities are all of qualities. Although Bridge is home to numerous demos yet each of them is unique, specially designed for a specific purpose that has been given advanced thought even to the slightest unit by well-trained developers who are quite experienced with web related matters. You can think of beautiful sliders, animated images, seasoned graphical illustrations, excellent infographics, nice custom icons, pop-ups, full-scale menus and many more. All these qualities points to the fact that Bridge is an innovative option built with great skills and stands out among many other multipurpose themes available around. Additionally, demos available on Bridge are completely responsive and are retina- ready.

7. Performance and Reliability

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Up to this point, we have been talking about the nice and interesting features of Bridge. However, when it comes to performance and reliability we can quickly remember speed. Since Bridge is heavily loaded with rich features, you will expect it to be slow when loading. This should not be a problem since you are not expected to load all features at a go. You should use only the ones that are needed. So, if you want it to be a bit faster, turn off all other unused features.

Up until now, we have discussed several ways in which Bridge can give a superb and impressive theme solution to your website. We talked about the demos, modules, plugins, functionalities, beautiful designs as well as speed, performance and reliability. The reputation of Bridge developers is also a plus. They have over 410 premium themes for WordPress and we can be sure they will always be available.  While we may become suspicious of the too good to be real features of Bridge, but we will say that those features are results of dedicated job done by the creators who are diligent in handling the works of Bridge. Bridge is simple and flexible. The way it can be instrumental to building complex website is the same way it can help with simple ones. And if you think you can’t find a suitable demo for yourself, remember that you can always combine elements of different ones to build a unique website.

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