How Translation Can Boost Your Revenue on the E-Learning Marketplace

How translation can boost your revenue on the e-learning marketplace with ConveyThis, expanding your educational content to a global audience.
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo

More than ever before, the need for e-learning has risen. And also the use of e-learning and online classes have become a prominent feature of studying presently. That is why this article will be focusing on e-learning.

You will rightly agree with me that the covid19 pandemic is one of the reasons that let us see a drastic surge in the use of e-learning as students are lockdown at home for a period of many months. In order to sustain their studies, there should be a way to go about it without physically present on campus. This has seriously encouraged e-learning and online studies.

Other reasons encouraged e-learning are upskilling, wanting to be more efficient and effective, the ease of access, and many others. This is to say e-learning is no way coming down in the near future.

Also, it is now a common trend that companies now provide skill acquisition training for their employees so as to maximize their employee potentials and as a way of retaining and compensating employees. This is now commonly done via online training. Apart from a company’s employee, individuals who want personal and career growth are more likely to develop themselves using the several online training courses available.

 It is especially cheap and also easy to gain more skills and training that can enhance ones career prospects via e-learning because it is far better cost-wise than sending oneself or an employee to physical study center which will definitely incur additional expense for traveling.

Now, is that to say the benefits of e-learning is limited to those learning and gaining knowledge from those online studies? No is the right response. This is so because business inclined individuals as well as entrepreneur are now able to perceive the potential to generate huge revenues from e-learning otherwise known as online learning.

It is a huge revenue market because the mobile e-learning market for the 2020 was valued as 38$ billion.

We would be discussing the benefits that comes with having an e-learning business, reasons you should endeavor to translate your e-learning platform, how you can effectively create courses for your online classes, and many more.

The benefits that comes with creating and managing an e-learning business

Thanks to advancement in technology as it has help to fine tune the way and manner in which many things are now been done. This is particularly true of the educational system. With the increased advancement, anybody anywhere around the globe can have access to a pool of online courses without having to undergo the stress of studying in a four corner walls of a higher institution.

The number of people trying to access this form of learning are numerous and this, although not quite easy, can be a business opportunity for lovers of business and entrepreneurs. We mentioned earlier that business inclined individuals such as entrepreneurs are now able to perceive the potential to generate huge revenues from e-learning otherwise known as online learning. These ones have gain profits from the increase in the use of e-learning and therefore can have boost of acquiring revenue from any parts of the world.

Do you know it is that easy to create and setup an online course? It is not that difficult as you may be thinking of it. You can simply achieve this by using a system known as Learning Management System (LMS). This system is very affordable and cost effective and when properly use directly to the right audience, you can expect an increase in your income. What about the time that will be needed in creating one? Well, I can tell you that you don’t have to spend a hell lot of time creating an e-learning business. You can create the online course and start maintaining the course overtime.

There is the bait like option that many companies now use today. They use online courses to generate lead by offering these courses to public for free. When the public sees these, many tends to fall for and apply to these free courses and with time they are inclined to buy products from such companies seeing it as a means of paying loyalty to such companies. We can therefore say that such companies use e-learning as a means for converting customers.

Well, while it is true that some offer free online course to attract more customers, others sell courses directly to customers. They do this to have other source of income apart from the primary source. They are able to sell their skills and knowledge and balance the market with their incomes.

It is interesting to know that you can sell a course over and over again. That is the beauty of the kind of business. You don’t have to worry about running out of stock of your course thinking it will be exhausted and nothing left for other customers to buy nor do you have to be worried about how you will handle shipping and shipping issues that comes with selling internationally. You will be free from all of these while other e-commerce business owners are been worried about them.

Also, you don’t need to be worried about international issues that go with logistics. You can sell to anybody from anywhere in the world without having to think about delivery.  

There is another thing that you need to consider that will help you become more successful if you are thinking about starting online courses or e-learning business. That thing is translation.

Now let us consider this.

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Reason you should translate your e-learning marketplace

 The truth is that many businesses, if not all, are most inclined to have their business website in the English language. The promotion, advertisements and sales of their products and services are offered in English language.

The fact that you are already selling online shows that you are already selling on a global scale. It will then be an act of gullibility if you think limiting your website or online presence to English language alone thinking that you can witness increase in numbers of foreign visitors. Remember that around 75% of online consumers are only ready to buy when the product is offered in their own language.

So, same is with online courses or e-learning businesses. Offering your courses to customers in only one language will only limit your customers’ reach. Note that if you offer these courses in more than one languages or in multiple languages you can be expecting multiple folds of customer base.

Imagine what you will gain if you explore the opportunity of vast number of potential customers from different location and language background. According to this statistics for example, Asian countries such as India with 55%, China with 52%, and Malaysia with 1% are leading countries in the e-learning marketing sphere. You will note that these countries are not speakers of English language and apart from that they have a vast population that can be tapped into.

Now, the big question is: how can you create your online course?

How to create e-learning or online courses using LMS

When building a website, it is important to carefully select appropriate WordPress theme. Same is what happens here. You must carefully choose the LMS that is flexible and scalable with your business.

It is best to choose the kind of LMS that will help you to take over everything in such a manner that you have a dynamic and creative course display. And also, the type that will help you to appropriately handle the monetary aspect of the courses as well as providing an interface that is suitable for tracking the course analyses.

Things are no longer complex as they used to be. For example, you can simply drag and drop your designs and their component where they are supposed to be. This helps you to create an online course with little or no effort. In fact you don’t need to be a web developer or hire one before you can create an online course for prospective students.

Regardless of the forms and sizes of your online courses you are planning to offer you can always count on LMS to cater for it all even if you are creating the course as an individual, educational body, or as an entrepreneur.

You will also be glad to know that tutor LMS plugin is compatible with ConveyThis which will make it easier for you to translate the courses to multiple languages and you can be assured of selling globally. With ConveyThis, you can be assured of a fast, easy, and affordable translation process of your e-learning business or online courses. You don’t need to stress yourself at all as it helps to translates and display your courses within few minutes without you having to first of all learn programming or coding. You don’t even need to get a web developer to do that for you.

On ConveyThis dashboard, you can easily modify your translation to suit the intended purpose and it that is not enough, you can from there place an order for professional translators and all is set.

Start today. Create your e-learning business with LMS and make it multilingual with the best translation plugin out there; ConveyThis

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