How to Translate Website in WordPress: Free Plugin by ConveyThis

Discover how to translate your website in WordPress with the free plugin by ConveyThis, making your content accessible to a global audience.
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo
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If you’ve ever been angry trying to translate a site into WordPress, know one thing: I know how you feel.

With the Conveythis plugin, things are simpler. It translates automatically in a few minutes.

Watch the full video to translate your site into WordPress for free right now!

One of the biggest advantages of having a multi-language website is that it brings more visits, that is, it increases the traffic of the website.

Imagine you start reaching audiences outside of Brazil …

Watch the step-by-step tutorial where I teach:
-create your FREE Conveythis account

  • install the Conveythis plugin
  • generate the API key for free
  • choose your preferred language
  • automatically translate the WordPress site

And I also give you a bonus that you have in the PRO version …

I show how:

  • add a second language
  • remove the phrase “Powered by ConveyThis”

I have some multi-language client sites and I confess that it is a laborious task to translate the pages with what I have today.

But I’m already going to migrate to Conveythis because I found it much simpler to translate a WordPress site with it.

If you want to learn more about the PRO version, leave a comment that I record a more complete video showing the potential of this translation plugin.

Download the free translation plugin for WordPress here:

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