How to Promote Affiliates Located in Other Countries with ConveyThis

Learn how to promote affiliates located in other countries with ConveyThis, using AI-driven translation to effectively communicate with international partners.
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Anyone that wants to effectively run an affiliate or partnership program in another country should be aware that for such program to thrive, constant communication is a prerequisite. Such communication will help you to find solutions to matters that are been raised, keep track of growth and developments, and peer into the business’ bends and curves. When there is maximum commitment, more revenue and boosted sales result from affiliates or partnership. That is why maximum concentration is needed when dealing with affiliates. Those who handle affiliates with levity hands earns little returns.

Cultivating and promoting affiliate marketing is majorly dependent on keeping in touch with one another. If you are interested in having the best output from this program, seeing to the needs of your affiliates and partners in the marketing chain should be your goal. Doing so is far beyond advertising your updates or sending them your latest campaigns. When you have a strong and well connected chain of affiliates, you will have a network that looks like a circle of large family where you maintain regular talks and meaningful relationships.

Variety of languages

You have not communicated if the person at the receiving end cannot decode or interpret what message is been passed and the chain of communication is not complete if the sender receives no feedback. Therefore, language as communication substance can become less meaningful if there is a language barrier or language discrepancy. That is why it is especially more difficult when there is no professional translator to serve as an intermediary when you want to have affiliates in other countries of the world. It is very common to feel disturbed when you think about the enormous work that will be done when it comes to owning and managing a chain of affiliates.

Language barrier poses a threat when it comes to business dealings between you and your affiliates from other parts of the world. Sometimes, affiliates who could serve you or your business better may feel withdrawn. They might reason that because of the little or no knowledge of your own language, say English for example, they are not capable enough to be members of your program. Your requirements and standards, otherwise known as T&Cs, may appear like a burden or look too ambiguous to digest for a Chinese speaker who has little fluency in speaking English. Language translation should not be a hindrance for you to get your program running.

Cultural variety

Care must be taken when looking for affiliates from other countries. You should think and make researches on how affiliates will view your program. Remember, that when it comes to businesses and marketing, different cultures with different perceptions and ideologies. For example; some are modest while others are assuming, some loose while others restricted, some pessimistic while others optimistic etc. It should be noted that even when there are two or more people from the same place, there is possibility that their perceptions of cultural norms and values differs from one another. That is why one have to be at alert and be informed of inherent cultural factors that can have an effect on the setting up and launching of affiliate program in a country other than his.

Dynamic Customers in the other country

One thing that literally grows when you have affiliates in a country other than yours is gaining customers and potential customers because those affiliates help you to have a deep peering into the people in their locality. It is quite easy for customers to enjoy business dealings with an indigenous person who is a partner or affiliate. These native affiliates can easily relate with their immediate local market in such a manner that a foreigner cannot. That is why it is important to hire a person that is completely attached to their locations and have deep orientation of their communities. When there is no problem of language or when such barrier of language is removed, you will be able to reach up to many potential customers irrespective of their location or whatever language they speak.

Make a move to reach your affiliates where they are

When everything is clearly stated at the initial point, there will be no misinterpretation and disagreement between you and your affiliate later. If you bear in mind cultural differences and language barrier you will be moving toward breakthrough when building and managing your network of affiliate. Ensure that your requirements and standards, terms and conditions, offers, service terms are clearly spelt out in such a way that it will be understandable to your marketing audience.  The outcome of your research will make you become tactful and thoughtful when handling difference in languages or terms that can devalue your business or probably push affiliates away from you.

Adjust your programs

Trying to modify your approach to suit diverse environments, you should segregate your programs into units using language or country as factors. This is an important step. Refersion, a management platform for affiliates, makes it very easy to achieve such complex setup.  With Refersion, different incentives and programs can be run as well as holding a marketing campaign can be done at a go.

For different affiliates, you should write separate newsletter content. Remember, that environment differs. Some environment need more than just few information when compared to others. Therefore, adjust your approaches to suit each of the different environment most especially when there is a large gap of business need to be catered for in that locality.

For example, festival around the world differs from one place to another and some holidays are celebrated in different days of the year. In places like Libya, Qatar, Japan and Kuwait do not have Christmas as a public holiday. Also, Labor Day is celebrated on every first Monday of September in Canada and USA whereas in Spain it is celebrated on May 1. These examples are to show that festivities, customs and holidays should not be overlooked when considering affiliates, influencer or partner from another country. Take note that using the holidays of some certain culture in advertisement may be considered offensive.

Offers and promotions

Payments rates vary from one region to another. This is why you should be careful and be conversant with the commission rates in the region of your affiliate so that you will not either overpay or underpay. Also, it will help you match the immediate market value. While you will like to seduce your influencer or partner with juicy offers, you will not want to lose too much in doing so. So it will be advisable not to use a one-for-all formula because what may look like a suitable pay in one area might be overpay in another location and underpay in some other place where it will be hard to woo influencers.

Difference in time zone

The world as a whole have different time zones for different locations. If you work with affiliates from different countries you should know that there is potential of differences in time zones. This is why when drafting your affiliates’ newsletters there should be a monitored segmentation. Mails, for example, should be dropped at the working hours of the other country so that the affiliate can work on the information on the mail with needed urgency. Also, you will want to place a call, have a live chat, and give a reply to a mail from the affiliate in other country at a time that will be more convenient for him. When you give room for affiliates from other country considering their time zone, it shows you appreciate them and give them needed recognition. This will enhance their performance and possibly reignite their positive disposition to handle their job effectively.

Honing products and referrals

The one-for-all formula won’t just work. You know why? Because products should be varied according to locations. For example, you cannot sell pork in Saudi Arabia. One will have little or no sales trying to sell the Muslims burqa in a country where wearing of such in public places is discouraged. Preferences, cultural heritage, norms and values differ from one country to another. No matter what you do, there are products that will never get sold in certain location. If you continue to think you can break the odd you are just wasting your precious times. The best you can do is to ensure diversity in each of the various regions.

Language integration

To widen your marketing program of affiliates to other countries around the world one major move you need to take is ensuring your affiliate pages are translated. Your sign-up page should be rendered in the language of the potential affiliates and also ensure that an option of multiple language dashboard is readily available to anyone that signs up.

Earlier on we mentioned Refersion. We have an integration of Refersion with ConveyThis that enables to translate vital information without much stress. There is an API key you can use to translate the information after few clicks. After which you can regulate your multilingual messaging using ConveyThis post editing features.

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