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How to Make Your WordPress Site MULTILINGUAL

Checkout another cool review of a free version of ConveyThis for WP by SmartSeven!

Several ways to make a multilingual WordPress site multilingual. How to create your own website yourself for free from scratch in a new video! Nowadays, everyone can create their own website for free from scratch! You just need to know the basic tools for website development without programming knowledge. But it’s even better to make your site multilingual and accessible to the whole world. Even a beginner can create a website for himself and start making money on it on the Internet. Learn how to build a wordpress website using the best website builder.

The main features of the plugin:

  • easy and quick to set up;
  • support for over 92 languages.
  • besides WordPress, the plugin also works with Shopify, Weebly, Sqeurspace, Wix and others.
  • free for small sites;
  • intuitive setting;
  • high-quality machine translation with the ability to make edits;
  • SEO optimization of the site in foreign languages;
  • visual editor;


00:00 Start
00:20 Choosing a hosting
00:34 How to make a multilingual website
01:20 Plugin installation
04:07 Change language on WordPress
05:03 Tariff plans

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