How to Improve the Workflow of Your Website Translation Projects with ConveyThis

Discover how to improve the workflow of your website translation projects with ConveyThis, utilizing AI for streamlined and efficient processes.
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo

According to Nimdzi insights, ninety percent of global users disregard products once it is not in the language of their hearts; their local language. It is on this note that, owners of businesses around the globe who intend to be quite successful in the sale of their products worldwide will readily allude to the fact that translation of their website into numerous languages is paramount.

To buttress this point, Statista in its latest statistics state that: “As of January 2020, English was the most popular language online, representing 25.9 percent of worldwide internet users….” This is to indicate that more than seventy percent (70%) of the internet users prefer to shop, browse and make sales and purchases online in a language that is different from English.

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Therefore, looking at it from a business angle, you will agree that the best option for your business to thrive in such condition is to create, build and own a website that is multilingual. What is needed is localization of your website where translation is the bedrock. Localization of your website is the process of “adapting a product, an offering, or simply content to a specific locale or market” according to Globalization and Localization Association. Put simply, localization helps businesses to thrive in nooks and crannies of the world by putting local circumstances of potential customers in mind. A business owner that is success driven acknowledges that it is a necessity to localize his business website because there are immense variations in the concerns, requirements, needs, behavior, concepts and expectations of people from one location to another.

However, the methods and choices that are readily available for you to translate your website into multiple languages have over time seen changes because of the effects and impacts of ever increasing technological oriented solutions that can help you ease the workflow of your translation. As a result, we will be discussing how you can enhance the workflow of your translation using ConveyThis other than the use of the usual traditional methods. To start, let us first examine the traditional methods and then we will compare it with what ConveyThis offers.

The Traditional Methods of Enhancing Translation Workflow

It used to be a strenuous task trying to localize websites before the emergence of the innovation of translation of websites offered by such platform as ConveyThis. To do that in the past, you have to hire more than one sophisticated translator. This group of translators forms a team with either of the localization managers and content managers of the organization or both.

For instance, the content manager is the first point of the workflow. He works with the localization manager by transferring files in excel format to him. These files contain countless lines of sentences and statement waiting to be rendered in another language from the source language. From this point, the translators each receive distributed copies of the files to work on. You will agree with the fact that it will be a cumbersome work to translate websites into multiple languages using this medium because one will have to contact and hire not just several translators but professional ones for the different languages even for the not so common languages.

To give accurate rendition of what is been translated, professional translators will have to maintain constant contact with the localization managers. This is because translation transcends beyond rendering words in another language. The translators must be very well aware of the background as well as in what context the content is been translated. Even with all these efforts already in place, work is yet to start. The organisation will have to contact and hire web developers to work on the integration of translated materials with the website.

Here are some demerits of Traditional methods of enhancing translation workflow:

  • Not cost effective: it is very expensive to hire the needed numbers of translators that will carry out the translation work to be done. On an average, it takes about $0.08 to $0.25 for each word to be translated. As little as these amount appears, it can become very massive when multiplied by the numbers of words to be translated and even at that multiplied by the numbers of translators for each language. Let us assume it takes $1300 to translate some 12,000 words into a single language. Imagine what you will be paying for 15 different languages.
  • It is time consuming: it can take several weeks into many months to translate files that are many into multiple languages.
  • Updating the website with translated contents: after the translation of your content, you still have to integrate this manually translated document into the website. To handle such task, there is need for web developers to create, build and develop new page. Most times, these developers make duplicate of pages and then embed the content within them. This also is not time friendly and it is costly to hire these web developers.
  • Not upgradable: if your organization have contents to be updated at all times, it will be especially not advisable to go through this traditional method. This is because you will have to go through the rigorous process of hiring translators and web developers each time there is a need for an update. Hence, uploading new contents becomes trouble.

The ConveyThis Method of Enhancing Translation Workflow

ConveyThis offers huge improvements to the workflow of your translation. This composite method is recommended especially for its speed and less cost. This is achievable by integrating neural machine translated work with that of humans. Such combination of works unleashes what would be the best of translations. Below are ways in which ConveyThis translation workflow makes this easy:

  • It detects content automatically: contents coming from other sources like external apps and plugins as well as contents that can be found on your website are easily and automatically detected by ConveyThis, once you set this up. Almost immediately, it can detect any fling of newly added content on your website and simultaneously gives it the needed form of language.
  • It integrates automatic machine Translation: as earlier mentioned, ConveyThis automatically detects contents and translate the contents almost immediately. It is possible simply because there is a quick translation layer by neural machine.
  • It automatically publishes content: although you have the option of saving contents in drafts, you may want to key in to the option of automatic content publishing. It will publish your translated web pages automatically. This will save you a whole lot of time because there is no need for prior coding knowledge or creating pages manually for each and every language. An automatic language switcher added to the front page of your site makes these pages accessible.
  • It allows room for manual editing: are you not satisfied with the translation work done by the machine? If yes, you can edit or verify the work done by the machine. This is oftentimes helpful. With ConveyThis, you can quickly modify the translation work done by the machine through a translation management interface. You can do this with little or no efforts. It is even scalable; it is on the web immediately you are done with the modification and there will be no need for hiring web developers.
  • You can collaborate with team members: there is collaboration feature on ConveyThis platform. This feature allows you to engage members of your team by giving them access to current translation assignment. Interestingly, such provision encourages division of task and specialization.
  • You can collaborate with professional translators: you can do this either by directly adding translators and allows them access to the ConveyThis dashboard or by placing an order for professionals through the dashboard of ConveyThis.

Below are reasons you should use the ConveyThis method of enhancing translation workflow:

  • It is cost effective: there is no need for contracting translation jobs outside. Thereby saving you a lot of cost that would be incurred in hiring human translators and web developers. Machine translations help to reduce cost. The hybrid or composite approach of ConveyThis is even better since you can have all pages translated while crucial pages can be reviewed by humans.
  • Time efficiency: regardless of the numbers of words that can be found on your website, ConveyThis can get you a multilingual website working effectively in few minutes. Instead of using months on translation work and uploading services by web developers, with ConveyThis, you can automatically get, handle translation and even publish your contents thereby easing you workflow.
  • SEO friendly: ConveyThis is a solution that can translate your metadata automatically, setup language subdomains or subdirectories, and add attributes of hreflang (for ranking your web on SERPs). It is needed to help your translated web to get optimized for the purpose of search engines when there is a call for something in a foreign language.

Finally, as the world continues to evolve into a Global village, there is high need for business owners to get their websites available in multiple languages; enhancing and improving website translation workflow. ConveyThis offers this ingenious translation into new language improvement and solution that provides not only time and cost effective solutions but also makes doing this easier and in a seamless manner.

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