How to Import and Export TMX Files for Translation Memory with ConveyThis

Learn how to import and export TMX files for translation memory with ConveyThis, enhancing consistency and efficiency in your translations.
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo
Import TMX Files

Website Translation

Importing your translations has never been easier. Thanks to a new feature offered by #ConveyThis, you can now import and export your translation segments from your website back and forth in the .txm format.

It is a very convenient feature for those freelancers who would like to proofread their translations in their favorite desktop or online translation platform such as #Trados or #MemoQ.

ConveyThis is the first proxy based platform that offered this feature and it is offered to all subscribers on the PRO+ and higher plans.

Upgrade to a PRO+ plan or higher:
Go to “Domains” page:
Click on “3 Dots” Icon and look up a drop-down menu
Select “CVS/TMX” arrow up or “TMX” arrow down.

website translation

This is still a BETA feature, so bugs could exist! If you encounter any troubles, please contact our support.

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